Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2113

Thank three City Lord appreciation for being recognized.” The monkey matched Thunder Zaici to kneel. Gets up, gets up, you, said hello.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he monkey match thunder stiffly drawing. Although the monkey match thunder is Expert. But his beforehand day does not feel better. In next three, Expert have their temperament mental disposition, his disposition is too straight, does not understand to curry favor with powerful people, does not like in these respected families in fights, does not like flattering these family juniors intentionally. Therefore he after finding the respected family made attachment shortly after to be pushed aside. Also because of this, he when continuously powder cultivates. The day that the powder cultivates is bitter, is not all powder cultivates looks like the Xia Tian luck to be so good, does not lack cultivation spirit stone and compounded drug. The normal powder cultivates spirit stone that cultivation uses is insufficient, that say nothing was the compounded drug, even selling has changed the compounded drug and spirit stone many years of weapon. Also because of so, the common powder cultivates, no matter cultivate to high, is only taking low grade treasure. But after he came uneven Imperial City, Xia Tian treats him simply is just likes a guest, is not only polite to him, but also anything makes him not lack, what is main, Xia Tian does not fear his strength absolutely. Because he knows the Xia Tian fact. With recent important matter. Xia Tian six cauldron Expert dare to scold continually, dares to hit, can his monkey match thunder be stronger than six cauldron Expert? This clarifies is Xia Tian intentionally to him the face. Three City Lord, when do you want?” The monkey matches to ask. I estimated that I will plan to go out for a walk quickly several days later, before my present Realm did not stop.” Xia Tian the card was very long in four cauldron Rank 1. Now only if he uses spirit stone breaks through forcefully, otherwise he has promoted very much difficultly again, words that but breaks through with spirit stone, the consumption is very big, although he is very rich, but he does not give up, after all development uneven Imperial City and Giant Bull City need money.

Recently he will equip and these Advanced weapons from out of the blue gives a day of spirit city to send back, this is the large quantities of four cauldron Expert attack day spirit cities, living that on that day the spirit city also defended. Therefore he planned that contacts outside person to seek for the breakthrough the opportunity. Good, I go back to prepare now.” The monkey matches to say. Stops, you well rest for two days, your arm just, do not get a cut again.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Relax, three City Lord, the life lies in tosses about.” The monkey matched saying that ran directly, actually thus it can be seen he worried to give Xia Tian early to leave more monkeys to match Thunder to come. Xia Tian also can only helpless shaking the head. In uneven Imperial City. Big explosive sound Ah! a Qi Wang brow wrinkle. Your solemn City Lord, this minor matter will not make your own strength kiss is.” Jiu Jiang very discontented saying. Although the uneven Imperial City matter is the second child is processing now, but cannot make him so laborious, our two have a look.” Qi Wang said that the body vanished in directly same place. Jiu Jiang is also follows. They run Xia Tian that one will have bumped into to returning. „The third child, the explosive sound was Ah! that you made Qi Wang saw that Xia Tian that moment understood, Xia Tian definitely was doing any abnormal matter. He has been used to it, Xia Tian is in itself a anomaly, therefore Xia Tian again makes any abnormal matter is also normal. Em, is I am studying something with the old monkey.” Xia Tian spoke of here time vision to shift the body of Jiu Jiang: Big brother, you added that does not go to the appointment, I come out such Freshman meeting, you mixed the same place to go with her, no wonder I recently always listened under to say you not in the Qi Wang palace.” Do not listen to them to speak irresponsibly.” Qi Wang answered hurriedly. Brother Qi Wang accompanies me to stroll uneven Imperial City, which looks like you, is busy.” Jiu Jiang very impolite saying.

His such saying the explanation of Qi Wang breaking. Big brother, you may never lie to me before, now seems like fishy.” Xia Tian smiling looks at Qi Wang to say. Do not speak irresponsibly, Jiu Jiang comes our uneven Imperial City, I must completely the friendship of landlord.” Qi Wang answered hurriedly. „, Is this.” Xia Tian has made an expression of very exaggeration: You continue.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves, Qi Wang may really be thorough at this time was speechless, he knows, definitely could not explain to Xia Tian. Right now, he must die by the Xia Tian complaint. Why can the world of human beings subordinate be so impolite to the above person? You are City Lord, he is Vice-City Lord, how does that seem is you fears him probably?” Jiu Jiang very puzzled asking. In demon, that is the right division unusual is stern, the following person cannot absolutely the disobedient above person. Here may be different from demon, demon to kill to rule, the world of human beings is the justice and humanity governing, let alone I never regard him am my subordinate, in my eyes he is my brother, my Third Brother.” Qi Wang very earnest saying. „.” Jiu Jiang nodded, appears to understand but not really understand. After Xia Tian goes back, starts careful reorganization present strength. It can be said that he had the absolute card in a hand now. Strongest two big kill to incur. False. Shot the day god to bend and pleasant Golden Cudgel. These two weapons were he biggest maintaining life cards in a hand, had this different thing, even if he facing surpassing Expert of oneself several steps he also can definitely defeat. The second merit is he, when Pill Refining and refiner, soul Realm unceasing promotion. Refines compounded drug that others could not build up for a lifetime, Xia Tian during that time, the soul is developing rapidly, four cauldron Rank 7 Expert that now his soul Realm can Insta-kill not guard against fully completely.

But four cauldron Rank 9 souls attack him, he also can definitely keep off with ease. Not dead Divine Art. Tathagata god palm. Seizes dragon. The strength of thunder and lightning. Finger of Consonance. [gold/metal] Dao. Small cauldron. Technique of deep meanings eight Qi. Wait / Etc., these are Xia Tian now the strongest skill, naturally the day cold sword had not restored temporarily, but the small snake also went to the Heavenly Connection tower, perhaps this whole life Xia Tian could not see him. Movement Technique! Although Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is fierce, but Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step are most can also the person speed of high several step be quick, is impossible to achieve to his strength same jumping the ranks challenge. Therefore now Xia Tian most worries is Movement Technique. His time closes up grinds Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step for the careful ginseng. He closes up for one month later. „The third child, a bit faster came out, has the important matter, Qilin hole there had the large explosion.” Qi Wang shouts outside Formation.