Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2120

Corrupt wolf! How will you know corrupt wolf name?” The Xia Tian vision changed Jiu Jiang directly. Qi Wang at this time at heart one cold, he intentionally has been concealing the Xia Tian name, has never called in front of Jiu Jiang, he only called the Third Brother. Finally he gave to forget this matter a moment ago. I asked that you do know this person?” Jiu Jiang asked again. Understanding!” Xia Tian nodded. Inexplicable their four were really bewildered at this time, they do not know completely now is any situation, Xia Tian and Jiu Jiang together comes obviously, but probably atmosphere between two people had very big change now. I am Little Sister of corrupt wolf.” Jiu Jiang said that the body of whole person vanished in same place. Quick! The Jiu Jiang speed is fast. Bang! Her fist hit directly to the Xia Tian pit of the stomach, got rid is kills to incur. Xia Tian cannot see the Jiu Jiang movement, he feels his front to transmit a crisis, therefore he will dodge hurriedly, but the Jiu Jiang speed was too fast. Bang! Ka! Jiu Jiang fights with the fists on the chest of Xia Tian, the bone of his chest instantaneously was all broken. If were not he responded a moment ago quick, that this fist wanted his assigning. Whiz! Jiu Jiang has not stopped the movement in oneself hand, but is the left hand palm direct transverse cutting to the throat of Xia Tian, these, if goes well, that Xia Tian must die without doubt.

Bang! Stops to me.” Qi Wang gets rid instantaneously, grabbed the hand of Jiu Jiang. Puff! Extravasated blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Inexplicable they four thorough hoodwinking, they have not thought that strength unexpectedly of these three people can be so quick, a moment ago when Jiu Jiang got rid, they thorough could not see acting of Jiu Jiang. You let loose me.” Jiu Jiang looked that shouts to Qi Wang. I make you stop, he is my brother.” Qi Wang said loudly. Jiu Jiang stopped working loose, her vision looked to Qi Wang: You already know that he called Xia Tian, why didn't tell me?” I......” Qi Wang somewhat could not say, because he really had the selfishness, he asked them mutually, he discovered that these two people really had the enmity, if he said that that Xia Tian and Jiu Jiang already hit. Thump! Xia Tian swallows compounded drug hurriedly, sits starts to restore on the ground. You let loose me, I come here goal am to kill his, now I had found with great difficulty, you cannot block me.” Jiu Jiang angry shouting. You, if must kill, kills me.” Qi Wang blocks in the Xia Tian front. Good, I have killed you.” Jiu Jiang said that fights with the fists directly to the Qi Wang pit of the stomach. Bang! Hit, in her fist hit Qi Wang pit of the stomach that moment, she was shocked, the inexplicable deceased person was also shocked. Xia Tian has opened the mouth: Big brother!!!”

The body of Qi Wang goes directly backward but actually, regardless of strong Expert is the meat does. Why you do not hide.” Jiu Jiang looked at own fist, looked at Qi Wang, she does not want to hit Qi Wang, she thinks that Qi Wang will shunt. I have killed you.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, a very attractive bow and arrow appears in his hands. He has pulled open directly false. Shot day god bow. Third child!” Poured has drawn the leg of Xia Tian in ground Qi Wang. Big brother!” Xia Tian thinks a moment ago Qi Wang died, at this time saw that Qi Wang has not died, he receives hurriedly false. Shot day god bow, then started to get the physical exam of Qi Wang. Big brother, do not have the matter.” What Xia Tian keeps is under the Qi Wang clothing various types of therapy compounded drugs. „The third child, promises me, do not feel embarrassed her.” Qi Wang has entrained the Xia Tian sleeves, but his hand has been incapable. Big brother, so long as you are all right, my anything promises you.” Xia Tian anxious saying. He is all right.” Jiu Jiang imitates the child who Buddha's Portrait is makes the mistake to be the same. You walk, today's matter I did not investigate, but next time do not make me bump into you, otherwise I link you to kill together.” Xia Tian stared Jiu Jiang one wickedly. Jiu Jiang looked at Qi Wang, afterward turned the head to leave. At this time is inexplicable their four not to know really should say anything, they as if saw fight between a peerless Expert a moment ago. Also as if saw a grievances rival in love. Xia Tian is holding Qi Wang, starts to inspect the Qi Wang wound, now Qi Wang life sign unusual difference: Big brother, how can I save you?” I used spiritual energy to protect the heart a moment ago, has preserved a life, perhaps but I am unable to use any strength temporarily, you did not need to be worried about me, soon I can restore.” Qi Wang spoke at this time a little uses energy. Big brother, I carry you, our two same places walk.” The Xia Tian use string tied up Qi Wang in own, afterward he looked at inexplicable four people of one: Embarrassed everybody, I walk one first.”

Xia Tian walks is not quick, because he is worried to jolt will let Qi Wang is ill, therefore he walks unusual is steady, this time he realizes the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step true wondrous use. At this time, in water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate. Your highness, here is water semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate within the boundaries, do we want to go to that green grass city directly?” Under a famous artisan report said. Walks, since has like this lively, that definitely is must have my.” Corrupt wolf saying slowly, he has the big destiny person, he most likes bumping into is any buried treasure and so on thing, because he can definitely gain the advantage from that this is 100%. As for many of advantage, he could not have affected temporarily, but a little can determine that is he absolutely will not return empty-handed. Your Highness Qi Bing, induced to the princess is away from us to be getting more and more near, he should also near the Qilin hole.” A famous artisan said with Expert of direction symbol. Em, that walks, happen to can look for her, avoid she ran all over the place.” The corrupt wolf nodded. Their this time comes the world of human beings goal is to retrieve Jiu Jiang, next he also wanted to find Xia Tian, after waiting to find Xia Tian, he must maliciously stepped on Xia Tian in the under foot, letting Xia Tian is unable to stand up from failure, he must give his shame to give back to Xia Tian Xia Tian. Yes, Your highness, we ride transmission.” That Expert looked small three child said afterward to that: You, guide, has remembered, at the maximum speed goes to that green grass city.” Compliant, Sir.” Small three child respectful saying. In big forest outside green grass city, Xia Tian stopped the footsteps, because his front some people are fighting at this time, is more than ten people are resisting the pack of wolves. At this time on these more than ten individuals all has the wound. Big brother, one a little will jolt possibly, your limelight.” The Xia Tian reminder said that afterward he directly stand forth step by step. Domain! Wan sword returns to the birth family.