Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2117
Big brother, where is the Qilin hole?” Xia Tian curious asking, although before him, has asked Qi Wang, he but who Qi Wang said also listens to be not quite clear. Long and trying journeys Qilin hole, there is known as the next three most beautiful places, there that but I know has many recluses, if these recluses are also living, now the strength should not be low.” Qi Wang is also endless is yearning. „!” Xia Tian nodded. He likes listening to the Qi Wang explanation next three matters. He hear from uneven Wang Gang these words the first matter is, there has Expert \; The second matter is there may have the formidable wild beast. Because wants a place environment to be good, only then means that are nobody go, does not make anybody approach, nobody's place, that has not destroyed. Was right, the third child, you are prepared, I was also restlessed recently, in the event of any matter, you have remembered, ran, can run runs quickly, did not need to manage me, you also knew my strength, so long as you ran, that nobody can retain me.” The Qi Wang injunction said. Although before him, said to Xia Tian that the treasure has an accident will not have too many Expert to participate generally, but this time is not the ordinary treasure. Qilin hole. One of next three most mystical places, is the most dangerous place. Em, relax the big brother, you should also understand me, wants to kill me absolutely not to be simple.” Xia Tian nodded. Your grown man is how womanishly fussy.” Nearby Jiu Jiang discontented saying. Jiu Jiang, you have also remembered to me, in the event of the danger, cannot revolt, in next three, dares to the person who I get rid, definitely had the strength to kill you, therefore you must run away to me, can run away many runs away far.” Qi Wang both hands grab the shoulder of Jiu Jiang to say. Jiu Jiang has never seen Qi Wang such seriously to her, suddenly she was also shocked. Yeah!” Xia Tian helpless sighing, he can look, his big brother was really possibly in love.

Remember?” Qi Wang looked asked once more to Jiu Jiang. „, Remembered.” Jiu Jiang nodded. Meanwhile, next three highest places, is five big top influences is. Since were the Qilin hole opened, that made the disciples join in the fun.” Yu blue saying of Nine cauldrons gate slowly. Other leaders are also nods of silently. Influence place of Emperor Shintou Izanagi. Your several have remembered to me, sees to arrive in full the Imperial City person to kill to me, saw Xia Tian that on reckless kills to me, understood?” Assists the doctor saying of coldly. Yes!” Perhaps Qi Wang that fellow also will join in the fun, if sees them in the same place, that quietly tracks to me, no rush, I also will pass several days later, catches the whole lot in a dragnet them.” Assists the doctor in the vision is murderous aura. Yes!!!” In next three big forests. This time is a good opportunity, perhaps our Sun Empire can stage a comeback, comes the person, all Expert all send out to me, any treasure snatches to me, looked that arrives in full the Imperial City person to kill, especially their summer Vice-City Lord.” Emperor angry shouting. He hates uneven Imperial City, hates Xia Tian. Is he asks his father, hopes that assists the doctor to act to help them probably return to lose, but finally also by Xia Tian destroying, therefore his unusual hate Xia Tian. If no Xia Tian, that several other influences do not dare to assist the doctor absolutely disobediently.

Then he can return to his native land, although now they are poor, so long as they return to the native land, soon, they can develop. But all these all by Xia Tian destroying. The person who next three hope uneven Imperial City suffer a loss has, hopes the person who Xia Tian dies are more. Suddenly, entire next three are blustery. This time corrupt wolf and the others very leisurely and carefree. Corrupt wolf your highness, don't we look for the Jiu Jiang princess? Now we arrived at the world of human beings, directing the symbol to use.” Expert respectful asking of four cauldron Rank 9. Does not need, she is wild, makes her go wildly, she cannot die in any case, we first well strolls this world of human beings.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying, he just arrived at the world of human beings, is curious to here all. Here city does not have the war cry. Enters the city gate time needs to pay spirit stone, he completely has also paid, even has also given much, enters a city also to need to spend in demon, moreover many that be more expensive than the world of human beings. Yes! Does your majesty, where you want to go?” First finds the eating meal place, making me taste the world of human beings food flavor, should be stronger than our demon.” The corrupt wolf does not like demon food. He comes up from Earth, the food on Earth he likes, finally after going to demon, there food was unpalatable. Yes.” Under the famous artisan said that has drawn a person in roadside directly: Here most delicious hotel where?” That person held on suddenly, immediately stares, when he just wants to curse at people, the opposite party throws together spirit stone, on his face has piled up with the smiling face immediately: Sir, our here delicious places are different, you want to eat anything, I can lead you to stroll one by one.” That subordinate turns head to look to the corrupt wolf.

Em!” The corrupt wolf nodded. Afterward under that famous artisan threw to that person of together spirit stone: Guides.” That person looked one so simple obtained in two spirit stone, almost did not have all of a sudden excitedly in the past, he looked at this is a rich man, so long as he entertained well, perhaps that one also will have his advantage, therefore he bowed to the corrupt wolf: What you can call are young is small three, small this leads you to walk the fine-food eatery in our lacet road city.” Greedy has not spoken, but lies down on the sedan chair concludes to maintain mental tranquility. Has not gone out for five minutes, sedan chair stopped, corrupt wolf opening both eyes slowly, at this time their opposite also sedan chair, is eight Taiwan University sedans. „Were you blind? Has not made way, but this Young Master Qin, City Lord two young masters.” A servant identifies one's role when first coming on stage directly. Small three child one looked that the matter is not good, ran up to the side of corrupt wolf hurriedly: Sir, the opposite party is the City Lord Mansion young master master, the manner is usually overbearing, we cannot offend, letting.” The corrupt wolf has not spoken. I said that you are the T , M , D deaf people, has not made way to me quickly.” City Lord Mansion that servant scolded loudly. At this time that two young masters on City Lord Mansion sedan chair also sat, afterward expression ice-cold saying: „The outcastes that which comes, unexpectedly dare to see me not to make way, really courts death.” The corrupt wolf has lifted head slowly: He was too noisy.”