Almighty Student - Volume 21 - Chapter 2100

Shouted, was really a troublesome fellow, was good to throw off.” Xia Tian long expiration. Five cauldron Rank 1 Expert, this is truly troublesome, if not he gets a sudden inspiration, quietly the lineup, that is very directly difficult to cast off her. Although Qi Wang can easily defeat her, but Xia Tian understands Qi Wang, he will not have under the enmity woman to one that heavy hand. You have the means that she followed me to be so long I not to throw off.” Saying of Qi Wang admiration. He also takes Jiu Jiang not any means that just started him to deliberately consider that with Jiu Jiang this enchantress fierce, finally Jiu Jiang has not used any card in a hand. Harmed him in vain to be happy. That is natural, hits me definitely not to hit her, therefore can only be Formation delays her time.” Xia Tian also thought one were really too astute. When they arrive at transmission. This chapter can go to the Sun Empire imperial capital.” Qi Wang anticipates to say. Big brother, this time our two on well noisy his Sun Empire.” Xia Tian also very excited. At this time they started to look forward to they entered the scene of Sun Empire imperial capital. Such interesting matter, has my one.” At this moment, Xia Tian their have broadcast a female exquisite voice. Lying trough!” Hears this sound time, Xia Tian scolded directly. This sound he was too familiar, because he had listened a moment ago. How do you pursue?” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at Jiu Jiang to ask.

I have made the mark on him, pursued, your Formation was not Advanced Formation, how long could not block my.” Jiu Jiang said. Big brother, your unexpectedly had been made the mark.” A Xia Tian face strange looks at Qi Wang. He is Qi Wang. His unexpectedly was made the mark not to know on the body. Qi Wang is also a face strange looks to own body, afterward he has inspected on himself, finally has locked own shoes: Shoe sole!!!” My goodness, this move of you can think, it seems like could not throw off you.” Xia Tian has not thought that Jiu Jiang unexpectedly has made the mark on the Qi Wang shoe sole, this mark was she is in the present ground has completed actually, then Qi Wang stepped on to remain above. The way of this doing mark is truly difficult to be discovered. He definitely cannot throw off Jiu Jiang now, only if he made Qi Wang kill Jiu Jiang, but Qi Wang will definitely not kill one with oneself not anything enmity woman. Good.” Jiu Jiang excited saying. „Do you name?” Xia Tian asked. Jiu Jiang, you?” Jiu Jiang asked. You remember, you were afterward, moreover your age seems is smallest, therefore you must call him for the big brother, called me for the Third Brother, yes?” Xia Tian very serious asking. Big brother is good, the Third Brother is good.” Jiu Jiang said directly. Saw she so happy complied, Xia Tian is also thorough was helpless, Xia Tian thinks she such there is the individuality girl easily called others the elder brother, he happen to had the reason to expel her.

Finally her unexpectedly complied directly. Good, since you want to join in the fun with us, I must give you mission.” Xia Tian said. What mission?” Asking of Jiu Jiang face anticipation. „The place that our three a while must go to is the Sun Empire imperial capital, I will get down the gunpowder flame average minute in hand, then our three move separately, the surrounding each corner, the important highway, the mansion of respected family wait / etc., all buries the gunpowder flame, has remembered, do not approach the fire hazard, then places the gunpowder flame this type of compounded drug below, the first gunpowder flame that putting decrease, you bury puts the biggest compounded drug, last puts the smallest compounded drug, yes?” Xia Tian said in a low voice. The compounded drug that he prepares is the compounded drug of automatic explosion, reason that also has the division of size, to let the gunpowder flame can also explode, the time that even if cannot simultaneously, differ should not be too much. Good, this matter was too exciting.” Saying of Jiu Jiang face anticipation. „After burying, beforehand prepares the good place set in me, has remembered, do not sit transmission, do not go to the city gate, we use the tunnel that I dig to go out of town.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Good.” Jiu Jiang very excited nod. „!” Xia Tian said that patted the shoulder of Jiu Jiang to say. Afterward three people directly, Xia Tian entered transmission in the name of merchant, very relaxed arrived at the Sun Empire imperial capital. After arriving at the imperial capital, the first matter that they do arrived at a city wall, afterward Xia Tian has dug a tunnel in the below of city wall, in this tunnel very spacious. Jiu Jiang, you must remember, after coming back, no matter had seen that we must hide in this tunnel, the typical mouth I have completed concealing, when the time comes you only needed not to destroy on the line.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Relax, wraps on me, matter that such satisfies a craving, I can definitely complete.” Jiu Jiang strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Good, now starts.” Xia Tian said.

Good!” Jiu Jiang said that the body vanished in directly same place. Big brother, now a bit faster inspects on a lower part of the body to have the mark, otherwise met her with trouble.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Right!” Qi Wang said that starts to inspect hurriedly. Has inspected, they also nodded, afterward they also separatedly started to carry out the preparatory work. In uneven Imperial City imperial capital palace. Emperor Qi Bing, our army and Giant Bull City allied armies have attacked to uneven Imperial City at this time, after uneven Imperial City sees the attack of allied armies, these people all retracting uneven Imperial City of surrounding, has calculated directly the time, in uneven Imperial City the person should also start to begin now, when the time comes collaborates from outside with the inside, soon can seize uneven Imperial City.” Duke respectful saying. When does this news pass on?” The emperor opens the mouth to ask slowly. Probably is half a month time, I think that now passed for half a month, uneven Imperial City should hit quickly.” That duke said. „It is not taken lightly uneven Imperial City, they after all are the thousand years ago King.” The emperor said. Relax, Emperor, we already observed, uneven Imperial City past army early died was similar, although our scouts are unable to enter the Qi Wang palace, but can calculate that according to the extraction of transportation and excrement of grain ration inside population over 2000, in other words in uneven Imperial City will absolutely not have the past Qi Wang army.” That duke very self-confident saying. Report! Front incoming telegram! Is Sun is urgent!”