Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2122

Ok, we have proper business!” Crown Prince Zuo said that this time comes to make reparations the merit, initially he led troops to attack uneven Imperial City, finally under the officers casualty completely, this gave Sun Empire to bring the giant disaster. At that time he thinks he definitely died, but afterward the emperor had not investigated him, but let this time have the person to come to here to extinguish personally kills Xia Tian. Although uneven Imperial City monitored unusual was strict, but has the Sun Empire scout ambushes outside and docking several cities. After Xia Tian left uneven Imperial City, these people have fed in Sun Empire the news. Yes!” Count respectful saying of that Sun Empire. Afterward they must leave. „Did I ask you to leave?” The ice-cold sound appears together. Em?” Reason that Crown Prince Zuo a brow wrinkle, he said a moment ago considers as finished, because of opposite party also over a thousand people, once fights with all might, they definitely will have the damage, casualty several people, lose regarding them. In his opinion, oneself here has over ten thousand Expert, oneself do not look for the trouble of opposite party, that opposite party has been able to burn the high-grade incense. Person who has hit my, now wants such to walk, did I agree?” The corrupt wolf at this time looks like a King of keeping aloof, he can overlook the following all people. Was coveted the wolf to think so, Crown Prince Zuo unusual not being feeling well. Your meaning wants to fight one!” Although Crown Prince Zuo does not want to stir up trouble, but he is not afraid of getting into trouble, moreover he thinks that he can frighten the opposite party, after all their strength each one is very formidable, in addition their people are many. Yeah!” The corrupt wolf sighed. You, if has feared, that.” Crown Prince Zuo does not want to fight this, because this time makes reparations the merit, his goal has one, that is Xia Tian. Feared?” Corrupt wolf corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. bo!

These people of his side all have revealed meanwhile their Realm. The head of everyone presented the small cauldron. What the strength is lowest is four cauldron Rank 1, over a thousand four cauldron Rank 1 above Expert, but around corrupt wolf that ten people are five cauldron above Expert. Anything!” Left protector a face shocking looks at the corrupt wolf. Although before him, saw that the imposing manners of these people were uncommon, but he has not thought of opposite party unexpectedly so formidable absolutely. What is called to fear?” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains very: You plan the group??” Frightened! At this moment left protector thoroughly feared, he is only four cauldron Rank 9 strengths, before he thinks that he almost could in next three walk sideways, but he discovered at this moment that he is the shortsighted person: Sorry, before was Junior does not recognize a superior perforated, has dashed Senior, annoyed Senior to be angry, Junior led to punish.” !! The hand that left protector hit on own face, the corners of the mouth that unusual effort that he hit, third hit bled, nearby person nobody dares to stop. Because they know, although person on one's own side are many, once the internecine strife gets up, oneself these people simply are the savoys of opposite party, that ten five cauldron above Expert can destroy completely them with ease. !! Junior knew mistakenly.” Left protector hits, while shouts, unusual effort that he hits, the speech mouth will have each time the blood blowout. Corrupt wolf such static looks.

Surroundings these people all at heart send coldly. When they see around the corrupt wolf these strength, they were all shocked, they have a dream do not have to think one have the opportunity to see five cauldron Expert, moreover sees also has these many. What is main is also the wrapped in a shroud of obscurity corrupt wolves sits on the sedan chair. ! Junior knew mistakenly.” Left protector stiffly all wiped out own tooth, his face swelling unusual was also fearful, meaning that but he has still not stopped. He knows the opposite party, once loses one's temper, he and his person all will die. He does not fear death, he is feared that is unable to cut to kill Xia Tian. The corrupt wolf likes present's feeling, others fear him, others awe him, reason that he can defeating the enemy without fighting, be able to say him now such enjoys this feeling because of Xia Tian. Although he cannot win Xia Tian, but in his believes at heart that Xia Tian was the act high and mighty first ancestor, Xia Tian every action and every movement displays Pinnacle act high and mighty. Therefore Xia Tian has made anything, he also wants to make anything. Good.” Corrupt wolf saying slowly. Many thanks Senior, many thanks Senior.” Left protector shouts loudly. I thought that your this team of people are good, happen to I also lack some subordinates, you with me.” Corrupt wolf lazily saying. This......” left protector feels embarrassed immediately. „Don't you want?” Corrupt wolf voice one cold.

No, Senior do not misunderstand, can with you, that be the good fortune that my ancestors cultivated, however, the life was alive, the loyalty must to do first, I promise our your majesty, must for a homicide person, I probably achieve, if Senior you permitted, then I had killed that person after came after your saddle lead horse again.” Zuo Hufa answered hurriedly. Hears words that left protector, nod of corrupt wolf slightly appreciation. He really a little appreciates now left has protected buddhist law, because left protector this person not only understands what has to done, but also spoke the loyalty. Em, good, is that person who you must kill who? You can with me, so long as sees him, I ensure he must die without doubt.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying, truly, by his skill, wants to kill anyone, that simply was too simple, absolutely did not have the slight difficulty. He now is superior, his casual subordinate here is Expert. Hears the words of corrupt wolf, left protector at present immediately one brightly, must kill Xia Tian, he not too big assurance, because the Xia Tian method were too many, at this time one hear of corrupt wolves are willing to help him, he ninety percent sure, was too under strong because of these strength of corrupt wolf, but he is exploratory saying: That person who Senior, I must kill is not affable, his backer is also very formidable.” „? Mentioned listens!” Corrupt wolf at present one bright. He arrived here not to meet anything to have the difficulty match. That person is in the legend uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, the power and influence is dreadful, strength formidable, his backer is Qi Wang in legend, over a thousand years ago fables.” Zuo Hufa said the Xia Tian status. Right? Listens well.” Corrupt wolf not any fear, but was on the face presented an excitement of faint trace, he liked the match being stronger, this had the challenge, therefore he asked: „Does he name, has his appearance jade Jane?” Has! Has! Has!” Zuo Hufa jade Jane Di, said hurriedly afterward: He called Xia Tian.”