Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2098
Volume!” The shop owners stare slightly: Two, thing, whom should I sell to?” Naturally is I.” The females said. Why is you, I touch first, then said that your girl each family can let loose my hand.” Qi Wang looked at that to place the small hands on oneself hand. The small hands are very attractive, the finger is slender, the flesh is the same like the young and fresh-looking. The females have withdrawn hurriedly their hand: „Don't woman first you understand?” Why to want you are first, have you also reasoned with, is I first touches obviously.” The Qi Wang temperament has also come up, he has a liking for a thing with great difficulty, some unexpectedly also people snatches with him. I female, you do not know that the woman is inborn mindless?” Female both hands fork waist, indignant saying. too lazy to care for you, Boss, how much money? Ok, does not manage, in this 100 million low grade spirit stone, were your.” Qi Wang said that throws a Chu ring directly. Then Boss hoodwinked. The price of this seven color legendary luminous pearls is also more than 10,000 low grade spirit stone, was Qi Wang is also too natural. Gets rid is hundred million, moreover Lian stored the ring to give him. The vision of surroundings these people all looked to Qi Wang. Gets rid is a hundred million person can be the average person? Local tyrants. Outside these young robbers and bandits at present immediately one bright. Hey!” Saw that Qi Wang walks to outside, female the drum drum of face air/Qi: You halt to me.” Qi Wang has not paid attention to her, walks toward outside directly. Whiz! Female dodges, she blocked directly in Qi Wang front: „It is not 100 million low grade spirit stone, I pay two times of prices, sold to me.” Hears the female to say two times of price matters, surroundings these people were more surprised.

When did the rich man everywhere run? But these young robbers and bandits eyes of turned into the shape of money. Whiz! The body of Qi Wang dodges, presented in the female directly, surroundings these people have not seen clearly his movement, had not seen how he moved. But everybody understood, this definitely is Expert. Brothers, what that male is Expert, moreover seems astute many, we let off him, copes his behind that female, that female long is good to bully, we start to her.” These young robbers and bandits were discussing in a low voice. In Sun Empire, this young robbers and bandits very many. Their back has backer. Generally is some huge organization. Has consulted after them, decides to bypass Qi Wang, starts to Qi Wang behind female. The method that their these young robbers and bandits use is the same, several people hit the female intentionally, then seizes the chance to steal the thing, but the female had been stolen one time, this time possibly also to be hit how by them. When they must hit the female immediately, their bodies all in same place. The complexion of female turned into Frost to be equally cold suddenly. Afterward her stand forth, because of Qi Wang in her front, when she forwarded probably five meters. Puff! Ah! The blood light flashes before together, in that several mouth of person has heard the pitiful yell sound. enchantress, she is that enchantress.” Suddenly some people shout. Recently enchantress this name in raising the dog city was famous, all people know that raised in the dog city to leave enchantress, unusual terrifying.

Can shut off the eyeball of person instantaneously. This terrifying method not second person meeting. At this time the eyes of these young robbers and bandits completely shut off from the middle. Qi Wang that is forwarding stopped the footsteps suddenly. His turning head of slowly. „Don't you run?” The females look at Qi Wang panting in indignation: I said to you money.” „Are you that enchantress?” On the face of Qi Wang presented an excitement of faint trace. I am not enchantress, I called Jiu Jiang.” Female very earnest saying. Does not manage, should be you.” Qi Wang can also look from the surrounding these people's responses, this female should be in that legend enchantress of superhuman eight foot: You want this seven color crystal balls.” Em! I am willing to pay two times of prices to buy.” Jiu Jiang nodded. I do not sell, but if you can win me, I give you.” Qi Wang is curious to enchantress, he wants to try this enchantress to have in the legend to be so fierce. Good, in this?” Jiu Jiang hears the proposition of Qi Wang to nod, she is the fight race, what within the body is flowing is the Ancient fiendish person blood, always does not fear the fight. Here person are too many, you find the person few places, I with you.” Qi Wang said that he is not quite familiar with here. Em!” After Jiu Jiang nodded, her body vanished in same place. Whiz! Qi Wang also vanished in same place. Jiu Jiang is worried about Qi Wang unable to follow, therefore she slowed the tempo, but is quick she discovers Qi Wang unexpectedly to be able tight with her, moreover probably is very relaxed. This has ignited her fighting spirit. She directly speed full, she thinks that such Qi Wang definitely cannot follow, she waited a while to be OK in front at the worst.

Is but quick she to discover own unexpectedly cannot throw off the opposite party. Whiz! Whiz! Their this one after the other is running fast, wants to find nobody's place, that must look for the corner of city, only then that place nobody, moreover some people will not pass through. Is good is quick because of their speeds, after half vanishes, they had found a nobody's place. Your speed is quick.” Jiu Jiang looks at Qi Wang to say. Your good.” Qi Wang very impolite saying. Heard Qi Wang to say one were good, the Jiu Jiang small temperament has come up, oneself were very self-confident to their speed, but opposite party unexpectedly only said one were good. Has reached an agreement, I start not to have the weight, if died do not have blamed me.” Saying that Jiu Jiang threatens, she is the fight nationality family background, will not compare notes, gets rid to kill to incur, wants the human life. Good, if you can kill me, my thing turns over to you.” Qi Wang is also very excited saying. Jiu Jiang has not spoken, but was complexion becomes ice-cold, the makings of her whole person also had the tremendous changes, turned into an iceberg beautiful woman from a adorable attractive female. Good, the imposing manner of whole person all of a sudden changed these many.” Nod of Qi Wang appreciation, he experiences excessively all kinds of Expert, naturally also has seen the change imposing manner person. Jiu Jiang had not answered, but is walks toward Qi Wang directly. Whiz! The body of her whole person vanished in directly same place, presented again time, she has stood in Qi Wang. Tick-tock! Qi Wang is shutting tightly both eyes. A drop gives blood to drop on the ground.