Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2119

„Is the third child, you always staring how at others all the way?” Qi Wang puzzled asking, he and Jiu Jiang this it can be said that saw all the way any amusing plays, has delicious any eats. But Xia Tian always likes looks like toward person, either sits in that small tavern hear of others speaks. Big brother, although in these people mostly the people of part were boasting and exaggerate, the important matter that but they regarding recently had was boasting, was carrying on exaggeratingly, so long as screened, that can very relaxed awareness recently here what happened.” Xia Tian saying slowly. What did you inquire?” Qi Wang curious asking. Jiu Jiang is also looks to Xia Tian that a face anticipates. Recently this city had many people to form a team voluntarily, generally the small team five people, the big team has several hundred people, even over a thousand people, they to enter nearby the Qilin hole can take care.” The information that Xia Tian will know all said. „.” Qi Wang nodded. We also form a team!” Saying of Jiu Jiang face anticipation. Group anything team, we already three people, moreover leads individual is very troublesome.” Xia Tian said. In this spontaneous team, everywhere manipulates strategically, regardless of where some people like working as the leader, therefore internal battle will be only more.” Qi Wang patient answered. Big brother said right, only if before several people, knew, moreover person is powerful, deters other people sufficiently, such will be calmer and steadier.” Xia Tian nodded, he frequently joined in this team before. Although this team disease are many, but the advantage can hide the identity, if after all you is a person walk, that quick will become others' game, or others will be vigilant you. But if you follow in an ordinary team, so long as works not too the high-sounding talk, that nobody can discover him. Third child, we when?” Qi Wang asked.

Does not worry, after waiting for here person to embark, we again come up, did not want exposed as far as possible we several status, the buried treasure was not in any case goes already can obtain.” Xia Tian thinks the person who first arrives at the buried treasure entrance can obtain the buried treasure, any buried treasure must look at the chance and destiny. You said is also reasonable, we strolling well.” Qi Wang said. You stroll, I look for place cultivation.” Xia Tian believes that procrastinates, quickly light, before long certainly do not make war, once makes war, that possibly is the series fight, such that does not think normally, has fired off with a person, then rested to fight with another person again. All people facing buried treasure time is characteristics. That snatches, kills! Once others saw you injured, moreover you were powerful, but also there is any good weapon, some that definitely people will continue to attack you, wanted injured while you on all things you to snatch directly. Once fights, that is the series fight, very difficultly maintains the best condition. Now even if he can only promote a faint trace the strength, to fight time, he can also play the crucial role. third day, team one after another starts, their goals are the green grass cities in moon reflection in the water city jurisdiction. Because here approaches the Qilin hole recent city. Water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate also very natural, opened green grass city all transmission all of a sudden, but the price of transmission fee was enhanced . Moreover the green grass city now everywhere is city Wei Jun. If who dares to stir up trouble, that green grass city will directly grasp. Xia Tian they arrived at the green grass city with the large unit, green grass city here present is the good and bad people mixed up, inside or outside the city has many people.

Reason that they the standing corner/horn to much inquire the news here enters the front big jungle again, most at least must know that inside has any danger. Is the poisonous snake, is wild beast, or is any special biology. After Xia Tian has inquired two days of news: Big brother, we can embark, I have inquired in front of that forest inside news, here native said that there has filled various wild animals, wild beast, poisonous beast wait / etc., even if they usually does not dare to penetrate, wants, that must prepare the antidote and cures the thing that some medicine expelling worms use in addition.” I thousand years ago here, but did not have what poisonous insect at that time probably and so on, only then inside uncultivated land beast strength compares formidable.” Qi Wang answered. Possibly because of here extremely in danger, therefore does not have humanity to visit, will therefore present these many small living thing.” Xia Tian guessed. Has the possibility, pays attention to some, do not capsize in Yingouli.” Qi Wang light saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. They prepare, several people walked. Brother, doesn't form a team?” The opposite party is four people, is the man, but four people seem are the kind feature are friendly. Good, good.” Has not waited for the Xia Tian rejection, Jiu Jiang to comply. Saw Jiu Jiang to comply, Xia Tian did not have the means that he does not want to form a team with anybody. Good, we were seven people, can embark together, was when the time comes good to take care, now we come simple self introduction first, like this calls not to trouble.” Is that person very generous saying of head. I called Jiu Jiang.” Jiu Jiang open saying, before she probably is, was too lonely, therefore is willing to become friends.

„, Jiu Jiang Little Sister is also a personality people, I am inexplicable, these brothers are I all the way look, each is a personality people, definitely will not have other team that person.” Is that person of head said. I called the local ruffian three, others think that I was a ruffian, but I never bullied the old , weak , sick and disabled.” The second person opens the mouth to say. My name was Pang Zi, everybody called my fatty, did not have other characteristics, was likes eating.” The fat people laugh were saying that on his face has two dimples, smiles specially sweetly. I asked the variant the robber, name to betray me, but must divide clearly, I was a robber, did not steal, even thieves have principles.” The variants robbed also came a simple introduction. Afterward the people looked to Qi Wang and Xia Tian. I called neat...... Wang Qi.” Qi Wang gave own name directly in reverse. This time Jiu Jiang is puzzled looks to Xia Tian, he discovered that he knew Xia Tian for a long time, unexpectedly does not know Xia Tian names. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian saying slowly. Qi Wang heard Xia Tian to say own name, his complexion immediately changed. Nearby Jiu Jiang is also the brow reduces, she looked directly to Xia Tian: You knew that was called the person of corrupt wolf?”