Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2110

Time all people who hears this sound all looked to the entrance position. At this time there station a man and a woman. What male is Qi Wang, female is Jiu Jiang. Qi Wang, do you also want to do against with me?” Assists the doctor coldly looks to Qi Wang. Hears him to the name of Qi Wang, other people of several big influence look to Qi Wang, this is their first time sees Qi Wang, therefore they want look well. Only then Venerable Qi in city of perfection lowered the head, has not gone to look at Qi Wang. You grab my brother's neck, asked that I must do against with you, you did not think that you were too a little overbearing?” Qi Wang very impolite saying. Snort, he dares to provoke one after another I, he must die.” Assists the doctor numerous snort. Good, you begin, how I must have a look at your this six cauldron Expert to live but actually am leaving my uneven Imperial City.” Hand signal that Qi Wang has made invitation. Looks at the Qi Wang movement, assisted doctor to stare the god. I go to Damn.” When his god, in the Xia Tian right hand pleasant Golden Cudgel directly hit to has assisted the waist of doctor. Assists the doctor after is six cauldron Expert, although Xia Tian is the sneak attack, but was responded by him. His left hand keeps off Xia Tian hurriedly these sneak attacks. Ka! Sound of bone break, assisted doctor the left hand to eat the pain, the right hand loosens the neck of Xia Tian to hide directly to side. Has saying that six cauldron Expert strength truly formidable.

If this trades to make four cauldron Expert, that in pleasant Golden Cudgel by Xia Tian hand was already pounded the muddy flesh. Was injured! Assisted the doctor unexpectedly injured. At this time on -the-spot these people all are the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. His unexpectedly wounded has assisted the doctor. This was also too terrifying. Assists the doctor is six cauldron Expert, the legend in legend, next three strongest fights, the apex in Pyramid apex, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has wounded him. Ka! Assists to break off own left hand that the doctor makes an effort, the bone that been cut off directly was joined by him. At this time he is also a face strange looks to Xia Tian. Your not good B? Aren't you six cauldron Expert? Come, compares strength with me, whose strength having a look at to be big.” Xia Tian direct shouts loudly. He has rubbed oneself that already some silt blue necks. Assists the doctor, no matter I you come here anything goal today, but you have gotten rid to my brother, then from now henceforth you and our uneven Imperial City does not have any friendship again, our uneven Imperial City does not welcome you, you can walk now.” Saying of Qi Wang coldly. He and Xia Tian are sworn brothers, he does not allow anybody to bully Xia Tian. Qi Wang, your this saying is any meaning.” Assists the doctor expression ice-cold asking.

„Does your ear have the issue? My big brother considers you to leave.” Xia Tian scolded directly. Good, you are waiting to me.” Assisted the doctor saying that person who was bringing directly his left. He is to want a King today arrives, then strong forces here person to agree with Sun Empire to return directly, finally the matter not only has not discussed that his face has also lost completely, but also his person also by Xia Tian killing. However, passed today, the entire next three all influences secretly have made a decision: Never must offend uneven Imperial City. Uneven Imperial City continually six cauldron Expert can not show due respect for the feelings the place, including city that six cauldron Expert dare to threaten, they believe that reason that assists the doctor leaves, that because of that: I ensure you are impossible to live are leaving uneven Imperial City. In their minds, uneven Imperial City is one: The military is invincible, the trade is invincible, strength can extinguish kills six cauldron Expert, the powerful and reasonable place. Here, you can be reasonable. But you cannot come act high and mighty, cannot come hardly. Because is six cauldron Expert assists the doctor to come the act high and mighty fate is very miserable. Not only has lost completely the face, but also under also died, he also had been injured the hand by Xia Tian. If before , they only work as uneven Imperial City is a legend, then afterward fought them to regard uneven Imperial City is an obsolete legend, at that time they think that uneven Imperial City did not have in the legend to be so fierce. However now they only saw uneven Imperial City stronger side. Now the uneven Imperial City genuine famous person is these three dragons! The coordinated process, Qi Wang, he is the symbol, uneven Imperial City genuine backbone, strength formidable \; The second article the dragon, Bishop Cao, he is the brain, uneven Imperial City all diplomacy and internal affairs revolutions are he are conducted, can say that he is the uneven Imperial City true life, if has been short of him, on that uneven Imperial City most minimum development speed slow 20 years to 50 years.

The third article the dragon, Xia Tian, he is the uneven Imperial City trump card, all matters must be done by him, uneven Imperial City only then deters others truly, that can the calm and steady development, but this deterrent is Xia Tian everywhere is frightening these people. Just started uneven Imperial City anything no time, Xia Tian depended on the mouth to frighten, now after uneven Imperial City develops, Xia Tian exposed the uneven Imperial City strength to frighten there person. And the uneven Imperial City wealth is he makes, Sun Empire is also he explodes. It can be said that their three dragons unite in together, that is the unmatched in the world. Everybody, I have prepared the banquet for everybody today, everybody can relax well.” Bishop Cao broke the peace of scene. Xia Tian and Qi Wang were arching after those present have cuped one hand in the other across the chest left directly. They do not like this treating with courtesy, therefore they will treat with courtesy to push to Bishop Cao directly, but they were leisurely and carefree. In death region. Your highness, we bridged over the front that canyon not to have what to be dangerous, front was the world of human beings domain.” Expert respectful saying of four cauldron Rank 8. Em, informs, all people can not show the dark clouds, uses the strength to change into the small cauldron to me.” The corrupt wolf said loudly. Yes, Your highness.” That four cauldron Rank 8 Expert said. World of human beings, the world of human beings, I coveted the wolf to come finally, although was only the world of human beings most low status next three, but I must glance over well, but does not know now Xia Tian mixes how, should be ordinary, should better not to be bumped into by me directly, otherwise I will directly step on him in the under foot, making this shortsighted person know that anything was called true Expert, anything was called the true big destiny.” In the corrupt wolf vision is the excited look. On Earth, their vision are narrow, after arriving at demon, he knows that anything is called true Expert, but he because of the reason of big destiny, cultivation does not have any barrier, obtained advocation of Wang Bao demon the personal inheritance. Xia Tian, you may not die.”