Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2097

Appearance that before nobody noted the female, because on her head and face the ornament were too many, was not in tune very much, therefore seemed does not have what extraordinary place. But after at this time the female receives these accessories, her appearance has revealed. The age of female has a liking for about 20 years old, the small face any fat feeling of micro circle, under Liu Yeban the delicate eyebrows has not been embellishing an attractive big eye, the eye, although has not worn any beautiful pupil, but actually as if gives people one type to bewitch to seize the broken feeling, a purple long hair gives people an infinite mystery. beautiful! This beautiful, is the monster is beautiful, is beauty that suffocates, after letting the person looked at one, cannot bear want to look at second. Including man who that several just want to withdraw, they have as if forgotten withdrawing. The females have not spoken, she has arrived at the side of that person slowly, took carry back own Chu ring, afterward her directly stand forth. But that several people are in-situ. Surroundings these people were all deceived to the lane by such scene. They know that these people are the recidivists, this nearby feudal bully, steals the thing specially, but a moment ago female unexpectedly swaggering took own thing. After all the female a moment ago was really too free, in the next three spirit stone exchange rate was very terrifying, especially now this in time of war. Even if before is, exchange rate minimum time, that is also 1 : 150 to 200. The present is the chaos caused by war, spirit stone is easy to carry, moreover restores the strength quickly, if spirit stone adds on the compounded drug together, thing that can maintain life. Also because of this, therefore now spirit stone price fried is so high, after all when a thing is rare , it becomes precious. In the form of female disappears when the fields of vision of these people. Puff!

Ah! The blood light flashes before, in that several mouth of person has exuded the pitiful cry. Eye unexpectedly of that several person was completely blind. enchantress! Recently raised in the dog city to present enchantress, legend enchantress had to let the skill that the person eyes fell instantaneously blindly, moreover was the eyeball directly by that blindness that the transverse cutting opened. However so long as does not provoke her, this enchantress will not go to start to whom generally. You heard, recently we raised in the dog city to present enchantress, must say that this enchantress that may be serious, superhuman, on the hair has been covered with the poisonous snake, she has eight feet, whose looks at one eyes, that person will directly meet a cruel death.” A storytelling gentleman spoke with confidence in the hotel. Sir, that enchantress is so fierce, if holds her to put in the battlefield, that was invincible.” Below some people asked immediately. Nobody can hold her, it is said that she can change to anybody's appearance, so long as she stands up from failure, that will turn into the appearance of nearby that person, hides, in we raise in the dog city, nobody can discover her.” That storytelling gentleman more said that is more dangerous. „The third child, actually this is enchantress who? So is really fierce?” Qi Wang hears has Expert time, whole person very excited. In next three, him were considered as on is topest Expert. Big brother, you really have also believed his words, a words point spectrum that he said does not have, rather believes in this world fishy, do not believe the mouth of this group of storytellers.” Xia Tian early to this matter immunity, before also some people passed on him to have superhuman. Qi Wang little contacts with the outside, although his influence is strong, but truly has not seen this closing right up against to boast, B lives hand to mouth the person who eats. „, I also think that is Expert, Expert that now next three I know is that five people of five big influences, I have not fought, does not know that their cards in a hand are anything, if meets other Expert I is also hopes that can get one happily.” Qi Wang strength that naturally was needless to say. If independent combat, entire next three besides the old monster of that five top influences, should few individuals be the Qi Wang match.

Where finished eating the food we to go?” Qi Wang asked. I must find a place to sleep.” Xia Tian very optional saying, his life except for eating rests. I said that you can also a little pursue? Except for eating, rests, we come out with great difficulty one time, you do not exit to stroll.” Qi Wang complained, Qi Wang has rested in 1000, therefore he most did not like sleeping. I find a place to sleep, you stroll, strolls to come back to look for me, three days later, our two.” Xia Tian said directly. „The third child, you is too not loyal.” Qi Wang indignant saying. Em!” Xia Tian nodded , to continue to eat the thing. Qi Wang saw Xia Tian unexpectedly so simple agreed that he is also to Xia Tian thorough was helpless. Good, I go.” Qi Wang can only. After Xia Tian has eaten meal, looked for a hotel to rest directly, Qi Wang has also chosen his window-shopping way, he liked walking in uneven Imperial City every day everywhere. Looks at the different people and different things, although these thing anything do not calculate in his eyes, but he thinks novel. The Sun Empire custom and thing have very big difference with other influences, therefore Qi Wang was more curious to here thing. Although Sun Empire person not, but thing also good.” Qi Wang does not like the Sun Empire person, but he discovered that the civilization and person of a national and influence have not related. Although the Sun Empire person is very disappointing, but their civilizations and development are very good, has the unique style. „After I went back, makes a street uneven Imperial City, then gives there interior decoration becomes this.” Saying that Qi Wang thought aloud. Walked a meeting, he discovered that a front shop name is very interesting, is called: Takes a look at anything to take a look, comes.

Therefore Qi Wang entered this shop, in this shop sells is not the precious thing, is some strange small gadget. These small gadget may Qi Wang attracting. If here pendulum is treasure anything, he definitely is disinclined to look, because he had already been sick, but here these little things are he have not seen. Small candy figure, ugly face, fan wait / etc.. Uniform small thing. At this moment, the Qi Wang vision locks on front seven color legendary luminous pearls. The legendary luminous pearl he does not lack, but seven color legendary luminous pearls are different. This type of legendary luminous pearl is very rare one thing, although above does not have any spiritual energy, is unable to be used for cultivation, but in the evening seems very attractive, feeling that as if one type outshines the entire nighttime sky. Therefore Qi Wang moved toward that seven color legendary luminous pearls directly. I wanted.” Two sounds also appear. Freshman small two hands have placed afterward on the legendary luminous pearl, but the big hand puts first, but the small hands patted above the big hand.