Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2121

Li Si is tripod Rank 2 Expert, he when arrives at outside the green grass city, built up more than ten individuals, he wants to try one's luck, having a look at oneself to be able also to obtain some advantage. After all the Qilin hole is known as one of the next three most dangerous Forbidden Land. Therefore he leads the person to walk toward forest, but has not stepped onto for 1-2 days, they have bumped into the pack of wolves. The quantity of pack of wolves has over a thousand, moreover their attacks are orderly, is not chaotic. In a while their these more than ten individuals all were injured. Saw that they must die during surrounding of pack of wolves. ! He saw Sword Light, innumerable Sword Light, the Sword Light place visited, these cut-throat wicked wolves were all cut to kill. Their these more than ten individuals as if crawled from the hell all of a sudden, they saw a man, a young man, this man behind carries a man, the front man acts very lightly, probably is that man who the fear disturbs him to carry is the same. Sword Light sends out from this man. Less than one minute, over a thousand wicked wolves completely died in Sword Light. Many thanks the graciousness of Senior life-saving.” Li Si goes forward to say hurriedly. This person maybe others, are Xia Tian. The present Xia Tian footsteps are light, even if in using the spiritual energy situation, he does not have any fluctuation, after the next three these years baptism. Before Xia Tian is not, weak one of the that allowing to be oppressed. Now his solely Realm is four cauldron Rank 1. Has stepped into the next three Expert ranks completely. In next three, a cauldron can only be the ordinary residents \; Two cauldrons are in youngster in cultivation \; The tripod in next three had the foothold \; Four cauldron Expert are true stepped into the Expert ranks \; As for five cauldron Expert, coming that then in next three in can also look up.

Even few people know existences of five cauldron Expert. Xia Tian now is four cauldron Expert, therefore he in next three was considered as on is true Expert, as for his true battle efficiency, even if Qi Wang is not clear. ! The wolf eats delicacies to transmit together, it is the head wolves of these over a thousand wolves, he was controlling a moment ago also these over a thousand wolves to fight, saw that own subordinate was all cut to kill, at this time this wolf dew ominous light. Whiz! The wind, this wolf as if can control the wind to be the same, the speed of body is fast, in an instant threw the Xia Tian front. Xia Tian stands in same place has not spoken, in bystander opinion, he has dodged probably without enough time. Senior is careful.” Li Si shouts hurriedly. Saw that Xia Tian must be killed by that wolf. At this moment, the Xia Tian left hand has shown a very strange posture, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! The left hand of Xia Tian grasped directly in wolf the place of neck. Puff! That head of wolf on high flew. Quite fierce.” Li Si dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought Lian Toulang by Xia Tian so easily cutting to have killed, this has surpassed simply his cognition. Thanks.” Xia Tian turned head saying slowly. Volume!” Li Si was thanked by Xia Tian the said thoroughly hoodwinked: Does not use politely.”

Xia Tian said that direct turn around left. He has not wanted the ground these materials. Li Siming white this was Xia Tian gives to him these materials, he was only powder cultivates, the cultivation resources were usually limited, this was the bumper crop, so long as after he collected here material, went back to sell a high price. Many thanks Senior.” Li Si shouts loudly. The Xia Tian form disappeared in their field of vision. Expert, this is true Expert, the brothers, tidy up the material, we walked, in that is not we can mix.” Li Siming is white, perhaps the tour of this time Qilin hole does not have imagine to be so simple, now had these furs and materials, they have been able to divide to some spirit stone. This they in vain have not arrived at this place. After Jiu Jiang since has injured Qi Wang, she has not walked away, but has followed in Xia Tian they, but she is afraid by Xia Tian is discovered that intentionally therefore she hides is very far. bo! The place of her chest transmits a strength, feels this strength, her complexion immediately changes: Was bad, my brother came.” She understands, if her elder brother found Xia Tian and Qi Wang, that will not keep the living witness absolutely, now Qi Wang is seriously injured, absolutely possibly is not his elder brother's match. She sees the form that Xia Tian went far away, afterward turns the head, vision firm saying: „It is not good, I must lead away my brother.” Corrupt wolf there. Your highness, we were away from the position of princess to be getting more and more near, she can induce to us, now she is catching up to our here.” Under a famous artisan respectful saying. Em.” The corrupt wolf nodded: Looks for her.” Yes, your majesty.” Under the famous artisan has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, has drawn back directly. Small three child recently could be said as very proud, because since he followed the corrupt wolf mixed, he discovered that regardless of annoyed the big matter is not the matter.

These Expert in his former, finally will be stepped on by him now in the under foot. Naturally, he has not thought that this is achieves, this is the corrupt wolf gives his glory. Front, makes way to me, who dares to keep off the road of my Patriarch person, that may not blame me not being impolite.” Small three child stand there shouts loudly, at this time he gains ground to throw out the chest, both hands fork waist, walks to sway. Surroundings these people see the enormous and powerful over a thousand people of teams, naturally does not dare to provoke, therefore in abundance made way. But was quick he to bump into the temperament not good person quickly. In small three child just about to half volley with push with hand that person when him. Eight!” A Sun Empire person fought with the fists directly the small three child bridge of the nose bones, the blood flew horizontally. Surroundings these people already looked that small three child have not been feeling well, at this time they looked that small three child were hit, that at heart secretly applauds. Good that but the old saying said: Beats a dog must look at the master. Small three child were hit, sits the corrupt wolf facial color on sedan chair was cold immediately, he lifted the hand slowly, the sedan chair stopped. Snort, depends on your this group of chop suey also to dare in front of our Sun Empire Expert to bluff and bluster, if this if before place, you now are the deceased people.” Saying that Sun Empire count disdains. Meanwhile enormous and powerful Sun Empire Expert from walked in all directions. Is one person of head walks up: What's the matter? It is not does not make you stir up trouble.” Crown Prince Zuo, was they were too wild, unexpectedly dares to bully our Sun Empire person.” That Sun Empire count hurried start to talk explained.