Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2105

In uneven Imperial City. Big brother, the Third Brother, you came back finally, how is it? This harvest how?” Bishop Cao asks. How to describe with you?” A Qi Wang brow wrinkle. Hasn't succeeded?” Bishop Cao has doubts looks to Qi Wang, afterward comforts saying: Has not succeeded does not have the means that after all they retreat was too hurried, moreover you have exploded Sun Empire, this gave us uneven Imperial City to grow very big imposing manner, now outside these influences do not dare to offend our uneven Imperial City.” Has successfully.” Qi Wang explained hurriedly: Was too many.” Were too many?” Bishop Cao has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Em, were too truly many.” Xia Tian nodded. Is many, puts out to come to see quickly.” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly, saw the Qi Wang appearance, their this time definitely received goods much. Here was too small, finds the big point place.” Xia Tian said. Heard was too small, Bishop Cao anticipated, their previous time stole the Rank 5 city time, here placed, this place was spacious, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that here was too small. Walks, goes the backyard with me, there is my developing practice grounds, is very big.” Qi Wang said the developing practice grounds who three people turn toward the backyard directly walk. Develops the practice grounds. „The third child, a bit faster takes, do not keep guessing.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly. Good, I took.” Xia Tian said that the left hand wields, a mountain presents in their eyes, him wields afterward once more, is a mountain.

As he wields his hand each time, the surroundings present a mountain. Thing equally same appearance in the front of people. At this time they several eyes were straight. Xia Tian also think very surprised, he receives the thing time was too hurried, absolutely does not have carefully has looked. Big brother, Sun Empire was also too rich.” Bishop Cao surprised saying. I think that this should be Sun Empire whole nation all wealth, they have squeezed under the money of all urban and business as well as common people, otherwise solely is Sun Empire the treasure houses in other state treasuries and Rank 5 cities adds also absolutely the impossible so many wealth.” Qi Wang answered. Big brother said should right, these many wealth possibly are not a treasure house in empire can have radically, even if we with the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate transaction time, he is also all materials and spirit stone adds to suffice to pay us 300 trillion.” Xia Tian nodded. Rapidness that third child, you calculate, you calculate here thing many.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly. Em.” Xia Tian has arrived at spirit stone front, afterward the left hand has placed on that pile of spirit stone, spirit stone vanishes completely, took in the small cauldron by him: spirit stone altogether has about 500 trillion.” 500 trillion.” Qi Wang and Bishop Cao cannot help but have all swallowed saliva. N , N , D, these many spirit stone, definitely were Sun Empire all plunders entire country all spirit stone.” Xia Tian says with emotion. These many spirit stone, our uneven Imperial City has sent, this we are not short of money, soon, uneven Imperial City will turn into the entire next three in most luxurious cities.” Bishop Cao has the self-confidence. Now the development of uneven Imperial City is he operates, can say that uneven Imperial City is his dream land.

Xia Tian moved toward that pile of refiner materials. ! All refiner materials were all taken away by him. Refiner material value 60 trillion!” Xia Tian said that moves toward the Pill Refining material. Pill Refining material value 80 trillion!” Compounded drug value 5 trillion!” Low-grade goods treasure 1 million, Pin Baoqi 10,000, Advanced treasure three.” Armor, equipment value 10 trillion.” Precious goods and rare goods add altogether the value 5 trillion.” Xia Tian all reported all goods, here compounded drug and weaponry were least, because the majority of compounded drugs and weaponry were transported to the front. Here remaining these are used to support. However spirit stone and Pill Refining refiner material, the refiner material added on these treasure to be possible really to be too crisp again. Has gotten rich, our time got rich.” Bishop Cao said with a smile loudly.

„The second child, said that looked, how you plan to develop our uneven Imperial City, now money I and third child made to you.” Qi Wang asked directly. Good, Big brother, I have studied, explodes Sun Empire and outside uneven Imperial City after you extinguishes kills the influences of 300 million allied armies these two matters, now the entire next three also nobody dares to offend our uneven Imperial City again, therefore we can develop now fast, must first establish the belief, is makes here person have the sense of belonging \; Second, high, such uneven Imperial City that the uneven Imperial City house covers can be occupied by more people \; Third, makes a connection with transmission in uneven Imperial City completely and ensure does not take ten minutes from a place to another place.” Bishop Cao said directly. Good, these three good, is very good, does not need to be worried to spend, now we most do not lack is money.” Qi Wang excited saying. Second Brother? You only have not thought these three points, I and big brother take carry back to you these much money, these types that you said could not spend how much money probably.” Xia Tian looked that said to Bishop Cao. Ha Ha, the third child understands me.” After Bishop Cao has laughed , to continue saying: A moment ago three three in urban development, were military development three, first, I planned to strengthen the army, caused Master of to come trump card, this army population did not need many, must first be loyal, then spent the high price to pound on them \; Second, I must continue to build city garrison, our uneven Imperial City three go around a mountain, only then a direction of city gate needs to be used to defend, I build of death there nobody can approach \; Third, I must let the next three armistice.” Armistice? How is this possible?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Now makes into like this, even if our uneven Imperial City has deterred them, but they are impossible to listen to our uneven Imperial City words.” Qi Wang is also very puzzled. Big brother, the Third Brother, is actually very simple, fights for the benefit, this war loses in a big way is Sun Empire, the war is also they shoulders, so long as and other Sun Empire were nibbled completely, other big influences definitely do not want to hit, so long as we proposed the armistice, in that three years, next three will regain the peace.” Bishop Cao answered. Qi Bingcao rich City Lord, the Giant Bull City messenger came, they are exploiting one's connections everywhere, family that went to you to be.” The pass on message symbol has flown in the hand of Bishop Cao from outside. Wasting money came, I go to be able he.” Bishop Cao shows a faint smile.