Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2101

Sun is urgent, can deliver to front of the emperor urgency directly, anybody is irresistible, this type urgent, only then front No. 1 commander there has an opportunity. Hears is Sun is urgent, in entire main hall all peaceful. Read!” The emperor shouts directly. Front is urgent, our army and Giant Bull City Allied armies earlier period being utterly routed that uneven Imperial City hits, hurried back to the uneven Imperial City army the uneven Imperial City main city, in the city the Expert transmission attack news, we have carried on the general attack, finally in us the uneven Imperial City sinister plot, the news is not the empire Expert round, but is uneven Imperial City forge, we suffered the unprecedented attack, first line brothers any had not been living, I do not even know how they were die, the allied armies 300 million armies, instantaneous died in battle completely.” Anything!” Hears this information time, in the entire main hall all people all with amazement could not speak. Just they also here studied to attack the uneven Imperial City matter, they think that uneven Imperial City has almost taken now, finally finally unexpectedly was the allied armies died more than 300 million people, although here, be only half were their officers, but that was 100 million fully-armed soldiers. Eight!” Emperor angry shouting. At this time his complexion is pale. What's the matter? What's the matter? Why will Expert in city be killed? Even if received the pseudo-signal not to be impossible to be annihilated, looked up to me, what's the matter, if some people dare to report falsely the news, I must make his entire clan deliver to console, secure, camp.” The emperor shouts loudly. A moment ago the joyful main hall now all of a sudden became lonely. Imperial capital palace surrounding. Big brother, here guard was too stern, after meeting I have dug up, you entrance with inside dry, like this from outside could not look that here had any clue.” Xia Tian said. Good, on the present, otherwise after and other gunpowder inflammations exploded, without enough time.” Qi Wang said. Xia Tian rubbish, excavates directly. Unusual going all out that he digs. Although here is very far from the position of treasure house, but only here is safest, other places have had the guard back and forth to go on patrol.

Time past bit by bit. Xia Tian digs unusual is careful, he does not know that under this Sun Empire imperial capital palace can have existence of any dense [say / way], if made him dig up, that was possible exposed. This digs, has dug for two hours. Big brother, had found, here Formation were too many, moreover there is Rank 5 Formation, I need a preparation of disappearance, you have seized the opportunity, once here guard were transferred, you kill remaining all killed.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. Relax.” Qi Wang nodded. Afterward Xia Tian starts to break through the enemy lines directly, here Formation unexpectedly reaches as high as 4,000-5,000, moreover highest also has Rank 5 Formation, these small Formation Xia Tian can relaxed breaks, but this Rank 5 Formation must abandon Kungfu. In ground. „Weren't these two people will throw off me to run?” Saying that Jiu Jiang thought aloud. Ok, first does not manage, soon exploded in any case, I one will wait to look at the good play on the line.” Jiu Jiang said that hid in tunnel directly. The below of empire palace. Xia Tian is breaking through the enemy lines diligently. Bang! At this moment, in the tunnel is the sound of explosion. Bang! Explosive sound continuously.

Even the tunnel started to rock. The guards in treasure house also puzzled looks to the ground. In this time Sun Empire palace was chaotic. Just got angry the emperor of conclusion to plan to rest, but he just gave to plan to rest, outside has heard the explosive sound, moreover explosive sound unceasing transmitting. Even linked their palaces to rock. Bang! What's the matter?” The emperor shouts hurriedly. „It is not good, Emperor, the explosion, our Sun Empire everywhere is exploding now, the might of explosion is very big, is imponderable, the explosion lit the surrounding house, now the entire capital city is all chaotic.” A Advanced military officer kneels on the ground said. What?” The complexion big change of emperor: How can like this? Like this, not to be how impossible, unreasonable, the imperial capital guards sternly, some impossible people to make to explode, moreover these many places also explode, how to be so possible?” Emperor, what now we are main is settles the minds, the fire fighting life-saving, catches member who these rebel.” Right crown prince Qi Wang over a thousand report said. Right, the life-saving, the fire fighting, makes an arrest, gives me to go, all sends the help to me all guards in palace.” The emperor shouts loudly. Your majesty your safety? What to do if the enemy side is lures the enemy out of his stronghod?” The right crown prince asked hurriedly. Does not need to manage me, my also one batch of Expert, my this asked the person to transfer them, you must immediately, subside the turmoil to me immediately.” Although the emperor is usually dignified, but he comes across the matter truly time is quite startled. Yes, Emperor.” The right crown prince said that was leading palace all bodyguards and Expert directly exits to put down a rebellion together. Comes the person, adjusts to me in treasure house Expert, in that is Formation, nobody can rush, keeps part to defend in the ground, other people protect me.” The emperor shouts loudly.

Although he is an emperor, but his strength is not strong, although he is also Expert of four cauldrons, but his Realm forces up by the compounded drug completely. Reason that he can sit in this position, that is because his father went to assist the doctor there, therefore he has taken over his father's position. In treasure house. bo! Untied!!!” On Xia Tian face immediately one happy. You compare to be expected that rapidness, outside person just left, our two wait a while again, they all walked probably, only if there are compared with my rank good high person, I am unable to discover.” Qi Wang said in a low voice. That did not need to think, only if he assisted the doctor to guard personally here.” Xia Tian does not think that assists the doctor to guard the treasure house blatantly here, although for these years, he has been helping Sun Empire in secret, but does not dare to be so flagrant. After a while! Big brother, fights a battle to force a quick decision.” Xia Tian said that has broken the last wall directly. Bang! Small cauldron, receives to me.” Xia Tian has not gone to look to have anything, starts to receive here treasure directly. After ten minutes! They have all plundered all treasure houses: Walks, Big brother.” Wait / Etc..” Qi Wang suddenly with pointing at has referred to iron bar on wall: Why you do not receive it!!”