Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2118

Ah! The pitiful cry transmits together. That so-called City Lord Mansion two sons' mouths were ripped open directly stiffly. What?” Surroundings these people all stare. Two sons' these guards also all were shocked, when their god, their life also thorough disappearances. Puff! That two young master’s body also fell down, he while still alive died by pain. This time small three child whole bodies shiver, his both legs become tender. He has a dream has not thought of these person of unexpectedly such violence, such terrifying. Continues to guide.” As if the devil common voice of appears in his together. He frightens almost directly falls to the ground, but he knows himself unable, once he pours, he might very much with front these person of same fates. Therefore he suppresses the dilutedness on leg to walk toward front. The person on avenue all hides distant, they understand that immediately could have the important matter, because the City Lord second son died, moreover is suddenly Shijie the head. Loathsome appearance very miserable. Sir, here is the entire city most delicious roast meat shop, you can go to taste.” Small three child thought that then may extricate finally, as for later anything's money, he cannot think again, he biggest idea runs away now, after they go, run away. Finally he discovered that besides is that person of head, other person unexpectedly all stand in the entrance, but he also stands in the middle of these people. Runs away? This he can also run away? Definitely cannot, he only be able the innermost feelings forced smile, he to know that the trouble was quick must certainly come, the City Lord Mansion two young masters had been killed . Moreover the loathsome appearance was so miserable. That city Wei Jun soon can find here to come, when the time comes links him to together by the additional crime.

Looks in two in own hand spirit stone, his innermost feelings keep was scolding itself: So to be how corrupt. Really, in the multi- Freshman meeting. City Wei Jun of brigade came. Who has killed two young masters.” Is that famous city Wei Jun of head shouts loudly. Side that person has referred to front these people. Grasps to me, if there is a revolt, executes summarily.” Is city Wei Jun of head brings over ten thousand people, looks at the opposite party also over a thousand people, therefore he shouted such, he thinks that own this executes summarily to shake the opposite party absolutely, making the opposite party not dare to revolt. But, he made a mistake. In that moment that his person rushes. Neat. He never sees the person to be able neat dropping down. What concept is this? He does not know, until he noticed that his body is away from oneself more and more far that moment, he really made a mistake until himself. Death. Over ten thousand famous city Wei Jun like this died. The small three child two legs become tender, almost sat when the ground, he saw a moment ago these many city health/guard armed forces thinks one affirmed, must with this group of person same crimes. Is but quick he to discover that this group of city health/guard armed forces unexpectedly were regarded is chops the melon to cut the vegetable to be the same, these person of unexpectedly such tenth platoons poured. Over ten thousand famous city health/guard armed forces compare over ten thousand cabbages to kill fortunately. He has never seen so terrifying Expert. Large quantities of city Wei Jun such died.

The person who the surrounding these watch the fun also hides distant, probably was worried one were also affected to be the same. Small three child have not thought one have saved a life, he knows that died these many city Wei Jun, City Lord Mansion definitely will lose one's temper, when the time comes, their these 1000 people are unable to block the City Lord Mansion anger absolutely. Inside corrupt wolf resembles any matter not to occur to be the same, is still is eating front thing. Flavor is truly good, is more delicious than demon food.” Corrupt wolf innermost feelings secretly thought, other guests of roast meat shop besides him quietly escaped at this time, Boss stands there whole body trembles, does not dare to move. Boss, gives me to come one again.” The corrupt wolf is eating to emerge. ! At this moment, the feather arrow has shot from outside together, shot directly on the meat in corrupt wolf hand. The vision of corrupt wolf suddenly became cut-throat. His standing up slowly, walks toward outside afterward, when he gets to the entrance, saw the dense piece of person, entire urban all city Wei Jun and soldiers all gather once more, has encircled watertight outside. Corrupt wolf sitting slowly on own sedan chair, said afterward: I do not like this city, your three, extinguished this city to me.” Extinguished this city, he said unusual is superficial. Looks like is killing the chicken slaughter sheep to be the same. Moreover only dispatched three people. Was you have killed my son? I must make you all give my son today to be buried along with the dead.” City Lord stands there angry shouting. The corrupt wolf waved. Afterward the three people of his side disappeared in directly same place. The corrupt wolf like this lies down on sedan chair, eyes closed maintains mental tranquility, as if anything cannot see to be the same, anything cannot hear to be the same. Pitiful yell sound continuously. Three people get rid, but in a while, opposite army on thorough rout, giving blood crossflow.

After one day! In entire city, besides small three child, all people all died, in Boss including roast meat shop, because he wanted to escape a moment ago. Small three child this time has knelt on the ground: Sir, I asked you, circled my life, my anything has not done, in these two spirit stone gave back to the Sir you, no, all my things gave the Sir you, when you I was one, put me.” Corrupt wolf opening both eyes slowly: Do not be silly, I will not kill your, with me, I is not too happen to familiar with this world.” Hears the words of corrupt wolf. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Small three child unceasing kowtowing, his forehead was knocked to break, he has not stopped, knocks, shouting that the mouth also keeps: Thanks the Sir, thanks the Sir.” Was good, gets up, I favor you very much, you only need to complete your work, I ensure you will become Expert.” The corrupt wolf spoke thoughtlessly saying that he liked this feeling, he can control other life. The lacet road city everywhere gives blood now, without any sound, because in the entire city all people all died, the chicken dog does not remain. All these are only three people do, the three subordinates of corrupt wolf. In demon, they cannot kill the woman, but here is the world of human beings, therefore they can want to kill anyone, kills anyone, nobody can block them. Has the absolute strength is the genuine King, Xia Tian, if initially I had the present strength, then I only needed to begin the finger to be run over and die you.” Saying that the corrupt wolf thought aloud. Xia Tian?” Saying that small three child thought aloud. „Have you heard this name?” The corrupt wolf looked slightly to three. Probably has heard, but I have forgotten, Sir, you make me think that I can definitely think.” Small three child said hurriedly.