Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2115
In demon. That is Expert is Venerable, whose strength, whose fist is big, calculation that who said. Therefore demon almost constantly some people mutually are slaughtering. In their eyes only then strength and benefit. Even because of low grade spirit stone, they can produce very big battle together. Demon never lacks the population. Because in demon, a woman most little meets the remaining more than 100 children, demon anybody cannot kill the woman, will otherwise be the lord of demon also will lose one's temper. In demon, the strongest crime kills the woman. Although in demon the status of woman not much is high, but the most minimum everyone dares to kill, each demon women have name on record, if vanished suddenly, will then have innumerable Expert to trace this matter. Therefore the population of demon is it can be said that innumerable. In demon, the child who if a woman gives birth to is a girl, will then be rewarded. The objective of demon is, the strength fights with all might. Only then in the death edge, can obtain a stronger strength. At this time around corrupt wolf these person of top Expert, although the part was injured, but remaining over a thousand Expert, moreover uniform four cauldron above Expert, even side corrupt wolf that several person strengths were more mystical. Finally arrived at the world of human beings.” In the corrupt wolf look bright light dodges. Has passed through finally this forest, corrupt wolf and the others arrived at the true world of human beings. Attract! The corrupt wolf deeply has inhaled world of human beings air. „The bloody flavor, it seems like here indeed has not been a cozy nest.” Corrupt wolf saying slowly. Whiz!

Expert respectful kneeling of four cauldron Rank 7 on the ground: „The report corrupt wolf your majesty, front has one team of people, the strength in four cauldron Rank 5 to four cauldron Rank 9.” Walks, in the past had a look.” The corrupt wolf waved. Afterward the enormous and powerful crowd moved toward directly front. The recent Giant Bull City law enforcement elder luck missed the extreme, initially he was afraid the death, therefore has thrown down the family, no matter, only led under a helper the strongest person to escape from Giant Bull City. Finally just escaped from shortly , some under escapes. Finally only remaining several to he most loyal subordinate. Their this does not dare to walk main road all the way, because everywhere is his posting a reward command, he can only pray one quickly go out of the Giant Bull City range, at this time he must walk finally. Finally! Elder, is not good, that side comes over a thousand people of teams, moreover looked that the imposing manner strength is not weak.” Under a famous artisan hurried report said. Alert!” The Giant Bull City law enforcement elder shouts hurriedly. Therefore several Giant Bull City Expert start to be ready in full battle array. But they extremely in anxiety, after all their these several people have not been super Expert, above four cauldron Rank 5, even if in entire next three, that also absolutely is the Expert ranks. The opposite over a thousand people arrive at their front about 50 meters times stopped. Brother, we did not know probably, why must block our ways.” The Giant Bull City law enforcement elder shouts loudly. Where has that many why, calculates that you select the back, has bumped into us, does not hit several words, do not want to walk.” The opposite person is not others, is the corrupt wolf. Person who the corrupt wolf bumps into the world of human beings with great difficulty . Moreover the strength is good, he will miss how possibly. He happen to wants to try the world of human beings Expert strength at this time. If your excellency wants to compare notes, we compare notes several.” As soon as the Giant Bull City law enforcement elder listens is not grasps their, relaxed. Compares notes? I do not understand anything to be called to compare notes, I only know that the death was loses.” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains.

Em?” The brow of law enforcement elder immediately a wrinkle. Fights in groups to resemble me to bully you to be the same, this, comes.” Corrupt wolf casual waved to a person. That person walked directly. bo! He has revealed his Realm. Four cauldron Rank 1. The corrupt wolf already reminded them, cannot use the dark clouds, can only simulate the small cauldron. This person comes up to reveal that own Realm, has not paid attention to the opposite party obviously. Snort!” Saw that opposite party four cauldron Rank 1 also dare to be so wild, law enforcement elder cold snort, was waving to side Expert of four cauldron Rank 5 afterward: You accompany him to contest, has remembered, the point, do not hurt the human life.” He said that is telling the corrupt wolf, his person casually plays, as for does not hurt the human life that he said to give the corrupt wolf leaves behind a bottom line. After all opposite party large number of elderly persons, if hits, their these several people not necessarily are the matches. Good, I accompany him to be amusing.” That person corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, has revealed his Realm. Four cauldron Rank 5! The opposite party is four cauldron Rank 1, he is four cauldron Rank 5, between both has the absolute rank disparity, can say that this is the absolute crush. Four cauldron Rank 1 Expert of that demon have not spoken, but is both hands corona transports the fist to kill directly to that four cauldron Rank 5 Expert. Comes well.” That four cauldron Rank 5 Expert saw the fist that the enemy hits goes straight there and comes straight back, he has not paid attention , the direct right hand wields, wants to download the strength on opposite party fist. Ka! At this moment, the right hand that he wields fought with the fists directly by the enemy, but the meaning that the opposite party has not called a halt, all attacks to his pit of the stomach. A clean agile move.

„It is not good!” That person of complexion changes immediately, afterward he starts fast retreat, but his retreat is the temporary idea, absolutely before does not have the opposite party , the speed of flushing is fast. Therefore his left hand hook to being bewitched the Expert belly hits. Whiz! The body of demon Expert dodged, has shunted his fist, at the same time the left hand attacked instantaneously, this time he turned the fist to divide into the palm directly to that four cauldron Rank 5 Expert the place of throat. Incurs to invite the human life. This four cauldron Rank 1 demon Expert is sinister, each move attacks the opposite party life gate, he clarified to killing people. Hateful!” Expert angry shouting of that four cauldron Rank 5, his left hand wields afterward, a long sword appears in his hands. The weapon of Pin Baoqi rank. Spirit beast thing! His pet adheres to stick cohere on his sword directly. Bang! The long sword instantaneous broaden separated that four cauldron Rank 1 Expert directly outside, his left hand made an effort to fling, wanted to pound to fly the opposite party. Whistling! That four cauldron Rank 5 Expert starts the big mouth hurriedly is panting for breath, he thinks that one these can let the opposite party absolutely from the report, thus withdraws. Bang! He can feel the sincere feeling that on the sword transmits, in other words was bright he to hit the opposite party, has not waited for him to be with enough time happy, on his neck one cool. Puff! The blood column spouts from his neck together, he wants to cover his neck with the hand, is at this moment, his heart layer on layer had also been hit a fist by the enemy.