Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2109

Powerful! Today's Xia Tian is the powerful. Because he does not represent him to act, but represents entire uneven Imperial City, but is not he, if he today lost face, that entire uneven Imperial City lost face. Although he is only four cauldron Rank 1 Realm, but he does not dread these five cauldron Expert. Today can come here to meet, eight person uniform five cauldron Expert, but they do not have any to dare with Xia Tian to do against. However assists the doctor not to be different. He is six cauldron Expert. Moreover he is also representing one of the world of human beings five big influences, influence of Emperor Shintou Izanagi. Today this clarified wanted to force to draw back other influences with the strong manner, making Sun Empire return. Normal, since assisted the doctor to act, nobody dares to say anything. He such does normally yes right. But wrong on wrong began to hit the Xia Tian person in him, moreover caused trouble in uneven Imperial City, if he looked for other water semi-circular protective walls outside the main city gate and influences in private, then these influences definitely will make the concession. He was but lazy. He wants at uneven Imperial City the congress, one time forces all people to agree to withdraw troops, and regains the Sun Empire status. How this Xia Tian possibly agreed! Boy, do not think that you behind had uneven Imperial City to support on extraordinary, did not have uneven Imperial City and that bow and arrow your anything is not.” That chases down the Xia Tian person to say. Idle talk that many, the father do not kill you, did you prepare?” A Xia Tian words saying ended, in his right hand presented a golden [gold/metal] stick.

„The good weapon, your luck is good.” That person sees in the Xia Tian hand that glittering [gold/metal] stick to say. I feared that your my move cannot catch.” Xia Tian said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place, he has not gone to his Realm. „To sneak attack? Depending on your this spot speed and strength, my hand can block.” Despising of that person of face, he knew Xia Tian Realm before, therefore in his eyes, he can cut to kill Xia Tian casually. Said that his right hand wields, an invisible strength protects directly him, this is to catch the [gold/metal] stick in Xia Tian hand directly. Catches the weapon of opposite party, this is to the opposite party biggest insult. He must be in front of these many people to insult Xia Tian. Bang! Ka! When [gold/metal] Bangza on that person of right hand, that person of complexion suddenly changes: What?” Ka! Puff! He has not reacted with enough time, afterward his whole person directly pounded meeting a cruel death, changed into one group of muddy fleshes. Pleasant Golden Cudgel. This is takes the motionless weapon including Qi Wang. Xia Tian does not need to use any strength, so long as places in the opposite party top of the head to be able directly stiffly the opposite party being battered to death. Because pleasant Golden Cudgel was too heavy.

Besides him, nobody can take. Anything!!!!” The surrounding all people were all shocked. They had heard majority of Xia Tian has a bow, this bow very overbearing, but nobody thinks really Xia Tian has the formidable strength how. Reason that they do not dare to do against with Xia Tian, majority is because Xia Tian behind has uneven Imperial City to be the backing, moreover Xia Tian stands under the flag of principle of righteousness. Therefore they will not do against with Xia Tian. But this does not represent them to think Xia Tian strongly. But today, they held in high esteem to Xia Tian. If Xia Tian uses false. Shoots the day god bent that person killing words, nobody will think him fiercely, but Xia Tian this time was only puts out one casually seemed the quite attractive [gold/metal] stick. A club gets down, directly changed into the muddy flesh the opposite party. Actually that Xia Tian currently has the how terrifying strength. Under that famous artisan who assists the doctor is four cauldron Rank 7 Expert, moreover his actual battle efficiency be stronger than ordinary four cauldron Rank 8 Expert. But he like this by Xia Tian being battered to death. Assisted the doctor to be also shocked. Before he knows that the Xia Tian strength, four cauldron Rank 1, this past few years time, Xia Tian unexpectedly had such big change. Waste, this added that must let my three moves, finally links my one move not to catch, boasting skill own strength, what master really has to have what dog.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains.

Do not compel me now to kill you.” Assists the complexion of doctor very ugly, he clenches teeth to put out these characters. Person who Xia Tian was in front of these many people to kill his, this clarified is hitting his face. You bite me.” Xia Tian said directly. You......” Appeases anger, appeases anger, assists doctor gentleman.” Bishop Cao walked from behind once more, each time when he must get angry, Bishop Cao will go forward to shift the topic: Assists the doctor gentleman, the matter that you said I had considered a moment ago, this time war is causes by Sun Empire, he simultaneously attacks three cities, moreover kills our uneven Imperial City on own initiative, now they take the consequences for own actions, you said why we do want to be take pity on their Sun Empire? Cannot, because you assist doctor gentleman's relations with the Sun Empire, the chassis that everybody must hitting cups one hand in the other across the chest to let, whom does that lose to compensate?” Sun Empire also similarly has the loss, this counter-balanced mutually was not good.” Assists the doctor to say directly. Assists the doctor gentleman, your this saying said is not right, he has the loss is he looks to himself, but others, others' loss is not they give to bring, if you want to make their Sun Empire come back, we can also to you face, your status be after all honored, but most at least he must undertake to pay compensation everybody's loss.” Has saying that in the words of Bishop Cao has assisted the doctor fully the face. This keeps Dr. from him being angry. How do you want to compensate?” Assisted the doctor to be held at this time high by Bishop Cao, if he so were strong, that really will make people feel that he bullied. Simple, here does not calculate that our uneven Imperial City also eight big influences, our uneven Imperial City does not want, but Sun Empire must undertake to pay compensation the losses of other eight big influences, I have estimated probably, an influence 100 trillion.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. You court death!” Assisted the doctor unable to control own anger again, he killed the Xia Tian front instantaneously, the right hand has grasped directly on the neck of Xia Tian. Quick! His speed was too fast, any person on the scene has not responded. Sees his action, everybody understood, assisted the doctor to be angry, then Xia Tian in his hand now is more unfortunate than fortunate. You move him one to try, I ensure you cannot live are leaving uneven Imperial City.” At this moment the dignified sound reached in the ears of all people together.