Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2123

When the corrupt wolf sees the Xia Tian head picture, left protector also said the Xia Tian name. At the same time. The expression of corrupt wolf at the same time has also had the change, fierce, hate, murderous aura and excitement, his unusual exaggeration of expression transformation. Reason that Zuo Hufa to let the arrogance of corrupt wolf Xia Tian described fiercely appears. This is a small method. You work as one to think that is peerless Expert person commendation another person, that this person definitely will blow down cow B on peerless Expert. He wants to make the corrupt wolf help to cope with Xia Tian. When but he sees the expression of corrupt wolf at heart one tight, he most is worried is the corrupt wolf knows Xia Tian, moreover there is a friendship, that went bad. He delivered. Senior, you!!!” Zuo Hufa hurried exploratory asking, his under foot has prepared escaping at this time, he must run away. You said a moment ago that what status he now is?” The corrupt wolf asked hurriedly. Uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, before Senior, knows him? Junior was really does not recognize a superior perforated, offended the Senior friend, was Junior makes a mistake.” Left protector words of one hear of corrupt wolves, hurried apology. „Did you make a mistake? No, you right, told that me this person present status, this enmity I helped you report.” Corrupt wolf eyes showing sharp light, regarding him, Xia Tian is the person who he must kill, regardless of being in any reason, Xia Tian cannot live, moreover he must shame Xia Tian maliciously. As for kills Xia Tian, he has not thought that he even wants to bring back to demon Xia Tian, making Xia Tian know his fierce.

Good, Senior, I told you slowly.” Left protector one hear of corrupt wolves with Xia Tian is personal enemy's relations, that was also naturally excited. This person now is uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, reason that can say now uneven Imperial City has the present strength, he has very big merit, his manner is strong, overbearing, so long as anybody dares to offend him, he will compel the opposite party, is an out-and-out villain.” Left protector saying of face hate. Em, is his disposition, continue.” The corrupt wolf nodded. He very mysterious, the information that according to our statistics comes out, he suddenly appears in next three, the information that we obtain is, he just started the strength not to arrive at the tripod, but his cultivation speed very quick, less than 45 years, his unexpectedly was four cauldron Rank 1 strengths, the information that previous time we collected controlled 34 months ago, his strength was four cauldron Rank 1.” Zuo Hufa answered. Four cauldron Rank 1!” On the corrupt wolf face presented the contemptuous look. It can be said that this growth is terrorist regarding others, is terrorist, but covets the wolf actually anything not to calculate regarding him. Because of his present strength can relaxed being run over and dying Xia Tian. Right, is four cauldron Rank 1, his actual battle efficiency actually and rank has very big disparity, he jumps the ranks frequently the challenge, but we know why he can jump the ranks to challenge, in his hand has a god bow, this is big might that the god bends, even if four cauldron Rank 7, Rank 8 Expert cannot shoulder his god bow, moreover he probably also mysterious strengths, this mysterious strength is also very big, this external force is to have the restriction on use, for example the god bow, our people have also counted., He uses the second time time will spit blood.” Zuo Hufa most dreads is also the Xia Tian god bends and that mysterious strength, their information majority of assisting doctor there biography. This conforms to his disposition, he likes coming out to fight with the card in a hand, because he such selects the skill.” The corrupt wolf remembers in the past Xia Tian and he fought was also, his strength has been stronger than Xia Tian, the method that but Xia Tian that emerged one after another incessantly made him be dazzled. He also defeats in Xia Tian these methods. Xia Tian usually can display the favorable balance of trade his Realm strength. If taking Realm actually with Xia Tian to the war, that fate very pitiful. Senior, moreover he also very terrifying backers, that is Qi Wang.” Zuo Hufa discovered that the corrupt wolf was probably automatic Qi Wang neglecting, therefore he said this name again.

Who is Qi Wang?” Corrupt wolf puzzled asking. Hears the words of corrupt wolf, Zuo Hufa understood, originally this group of people are recluse Expert, does not know Qi Wang. Qi Wang is over a thousand years of legend, legend he thousand years ago almost extinguished entire next three.” Zuo Hufa exaggerates the Qi Wang words intentionally, he looked, the corrupt wolf has the enmity with Xia Tian, no matter how he frightens the corrupt wolf, the corrupt wolf will not flinch. Therefore he exaggerates Qi Wang intentionally, must have a look at the corrupt wolf to have that energy. Sounds well, strength what?” The corrupt wolf asked. This is not clear, nobody knows his Realm, but definitely is less than six cauldrons.” Zuo Hufa answered. „, I think fiercely.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying. Sees the manner of corrupt wolf, left protector is more excited: Junior follows the lead for you surely.” „Can you find Xia Tian?” The corrupt wolf asked. He affirmed that Qilin hole here, we had inquired a moment ago, he enters from this route to the forest in probably, so long as we pursue, sooner or later can overtake him.” Zuo Hufa with pointing at has referred to the left main road. Good, we now.” Corrupt wolf now innermost feelings very excited, he waited to be so long, finally must bump into Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian has not disappointed him. unexpectedly also mixed certain positive result in the world of human beings. This made him anticipate to see Xia Tian that moment.

He was considering what stance at this time by sees Xia Tian, rules the world, the King arrives. Whiz! At this moment, the form has shot at the corrupt wolf together, sees this form time, around corrupt wolf these Expert knee down completely: See princess.” Saw that corrupt wolf surrounding Expert has knelt, left protector also to kneel: See princess.” These that left protector also all have under knelt: See princess.” You also know that is.” The corrupt wolf comes up is very discontented saying. Meanwhile, in big forest. This time Xia Tian stopped the footsteps, is not he does not want to continue to go forward, but was his front presented a head ten levels of wild beast, over a hundred people of teams with this head ten levels of wild beast fights, all extinguished. Xia Tian arrives here time, the vision of that head ten levels of wild beast also looked to Xia Tian. ! In the mouths of ten levels of wild beasts has sent out a great roar. Careful, the third child, it is ten levels of uncultivated land beast wooded mountain apes, looked that his strength most at least is equal to four cauldron Rank 8, what is main is his defensive power formidable, the strength is formidable, big, even if will be five cauldron Expert bumps into its unusual headache.” Qi Wang low voice saying.