Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2099

Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Three drops give blood to drop one after another on the ground. Qi Wang slowly opens own both eyes, afterward has traced with the hand own face: Line!!!” Your unexpectedly is all right!” A Jiu Jiang face strange looks at Qi Wang. Had the matter, the face bleeds.” Qi Wang wiped off the bloodstain on face. How do you evade my attack?” Jiu Jiang puzzled asking. Was sees you to attack, then I shunted was good, but was lazy, on the face was injured.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head, normally, he will not be injured, but he dodged a moment ago has not thought the weapon that the opposite party uses is the line, will therefore be injured. Good, your strength is really good.” Jiu Jiang very serious looks at Qi Wang, she is a fight is also crazy, at this time sees Qi Wang such match, naturally came the interest. bo! The head of Jiu Jiang presented five dark clouds and small dark clouds. Well, you are the demon person.” Qi Wang doubts looks to Jiu Jiang. Excuse me, was used to it, came again.” Jiu Jiang said that head dark clouds vanish, she starts to utilize her strength. This her head presented five small cauldron and a small cauldron. Five cauldron Rank 1. This time right!” Jiu Jiang looked that asked to Qi Wang. Volume......” Qi Wang felt that speechless, Jiu Jiang exposed are the status of person of demon, now unexpectedly thinks the camouflage. You treated as a moment ago have not seen, our two hit now, you can utilize your strength.” Jiu Jiang looked that said to Qi Wang. Qi Wang shook the head: You come.” „Don't you mobilize your strength?” Jiu Jiang puzzled looks to Qi Wang. Does not use!” Qi Wang said. Irritated me, your this was also too wild, looked that I taught you well.” Jiu Jiang said that has fired into Qi Wang directly, Gold Thread in her hand goes to the Qi Wang winding directly. Whiz!

The body of Qi Wang dodges, has shunted the winding of Gold Thread directly. ! Gold Thread in Jiu Jiang hand unceasing is brandishing. Bang! When Gold Thread in her hand pulls out on a giant stone, the giant stone directly by the smashing that she pulls out, Gold Thread in her hand can be said as the destructive power is full, but is this, she is unable to attack the Qi Wang slightest. Hateful, has the skill you not to run.” Jiu Jiang indignant shouting. Good, does not run does not run.” Qi Wang stood in directly same place. ! Gold Thread in Jiu Jiang hand entangles once more to Qi Wang. Bang! The Qi Wang right hand to a head racket, seemed like powerful force Gold Thread is flown by the Qi Wang racket directly directly: Your Gold Thread is useless to me, the line main body is too light, I only need to change flowing of air, you are unable to attack me.” Saw that Qi Wang is so superficial, Jiu Jiang was angry. I do not use it.” Jiu Jiang said that in her hand presented a claw class weapon. Puff! The claw grasped directly to Qi Wang, Qi Wang still stood in same place, did not hide does not dodge, saw that the claw must grasp heart location in Qi Wang. The right hand of Qi Wang double referred to direct ball approaching the claw of Jiu Jiang. dāng! Jiu Jiang that seems like the powerful force grasped directly to be flown to the ball by Qi Wang. How is this possible?” Jiu Jiang looks to the claw in own, but her claw the weapon of Intermediate treasure rank, is unexpectedly by Qi Wang two finger such balls, directly gives the ball except for the opening. How doesn't your card in a hand use?” Asking of Qi Wang face anticipation. He knows that in front of own the female definitely has the extraordinary card in a hand: „In the legend superhuman, that card in a hand of eight feet.”

Hears the Qi Wang words, a heavy line of Jiu Jiang face, she has also heard this legend, but she has not thought that front this fellow unexpectedly took seriously this legend. Does not hit.” Jiu Jiang said directly. How to hit?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. I cannot hit you.” Jiu Jiang said righteously. But some of your many cards in a hand have not used, you definitely have a fiercer style, you use, I am waiting.” Saying of Qi Wang face anticipation. Does not use.” Jiu Jiang was looks to understand, Qi Wang this clarified must have a look at her unique skill. Her unique skill is used to kill people, but is not the performance, therefore she decided that does not hit, even if continues to hit, she definitely is not the Qi Wang match. „, That did not hit me to walk.” Saying that Qi Wang regrets. „Do you want to go?” Jiu Jiang asked hurriedly. Looks for my Third Brother.” Qi Wang said. I go with you together.” Jiu Jiang followed. Goes with me together? That is not good, my Third Brother temperament is not good, he is easy to scold you, moreover our time has the proper business.” Qi Wang shook the head. Scolded scolds, I also scolded him.” Jiu Jiang said. My Third Brother curses at people have not lost.” Qi Wang said. I have not lost.” Jiu Jiang said very self-confidently. That is not good, I walked, you leave.” Qi Wang said that leaves directly. I.” Jiu Jiang followed directly. Then, Jiu Jiang had arrived at Xia Tian residence with Qi Wang, when Xia Tian wakes, puzzled looks to Qi Wang: Who is she?” Just knew.” Qi Wang said. Do you who just knew bring to do? We one will have also the proper business.” Xia Tian said. Hey, why you have the proper business I unable with, I do not delay your proper business.” Saying that Jiu Jiang is not convinced.

I said that you are the little girl who which comes, the yellow mouth slave child has not drawn back, pounds any chaotic in this with us, you do not walk, I threw you.” Xia Tian said. You come, you throw for trying.” Jiu Jiang goes forward directly. Third Brother, she is five cauldron Rank 1.” Qi Wang said in a low voice. „, You throw.” Xia Tian hears a five cauldron Rank 1 time scalp hemp, oneself may throw motionless five cauldron Rank 1 Expert. This......” Qi Wang very awkward looks to Xia Tian: She followed me, I also embarrassed throw.” I said that your girl each family, run with our two grown man, do you think?” Xia Tian started to reason with, he can be victorious generally hits, hits reasons with. He definitely hits front this female, that reasons with. Good, has anything not to be good, I with him, not with you.” Jiu Jiang said. Good, I must take off the pants to facilitate, you.” Xia Tian said directly. rascal.” Jiu Jiang has turned the head hurriedly. bo! Knot! Xia Tian both hands tie seal, afterward fast racket on the ground: Big brother, walks.” Jiu Jiang knows one were played, hurriedness must pursue, but she directly by Formation being stranded in inside, Jiu Jiang air/Qi straight stamps the feet: You are waiting to me, I will certainly overtake your.” Ps: The brothers and sisters, Happy New Year, thank the brothers to accompany the flower to pass through such long time, the flower here thanked everybody, the new year came, the new start, the new beginning, I will create a better work in the new year. Everybody diligently, creates together magnificently. Loves you.