Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2104

Together!! The Xia Tian forehead is the heavy line. beauty, our cooperation had ended, now can go various home respectively, looks for various mothers respectively, eats respectively various...” Xia Tian said directly. All right, I do not need to go home.” Jiu Jiang said. Xia Tian by her naive thoroughly being defeated. His meaning was very obvious, wanted to separate with Jiu Jiang, but Jiu Jiang did not meet to incur. „It is not you uses to go home, was we must go home.” Xia Tian said. I know.” Jiu Jiang nodded. We go home not to facilitate to lead you.” Xia Tian now is did not have the means with Jiu Jiang. All right, you did not need to lead me, I with the past on the line.” The Jiu Jiang appearance probably is helps Xia Tian solve the major problem to be the same. Third Brother, otherwise is leading her.” Qi Wang helpless saying, he has not told the Xia Tian Jiu Jiang status, this he does not believe Xia Tian actually, but was he forgets. Big brother, we also so many matters must process.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Third Brother, lets her, uneven Imperial City so is in any case big, makes him play.” Qi Wang consoles saying that after all Jiu Jiang is he knows first. Good.” Xia Tian heard Qi Wang saying that also can only nod, afterward he looked said to Jiu Jiang: You are good, but has remembered, cannot in the uneven Imperial City murder, you have the matter to look for city Wei Jun, but if makes me know that you in our uneven Imperial City casual murder, I personally have the person to encircle you.” Xia Tian knows the Jiu Jiang terrifying.

Five cauldron Rank 1! This strength is figure of next three Pyramid peaks, if he slaughters in uneven Imperial City, that may trouble. Relax, I definitely do not massacre the person.” Jiu Jiang guarantees to say. „It is not good, does not massacre person not to be good, you are not the good murder.” Xia Tian emphasized again. Well good, I do not kill people.” Jiu Jiang guarantees saying that but this time innermost feelings think, the opposite party only remaining half tones that I hit are not the murders. Xia Tian saw her to comply , can only reluctant nod. „!” Qi Wang said directly. Afterward three people. This next three war was in the stage of highest tide, although other strengths also mutually have the damage, but the issue is not serious, Sun Empire is most miserable one, all influences start to be disintegrated completely. On the other hand, looks Sun Empire that retreats in defeat again and again, the Giant Bull City person flusters finally. Originally reason that beforehand Giant Bull City the agreement and Sun Empire cooperation, are because the law enforcement elder has held under duress the Giant Bull City lord, therefore the Giant Bull City officers are forced with the Sun Empire cooperation. Giant Bull City main strength compared with law enforcement elder, but he was poisoned, is the toxicant of Sun Empire careful preparation, because he will be kidnapped by the law enforcement elder like this. These days, the Giant Bull City person has been finding the way to save the Giant Bull City lord. Finally when Giant Bull City and Sun Empire allied armies were defeated by uneven Imperial City, Giant Bull City main was rescued, the law enforcement elder watches the matter to expose, abandons the family member, oneself escaped directly.

Laborious everybody.” The Giant Bull City lord looks at senior official saying of following these Giant Bull City slowly. „It is not laborious, City Lord can be saved, this is the luck of Giant Bull City.” Yeah, I now was the Giant Bull City criminal, because I made Giant Bull City fall into the disaster, died all of a sudden 100 million elite officers.” Giant Bull City main deep sighing. City Lord, then has not closed with you, is he enforces the law the mistake of elder, was he has coerced you.” No matter what, because of me, I just started is because dreads the uneven Imperial City strength, therefore does not dare with the Sun Empire cooperation, not to think that we offended their uneven Imperial City now.” Giant Bull City City Lord is the sincerity does not want to be most right with uneven Imperial City. Otherwise he already negotiated in the issue and uneven Imperial City of territory. City Lord, his uneven Imperial City, although is strong, but our Giant Bull City is not good to bully, at the worst comes a fight in which both sides perish.” Fight in which both sides perish? Goes to fight in which both sides perish with what? The Sun Empire strength is not only weak compared with our Giant Bull City, now are they how is it? Didn't defeat? I heard that their armies started to retreat, the capital city also gave up defending, said again, was not they bullies us, was we gets the gate.” Giant Bull City City Lord does not think that their Giant Bull City can put together uneven Imperial City really excessively. That is because has other influences to start together, therefore Sun Empire so will be distressed.” Around us didn't have other influences to eye covetously? Reason that they now do not have the too big action and other uneven Imperial City movements, if uneven Imperial City will say tomorrow must blast our Giant Bull City, these influences instantaneously will attack.” Giant Bull City City Lord said. Heard a Giant Bull City City Lord such saying, below complete silence. Nobody spoke. Now we had an opportunity.” The Giant Bull City lord looked that said to the following person. I and others all obeyed City Lord to be short of money.” The following person also shouts.

Loses money, the apology, ended war.” Giant Bull City City Lord said loudly. If beforehand Giant Bull City City Lord said directly must lose money the apology, that definitely is nobody is willing to comply, but after Giant Bull City main these words, these people understood a moment ago. Now they can only become reconciled with uneven Imperial City. Now the uneven Imperial City true speech authoritative is not so-called Qi Wang, but is two Vice-City Lord, Cao Yaqian and Xia Tian, their words are most authoritative, sends for seeking an interview them, so long as obtains their forgiving, that Giant Bull City without cause for grief, as for several other influences, they do not see the rabbit not to scatter the hawk, if uneven Imperial City does not haggle over, they absolutely massively will not attack our Giant Bull City.” Giant Bull City City Lord said. This time war, the genuine winner is uneven Imperial City. First buys and sells the big harvest, then steals up Sun Empire, finally defeats the allied armies, obtained the reputation and spoils of war, now Giant Bull City must visit to apologize. Shouted! Finally returned to arrive in full Imperial City.” Xia Tian long expiration , after returning arrives in full Imperial City, he really had a feeling of family. Walks, the second child should become impatient.” Qi Wang said. You, stroll now, has remembered, do not stir up trouble to me, otherwise I will not be used to you.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. Was good, third child.” Qi Wang draws Xia Tian to walk toward uneven Imperial City directly. This time spoils of war must reconstruct the daylight finally. Sun Empire treasure house already thorough by Xia Tian and Qi Wang looting, before did not have the opportunity to examine that now they can return to uneven Imperial City well.