Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2107

Really is the hero has the youth.” Venerable Qi saying slowly. Venerable Qi, I wants to listen to your self introduction and you to the view of this armistice.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly stares at Venerable Qi to say. If I said that I don't agree?” Venerable Qi asked. That is very simple, our uneven Imperial City does not trade with you, you fight whom, we sold to whose weaponry and compounded drug, moreover I had studied some equipment recently newly, is very from out of the blue good regarding that weapon defense effect, is planning to make a sum of money.” Xia Tian said directly. Venerable Qi a brow wrinkle: You do this lord?” If I could not be this lord, I will not sit here, that person talked to you embarrassed that I came to discuss with you, I was do not give others who became famous the face, but I give you today the face, so long as you agreed that present armistice, the thing that I studied forever will block in the treasure house.” Xia Tian sees Venerable Qi saying character by character. It seems like I was do not have choose.” Venerable Qi shows a faint smile. Cultivates the behavior to keep one, in the future will meet well, when regardless of later you come our uneven Imperial City, so long as I, me can meet you personally, carries a sedan chair to you, but you must agree today.” The words that although Xia Tian spoke are very polite, but the content is very overbearing. He and Bishop Cao are one sing the black face, sang the white face, Bishop Cao said the general situation, he was responsible for the person frightening one by one. Good, after summer Vice-City Lord, has the opportunity to go to our perfection city to be a guest.” Venerable Qi arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say. Many thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I am Giant Bull City City Lord, I agree with the armistice.” Giant Bull City most does not hope to go to war now, this time war their anything advantage has not obtained, loses is actually not small, if continues to make war, that offends uneven Imperial City without doubt, they were spend 50 trillion low grade spirit stone to maintain the relations of good and uneven Imperial City. I am Fierce Tiger city City Lord, message that the previous time many thanks summer Vice-City Lord provides, therefore we also agree with the armistice.” City Lord of Fierce Tiger city is that person that previous time attended the Pill Refining congress, after he hears the Xia Tian words, hurriedly went back to arrange to fight, was good because of the morning that he discovered that otherwise the majority of cities must by Sun Empire seizing. I am City Lord of flying rabbit city, our flying rabbit city agrees with the armistice.”

I am City Lord of god mouse city, our god mouse city agrees with the armistice.” I am City Lord of Wolong city, our Wolong city agrees with the armistice.” I am City Lord of thin snake city, our thin snake city agrees with the armistice.” Eight people agreed with the armistice completely, saw such scene, Bishop Cao satisfied nod, has saying that he and Xia Tian cooperation very complete. Now the function of Xia Tian had ended temporarily, then the following matters concerned needed Bishop Cao to come. This time war was the thousand years a biggest war, the loss of this war was big, was inestimable, many people were destitute and homeless, this was not we want to see that Sun Empire is almost extinguished now, although also the remaining some, you can continue to nibble the Sun Empire national territory, no matter this I, but next three need to balance, happen to Sun Empire did not have, presented a perfection city newly, then the new eighth largest influence was taken over by the perfection city, what did everybody has opinion?” Bishop Cao the vision looked that asked to the surrounding person. He said that to let everybody approves existence of perfection city. After all if were not approved is the true influence, then they will be regarded the banditry, that other cities still have the qualifications to exterminate the banditry. After all uneven Imperial City can let their armistice, but cannot make them stop banditing suppression. Agreement!!” All people all raised hand to agree. Starting today the perfection city was the eighth largest influence, this obtains the matter that all people approved. Good, good, good.” Bishop Cao continually said three good: Since everybody agreed that then we must start to study the internal development, our uneven Imperial City is making utmost efforts to develop now own enterprise, we gave eight big influences to keep our trade here, these commercial residences were free, but was not too big, was good because has the symbolic thing, this was also to compensation.”

Has saying that uneven Imperial City truly suffices to be fastidious, for they are not receiving the pain of chaos caused by war to let armistice, finally also apportions their trade. Goal that actually Bishop Cao such makes is thorough makes a connection with the trades of uneven Imperial City and all cities. „Those words, our uneven Imperial City does not like stirring up trouble, but is not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely, I left the position to everybody am make everybody do business, if made me discover that spy, that do not blame me not to speak morality and justice, Sun Empire sent the spy to submerge my uneven Imperial City, all spies had been killed by us, moreover we declared war to Sun Empire thoroughly, therefore Sun Empire will end up to turn out so is out, I do not hope that everybody any influence turned into second Sun Empire.” Xia Tian also said threat words. It can be said that today Xia Tian comes act high and mighty. However he has the act high and mighty capital, because Sun Empire truly was destroyed completely by their uneven Imperial City, if were not he has exploded the Sun Empire imperial capital, has evacuated the Sun Empire state treasury, that Sun Empire will not defeat absolutely. That is, spy type of thing is most atypical, the person who if lets our water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate discovered that who is up to mischief, our water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate first does not let off him.” Moon reflection in the water City Lord direct statement. No matter who can look, moon reflection in the water City Lord here was helps uneven Imperial City speak today. Xia Tian to the moon reflection in the water City Lord slight bow. Afterward several took a stand, will not pour into the spy in uneven Imperial City absolutely. Was good, other matters wrote in fellow front jade Jane Li, everybody can go back to look slowly.” Bishop Cao nod of slightly. Finally finished.” Xia Tian stands up directly. Bang! At this moment, the gate of conference room kicked out of the way.

Was guarding also to be kicked. Whiz! Xia Tian goes forward to catch that several guards hurriedly, fed them to take the compounded drug, afterward he has lifted the head, looked angrily at the entrance position. Other people also looked to the entrance. But here the uneven Imperial City highest conference room, some unexpectedly people dare flagrant rushing, and offends somebody in the presence of everyone. Assists the doctor!!!” These City Lord first recognized has assisted the status of doctor, at this time assisted side the doctor with two famous artisans, initially chased down Xia Tian that person. Here is very lively, does not know that chatted anything.” Assists the doctor to stand there arrogant saying. Chatted the Damn ratio.” Xia Tian stands up directly angry shouting.