Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2111

Xia Tian looked for Lin Bingbing, he just started to want with Lin Bingbing two people of world, finally Lin Bingbing unexpectedly swore brotherhood with Liu Shishi for the sisters directly, they were always together. This may Xia Tian perplexing. Xia Tian knows one have many matters to process, keeps a sentiment, then he leaves behind a debt. Eldest sister, that I had been studying a new compounded drug recently, I went to be busy first, you well took care of my wife.” Xia Tian withdraws directly. In Qi Wang palace. Jiu Jiang, you are the demon person, what do you come the world of human beings to make?” Qi Wang very curious looks to Jiu Jiang, recently he was taking a stroll with Jiu Jiang together, he and Jiu Jiang has the same interest hobby. That is curious to the special little thing. „, I come this am to look for one person who called Xia Tian.” Jiu Jiang very optional saying. „?” Qi Wang hears Xia Tian these two characters time immediately stares: What do you ask him to make?” I before demon listened to my brother saying that Xia Tian was fierce, many times have almost killed him, even shamed him frequently, therefore I came this to revenge for my brother.” Jiu Jiang said. „Before your elder brother, is the world of human beings?” Qi Wang puzzled asking, was called the Xia Tian person after all is really too many, therefore he did not have cares. „It is not, they are called the place of Earth to fly upwards from one.” Jiu Jiang has thought: Right, is called Earth.” Listens to the Jiu Jiang words, Qi Wang on thorough was speechless, his final defense line was also broken at heart. He knows, that Xia Tian that Jiu Jiang said was his Third Brother. How do you want to revenge?” Qi Wang asked. Naturally has killed him, making him bully my brother in the past.” Jiu Jiang has grasped own fist.

Jiu Jiang, you must remember, do not tell outside me any person you from demon, person who here person is hostile toward demon.” The Qi Wang injunction said. Good, Brother Qi Wang, how you such talks incessantly.” Jiu Jiang said with a smile secretly. Was right, do not go to East city to play? Quickly packs the thing, I one can pass to look for you.” On the Qi Wang face has been full of the smiling face. Good!” Jiu Jiang hears to play, that very excited. Shortly after Jiu Jiang walked, Xia Tian came uneven Imperial City. „Didn't the third child, you accompany the sister-in-law? Idles with great difficulty such for several days, how did you such quickly come back?” Qi Wang puzzled asking. Yeah, is a long story, was right, Big brother, you put on such cleanly, do not go to the appointment?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Qi Wang. Naturally not.” Qi Wang argument vigorously said. „, You accompany me to drink will go.” Xia Tian said directly. Drinks, I look......” „Do you have the matter?” Xia Tian asked. All right, walks, drinks.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. Afterward they drank. „The third child, how you looks distressed?” Qi Wang does not understand that actually what happened. Yeah, is not eldest sister's matter.” Xia Tian sighed.

I thought that eldest sister person is good.” Qi Wang also always cracks a joke to call Sister Liu Shishi. I also know him to be good, but on my this had too many shoulder poles, I kept a sentiment, that was in the next debt.” Xia Tian helpless saying. „The third child, was not I says you, you asked the eldest sister to think? If she doesn't care?” Qi Wang asked. „It is not right, Big brother, you are more than 1000 years have not been in love, how you will understand these many.” A Xia Tian face strange looks to Qi Wang. This......” Qi Wang shifted the topic suddenly: Was right, third child, if the person of demon intruded the world of human beings, how you will do?” He has remembered this issue suddenly. Also can do? Sees me to kill one.” Xia Tian thinks Wang Bao and the others who demon that is root that hates is straight. Why?” Qi Wang asked again. I before final enemies on Earth in demon, was called the corrupt wolf, called Wang Bao, the corrupt wolf was one has the big destiny person, in the past I many time had almost killed him, but his luck was good \; That person who called Wang Bao was the lord of demon, in the past my brother shut in the crevice prison by him.” Xia Tian thinks Brother Xiaoma, for he gives key that so-called first under Heaven big prison, he is angry. shit, your enemy unexpectedly also has the lord of demon, your boy was insane, moreover your elder brother unexpectedly came out from the crevice prison, this was also too terrifying, I had heard before crevice prison, that was known as that Nine cauldrons Expert was closed unable to come out.” Qi Wang felt own aspect of knowledge a little fault, but a little he can confirm, that was that corrupt wolf that Xia Tian said should be the Jiu Jiang elder brother. Is my father rescues my brother.” Xia Tian said. Your father? Is your father fiercer than Nine cauldrons Expert?” Qi Wang whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Should, the concrete matter I not know that initially my Master and my brothers in demon, together were also given to receive by my father, afterward my father had been missing, my brother does not know where, my Master was seriously injured, but my brothers anything agree did not say.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Your isn't Master the present will lie down in that living corpse of Liu?” Qi Wang surprised looks at Xia Tian. Initially Liu came uneven Imperial City time, together brought Xia Tian Master.

Is he.” Xia Tian nodded. Good, your life experience is very it seems like chaotic, no wonder you said that saw the demon person to kill, but demon all was not an unprincipled person.” Qi Wang exploratory asking. Big brother, you recently? Probably is very strange.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Qi Wang. Does not have...... No.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. Whiz! A guard of Qi Wang palace arrived at their side: Three City Lord, that monkey match thunder of your chief guard looks for you, said that is you give his mission, he completed.” Completed!” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, that thing is his secret weapon: Big brother, I must walk first.” Good, walks quickly, do not delay the proper business.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward leaves directly. Saw that Xia Tian walked finally, Qi Wang also fast runs to Jiu Jiang there. You so are how slow.” Jiu Jiang very discontented saying, she waited to have one to meet obviously here. A little matter has delayed, right Jiu Jiang, your elder brother names Ah! Qi Wang exploratory asking. Corrupt wolf!” Jiu Jiang said directly that she almost does not have any matter to hide the truth from Qi Wang.