Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2112

Old monkey! Old monkey!!” Xia Tian ran to the monkey match thunder mansion. Three City Lord.” The person of monkey match thunder has not arrived at the sound to pass on. Succeeded?” Xia Tian anticipates looks at monkey match thunder. Em, has succeeded, atom and member make me combine in together, three City Lord, your this idea is really good.” The monkey match thunder ran excitedly, at this time his whole body loses blood, the left arm did not have. Even gives blood also there tick-tock. Old monkey, how were you?” Xia Tian ran to feed the monkey match thunder to take several compounded drugs hurriedly. Three City Lord, you do not need to manage me, I am all right, we find a place to try this thing first.” On monkey match thunder face does not have any painful color, but is an excitement of face. Obviously he now excitedly has been bigger than the ache. „It is not good, I help you therapy first, under I give you to take pill medicine nature to be good, in a half hour should be able to make you grow an arm.” Xia Tian starts to nourish the monkey match thunder with spiritual energy the body. The monkey match thunder cannot revolt , can only make Xia Tian therapy for him. Was good, recuperated for several days to be all right well, before the arm that but new was long surely did not have, that degree of hardness, do not go to fight as far as possible.” Xia Tian patted the monkey match thunder shoulder to say. Three City Lord are fierce, other compounded drug little said that also 78 days can long come out, my a half hour was then long.” The monkey match thunder moves own arm to say. You, later give me the limelight, does this is do.” Xia Tian reproved, he relations with monkey match thunder was good in uneven Imperial City these days, because monkey match thunder person was intelligent, loyal, moreover he also understood many extraordinary knowledge. Ha Ha, three City Lord, let alone I, our two a bit faster found a place to try its might first.” Monkey match thunder very straightforward saying. Em, that goes to outside city.” Xia Tian nodded.

„It is not good, we go to the mountain after city.” The monkey matches to say. Why Ah! Xia Tian puzzled asking. Three City Lord, since your previous time told after me the fission and evolution issue of this atom, I went back to start to study, finally I more studied more think extraordinary, you looked at my this arm and wound, was I reduces the might is wounded, if used this fellow main body, that may on extraordinary, the city wall be when the time comes easy to explode does not have.” Monkey match thunder excited saying. Might is so big.” Xia Tian has not thought that uses the anti-tank grenade might that spirit stone makes so to be big. That was natural.” Monkey match thunder incomparably excited saying. Afterward they turn toward behind the city hills to walk directly. Walked for three hours. Three City Lord, this.” The monkey matches to say. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Three City Lord, you favored, do not blink.” The monkey matched saying that has put out a solid of anti-tank grenade big hand directly, the solid looked like a black ball is the same. Whiz! The monkey match thunder has thrown black ball directly, this had still thrown 34 kilometers far. After the anti-tank grenade collides to a mountain massif. Bang!

The anti-tank grenade has blasted out directly, blasts out the later anti-tank grenade to raze that hill directly. Lying trough!” The chin of Xia Tian must fall to the ground. The might of this anti-tank grenade was also too big. This was fiercer than the missile, if throws dozens anti-tank grenades together, that caught up with the might of atomic bomb. How is it? Three City Lord!” The monkey match thunder shouts loudly. Actually are you how successful?” Xia Tian admired the monkey match thunder, just started him is planned that made the monkey match thunder make the point group wound weapon to come out, words that this battled against accidentally, the function will be big, finally he anti-tank grenade on Earth, the missile, atomic bomb wait / etc. matters all matched to say with the monkey. Finally monkey match thunder studied a such thing. I had considered these matters that you said that then I put the gunpowder flame the middle of black ball, the surroundings put in several spirit stone, then compresses them infinitely, fills up the black ball according to the proportion completely, finally uses the mercury the black ball seal, in such present has achieved balanced, if day of this balanced is destroyed, then the material will have the atomic explosion, then had such big might.” The monkey matches to answer. Anomaly, you are really abnormal, was right, can you study the Freshman point, such might is bigger.” Xia Tian looked that matches to say to the monkey. Theoretically yes, but I must be good after the exquisite computation, because is bigger, the computation is more difficult, cannot have the slight mistake, once otherwise explodes, that ended.” The monkey matches to answer. Considers as finished, the computing mode of this anti-tank grenade did you remember?” Xia Tian asked. Has remembered, I feared to forget, got up in jade Jane.” The monkey match thunder has put out a jade Jane. Is receiving well, this is your.” Xia Tian said. Good, three City Lord, I first was receiving, my this whole life depends in any case in uneven Imperial City does not walk.” The monkey match thunder jade Jane Shou, then looked at directly to Xia Tian: Three City Lord, you give it the giving a name character.”

Good, monkey match thunder.” Xia Tian said. The monkey match thunder looks at Xia Tian to wait. Xia Tian has not spoken. Three City Lord, you get up actually.” The monkey matches to say. Em, monkey match thunder.” Xia Tian said. Three City Lord, I, you do not need to call me, I cannot be inescapable.” The monkey matches to say. I said that the name of this anti-tank grenade is called the monkey match thunder, it is you developed, that named with your name.” Xia Tian looked that matches to say to the monkey. Three City Lord, this is not good.” Monkey match thunder awkward saying. Anything is not good, you have remembered, in this world nothing is the monkey match thunder cannot achieve, if there is......” Xia Tian to look to monkey match thunder very earnest saying: That gives him two monkey match thunder.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Monkey match thunder by Xia Tian humorous provoking laughter. Was good, the old monkey, helping me produce in a hurry a number of monkey match thunder to come out, does not need scruples the cost, I must use several days later, but you must remember, the security is first, if you Xia Tian makes me see that again you cut and bruised, I who oneself make do not forgive you.” Xia Tian very earnest looks that the monkey matches to say. Three City Lord, my monkey match thunder this whole life pledge to fight to the death to give loyalty to you.” The monkey match thunder kneels on the ground directly, is grateful, since he came uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian everywhere takes care of him, moreover makes anything also first to think that his security, this let this whole life really with the person. Do not refuse stubbornly dead, I do not like listening, to give me to get up.” Xia Tian matched Rerat the monkey directly: My Xia Tian is not the nobility, I do not need the servant, I only need the brothers, so long as you become the brothers with me, you are my Xia Tian brothers.”