Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2116

Bang! That four cauldron Rank 5 Expert fell down directly, his look was empty. This time Giant Bull City law enforcement elder back is the cold sweat, that he looked clearly, opposite four cauldron Rank 1 fellow unexpectedly hard anti- his, then seized the chance to tear up the meat on his under neck, moreover he covered the instance of oneself neck while oneself under conditioned reflex, cut to kill own subordinate. It can be said that this set of movement is coherent. What is main, the belly of opposite party by him under at that moment opening, the intestines must flow, but his unexpectedly disregards, still the choice fights tooth and nail by the life, does not have slight retreat. Puff passes! The opposite that four cauldron Rank 1 person kneels in the front of corrupt wolf directly: Your majesty, lost face to you.” Em, heals from a wound.” Corrupt wolf facial color ice-cold, but has not said anything, but obviously is to his unusual is unsatisfied. This let the law enforcement elder fear. A four cauldron Rank 1 person, cut to kill his four cauldron Rank 5 subordinates, moreover very ruthless, opposite party unexpectedly was so unsatisfied, then he was getting the person was how terrifying existence. At this time the law enforcement elder a little feared. After all a moment ago that four cauldron Rank 1 person has become to other party too big shock, what is main is the opposite party has not used any weapon. Pure human body attack. This was also too fearful.

Yeah, was really disappoints me, next.” Corrupt wolf helpless shaking the head, although he knows that the world of human beings Expert surely does not have demon, but he has not thought such relaxed won. That, this brothers, I looked that did not need to compare, you under each were the skilled person, strength unusual, we have taken, our strength definitely did not have the means compared with you, we admitted defeat.” Law enforcement elder hurried smiling saying. „, Instigates the package!” The corrupt wolf actually a little fondly remembers Xia Tian now, although he and Xia Tian are personal enemies, but Xia Tian, no matter runs into any enemies not to admit defeat, this point he arrived at demon is the approval. Corrupt wolf to this person thorough lost the interest, he comes the world of human beings is not slaughters, therefore he was also disinclined to pay attention to the law enforcement elder. We walk.” The corrupt wolf said that waved directly. The law enforcement elder stands there has lowered the head, does not dare to speak, he does not even dare with looking straight at to look at the corrupt wolf, he is four cauldron Rank 9 Expert, he so has never feared a person. Until the corrupt wolf they went out were very very far Puff passes! His body directly soft. Elder!” Under that several famous artisans ran over hurriedly. I am all right, a moment ago was really too thrilling, that person strength that began was in these people sets the base, in other words other over a thousand people of strengths almost compared that person, if I offended them a moment ago, we now were the deceased people.” Law enforcement elder long expiration of. Elder, who are they? How I have not heard such strong one group of people.” And under a famous artisan inquired. I do not know that I never have also seen the so terrifying person, if these 1000 people attack Giant Bull City, that will be the Giant Bull City disaster.” The law enforcement elder has not responded now from the matter.

Real? They have 1000 people after all.” These under a little are unable to believe. „Haven't you looked? These 1000 people of strengths absolutely are most formidable, moreover they fight the life that does not want completely, how many in Giant Bull City has to dare not awfully? Suddenly bumps into such match, how many there are able to live? Moreover you looked at a moment ago that person, the intestines fell, he was clearly knows own goal, after killing people, still respectfully treated their masters, moreover his master linked compounded drug not to give him, his quietly there with the wound that needlework sewing broke, such action did anyone of you dare?” The law enforcement elder vision swept to their several. Has saying that presents any person, so long as has been injured, that absolutely first response is under the clothing the compounded drug, will not try itself to suture the wound with the needlework absolutely. After all such was really too painful, moreover nobody dares to start to oneself. We a bit faster leave here, avoid runs into them again, I do not want to bump into these god of death again.” The law enforcement elder said. „Does elder, we go now?” Under a famous artisan asked. „Can long and trying journey Qilin hole, stand up from failure looks at this time.” Law enforcement elder vision firm saying. In uneven Imperial City. On road careful.” Lin Bingbing does not abandon loosened the hand of Xia Tian. Liu Shishi also wants to come up to say anything, but she as if not know that should say anything, can only lower the head. Sister-in-law, you felt relieved that has me, I will not make the Third Brother have an accident.” Qi Wang strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Big brother, the Third Brother, I said that you are really not tasteful, threw in me the family.” Bishop Cao very discontented saying. Second Brother, capable work more, I and big brother in uneven Imperial City, that uneven Imperial City cannot develop as usual, if you in uneven Imperial City, that uneven Imperial City all will not stop rotating, that is very terrifying matter.” The Xia Tian comfort said.

Right, moreover does not have the eldest sister to help you.” The Qi Wang accent said with a smile, when he saw when eldest sister's expression gawked slightly, along with boosting has pushed Xia Tian. Xia Tian also awkwardly moved toward Liu Shishi: Eldest sister, was laborious you, if this time I can live coming back, I received the person of serious famine, our whole families lived well.” Our whole families. Hears Xia Tian these words time, Liu Shishi has almost not cried. She waited such for a long time finally to wait till Xia Tian these words. Em! We and others you came back.” Liu Shishi suppresses the tears, said these words. Was good, was good, having a look at you, several of us are not bring death, next three can kill my person to be possible few.” Qi Wang very self-confident saying. I walked.” Xia Tian does not want to speak those words a moment ago, but he was worried really one did not come back. He understands that for the Qilin blood, oneself can go all out, yesterday he looked at his master, thinks his Master taught him in the past Kungfu time, he cannot control his mood. He must cure his master, ascertained exactly what happened. Xia Tian, Qi Wang and Jiu Jiang three people walk toward transmission directly. Elder sister, is his woman is very laborious, even if clearly knows that he possibly can never return, we will also be willing he for a lifetime.” Lin Bingbing grasped Liu Shishi directly, in her eye also shed tears.