Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2103
Uneven Imperial City! After cutting has killed these Sun Empire and Giant Bull City army, the uneven Imperial City person starts to collect the spoils of war. The uneven Imperial City custom is, exits orderly processes these corpses to me, who processes, the spoils of war turn over to anyone, if who dares to monopolize, looks for a job, fights, that kills anyone. Hears to have such good matter, the uneven Imperial City person has burst simply with joy, outside these corpses processing, to avoid plague, they cremated the corpse collective. After processing strength, all people returned to the city once more. Meanwhile. Uneven Imperial City officially declares war to Giant Bull City and Sun Empire. The uneven Imperial City always position does not fight, but this time is Giant Bull City and Sun Empire alines Imperial City to declare war on own initiative, therefore uneven Imperial City naturally must respond. The first response of uneven Imperial City must blast the Sun Empire imperial capital. This news passed on directly. When listens arrives in full Imperial City the news, almost all big influences aline the Imperial City words to disdain, but less than several days, they heard a news. The Sun Empire imperial capital was exploded, moreover probably also had any important matter, the loss is serious. Meanwhile, another bad news also passed on. The water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate launched the general attack to Sun Empire directly, with irresistible force, Sun Empire is unable to revolt, and has not supported. The water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pushes directly into, must enter the appearance of imperial capital greatly directly. Uneven Imperial City has proven their strength again.

Instantaneous Insta-kill allied armies 300 million fully-armed soldiers, moreover just said that must explode the Sun Empire imperial capital, finally the Sun Empire imperial capital was exploded. This simply was too terrifying. Meanwhile, all people all paid attention to Giant Bull City, because was he and Sun Empire carries on uneven Imperial City together, finally now Sun Empire did not have half, the imperial capital was also hit by the attack. Everybody was waiting for uneven Imperial City gets rid to Giant Bull City, like this they can also have victory fall into one's lap. This Sun Empire is seriously battered, the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate pushes to the front, takes most cities, other influences are also attacks in abundance, nibbled the Sun Empire majority of cities directly. These approach the Giant Bull City influence to wait for uneven Imperial City begins to Giant Bull City, they also fully will attack when the time comes Giant Bull City, gains the biggest advantage. Although uneven Imperial City has gotten rid to Sun Empire. But all people looked, uneven Imperial City this was the counter-attack, but was not the aggression, they only gave the opposite party to attack, but has not led the army to attack Sun Empire. At this time in Sun Empire imperial capital palace. Emperor, the safety system of imperial capital was all destroyed . Moreover the treasure house was also attacked, for your security, we arranges the matters concerned that retreats.” Right protector to urge. Withdraw? Withdraw? Which toward removes? My treasure house did not have, that is the entire Sun Empire wealth, now did not have, which do you make me toward go?” The emperor did not have the appearance of that keeping aloof at this time again. Your majesty, we can not want the soldier's rations and pay, anything does not want, we can also all contribute our family property, so long as passed this time crisis, our Sun Empire can certainly stage a comeback.” A duke goes forward to say. The emperor has not spoken. Your majesty, we have calculated, although the war casualty reached as high as 2 billion, but our nationals also had, so long as we led them to remove have been OK, our nationals only believed in you, so long as you were all right, we can stage a comeback sooner or later.” Right protector to urge. Our also how long time?” The emperor asked.

If resists fully, can resist for about five years, if retreats, one year will collapse.” Right protector to say. Five years, why our solemn Sun Empire can only persevere for five years.” Emperor angry shouting, he is unwilling, he really unwilling. Your majesty, if in the state treasury sufficient situation, we get for dozens years are not the issues, but our present state treasuries emptied, moreover outside knows that our imperial capital was exploded, now outside is flustered, the popular sentiment is lax, moreover other influences also all are want to slice, our Sun Empire is also being attacked by five big influences now, cannot block.” Right protector helpless saying. Regarding present Sun Empire, is a tragedy. The matter a series of occurrences of all tragedies. Recently Sun Empire occurred is tragedy, since they offended Xia Tian, the misfortune arrived at their heads, a matter compared miserable. Even now is nearly extinguished the country. Your majesty, cannot hesitate, otherwise the death will also increase.” Right protector to kneel on the ground shouts loudly. Your majesty, withdrawal of troops.” Other people also kneel on the ground shout. Looks the own magnificent palace, looks at own power and influence, the emperor is not cruel enough to get rid, but if he does not walk, his last family property must spell up. Withdrawal of troops.” Sun Empire announced the withdrawal of troops, their country all people removed to the following forest, from now on Sun Empire will leave the next three stages. This is Emperor Sun Empire last order under next three institutes. The war is this, once game is as good as lost, that defeats, defeat that is unable to recall. Continuously defeat! Just started Sun Empire three to have the absolute superiority by an enemy, but rear area caught fire unceasingly, the treasure house has been sneak attacked, finally was even exploded including the imperial capital.

This made Sun Empire be defeated thoroughly. Especially attacks uneven Imperial City elite died in battle completely, this to morale attack was more serious. Uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian, you are waiting to me, sooner or later our Sun Empire must report this enmity.” Emperor angry shouting, Sun Empire starts to withdraw troops afterward officially. This time Xia Tian and the others have not worried, they hide in the below of solar imperial capital city wall. „The third child, when do we want to hide?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. I estimated that these 1-2 days similar, now on them is still catching the murderer, words that we exit, definitely by that gang insane greedy person biting to death.” Xia Tian knows that now the group of people in Sun Empire imperial capital have hate them. Three days later. Was good, we walk.” Xia Tian has made a connection with outside channel directly, three people swaggering walked. „Do we go?” Jiu Jiang face curious asking. beauty, the mountain does not transfer Lu Zhuan, the road does not transfer the water extension, we have another chance to meet.” Xia Tian has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest directly. His clarified is points to the door. All right, does not need to transfer, which you following explode, I go with you together.” Jiu Jiang very excited saying.