Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2106

Big brother, this we can relax finally.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Yes, uneven Imperial City is our brothers three people of families, now our three already uneven Imperial City true established, after regardless of that where will walk, remembers one also had a family.” Qi Wang nodded. Actually he has wanted to have such a family, just started, he wants to be ten big elder and these juniors in Qi Wang palace creates a family. What a pity ten big elders do not remember in this. Was right, recently your wife and Liu Shishi walked was very near, you look at the office.” Qi Wang said that turned the head to leave. Xia Tian hears this news also only to be able helpless shaking the head. After arriving at the spirit world, he has restrained, is not a womanizer everywhere, but he is doomed is a loose prodigal son. Ok, goes by them, happen to I recently must close up some time.” Xia Tian said that went to the Qi Wang palace directly the closing up place. After Bishop Cao and Giant Bull City consultation, Giant Bull City is willing to pay 50 trillion low grade spirit stone to come neutralize and uneven Imperial City contradiction, Bishop Cao looks before oneself is also in the face of person of Giant Bull City, complied reluctantly. Xia Tian this time has closed up six months. After six months, uneven Imperial City obtained the rapid development. Reason that this time he goes out is because Bishop Cao informs him to attend a significant conference, is used to mediate the conference of war. Several big influences all will when the time comes arrive. The beforehand eight big influence separately is Sun Empire, Giant Bull City, the god mouse city, the Fierce Tiger city, the flying rabbit city, the Wolong city, thin snake city and water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. And the Sun Empire strength is strongest.

However now Sun Empire almost did not exist, but the water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate is because has purchased the massive compounded drugs and weaponry in uneven Imperial City, therefore obtained in a big way, most superiority. Although they seize Sun Empire not to obtain too many wealth in late stage, but the domain actually became bigger, so long as there is a domain, then wealth slowly also will accumulate. Therefore the strength of temporary water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate is strongest. This time conference all gathers these big influences, discussed that the issue of temporary armistice. Big brother, walks, Second Brother they should wait there.” Xia Tian looked that said to Qi Wang. I do not go, you also know that I do not like showing face in public.” Qi Wang said that reason that he does not like showing face in public, that is because he in next three is a legend, the words that he does not act, will have the mystery. Big brother, I discovered that you were very recently strange, I listened to the following person saying that you were not treating in the Qi Wang palace recently, always ran toward outside.” On the face of Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face: You are not......” Who told you? I tear to pieces his mouth now.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. It seems like was said by me, is a little afraid.” Xia Tian has shown a stranger smiling face. Do not meet? A bit faster goes, do not make the second child and others too long.” Qi Wang started by the guest directly. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian laughs, while went out of the Qi Wang palace. This time conference opens in your family place of Bishop Cao. Recently these eldest children of influence arrived in abundance, today was the genuine conference, at this time in the assembly hall sat the leaders of major influences. !

Excuse me, making everybody wait for a long time.” After Xia Tian comes, has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the room in person. Xia Tian discovered that in room now besides Bishop Cao, sat eight people. Xia Tian sat in the side of Bishop Cao directly. Now the person came neat, we can start to study the matter of armistice now.” Bishop Cao opens the mouth to say slowly. Armistice! Although everybody has almost guessed almost correctly the intention of Bishop Cao, but hears Bishop Cao to lift this matter to the tabletop now has come up, everybody has not spoken. Because who first speaks now, that represents who has feared, does not dare to hit. Reason that I proposed the armistice, to let everybody rested and built up strength, present was the eldest children of major influences, I said directly, reason that went to war, nothing but for benefit, but you also saw now, if continued to hit, you consumed was your family property, biggest benefit Sun Empire has been carved up by you now, wanted to get such big interests not to be perhaps easy once more, moreover your chassis was big, if you did not have the time to manage, that can also be open area.” Bishop Cao spoke of here time vision 11 sweeping to approach the people on the scene. Still is nobody speaks. Naturally, our uneven Imperial City has also been able, no matter this matter, a -called arms sound, the gold 12,000, our uneven Imperial City can sell to your weaponry and compounded drug, gets the biggest profit, but we do not want to make money that these human lives change, do not think that our uneven Imperial City did not have the weapon compounded drug to sell, I gave the low-down, if you some people want to buy 300 trillion within now the weaponry and compounded drugs, I can inventory to you now, in three days took, if you wanted 500 trillion weaponry and compounded drugs, that gave me six months also to you. Collected.” Bishop Cao the goal of these words is telling them, uneven Imperial City does not care about you to continue to hit. This will not affect the uneven Imperial City slight interests. Moreover uneven Imperial City is not short of money. Nobody spoke. I read everybody very fresh share, that this, the first start from my left hand introduced that oneself, this can also make the friendly contacts is not.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say.

Bishop Cao nodded. That I first come, I am water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate City Lord, you can call me water City Lord, actually the proposition of this uneven Imperial City, I agreed that I and relations between uneven Imperial City was needless saying that so long as will be I who they proposed will not oppose.” Water City Lord these words opened up the awkward perspective directly. He is the first agreement. Moreover he gave fully the uneven Imperial City face. Reason that water City Lord so gives the uneven Imperial City face, that is because he gained enough many advantage from uneven Imperial City here. The water City Lord words said that all people looked to sat in the second old man, can say that everybody to this person is strangest, but this person cannot neglect absolutely, because his influence is a dark horse that this war presents. The master of perfection. All people have filled to him curiously. The old men sit there, a few words had not said that as if not want to say is the same, does not want to give uneven Imperial City this face. „Doesn't Venerable Qi, you want to say two?” At this moment, the Xia Tian lazily start to talk asked. This is all people first time knows the surname of old man!