Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2125

Xia Tian on hitting of such fist fist in the head of wooded mountain ape, had then been pounded the pulp after the head of wooded mountain ape by Xia Tian he calls a halt. Xia Tian had discovered in the head of wooded mountain ape a crystal, he took directly. Big brother, this is any thing.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Uncultivated land beast crystal, is the Advanced crystal that ten levels of wild beasts can form, this type of crystal is rare, the value is extremely high, not only can be used for cultivation, but can also be used for Pill Refining and refiner.” Qi Wang answered. „!” Xia Tian received the uncultivated land beast crystal, afterward carried Qi Wang once more. „The third child, you look to look that here nearby does have the cavern of wooded mountain ape, although ten levels of wild beasts have their domain, but I thought that it obviously is the temperament is today hot tempered, if I have not guessed that wrong, in its cavern should present the accident.” Qi Wang said. Good, I look to look.” Xia Tian carried Qi Wang, afterward looked to the surroundings. This forest is very big, Xia Tian looked for day not to find. „It is not good, Big brother, no.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Wooded mountain ape likes taking the tree as the seat, takes the hole as to occupy, takes the water as to direct, do nearby you look have existence of water source.” Qi Wang said. This ease in doing!” The right hand of Xia Tian has placed the ground directly, afterward he starts to feel the surrounding water element. After three minutes. Found.” On Xia Tian face immediately one happy. Good, looks following the water source, any place of cavern has the cavern do not let off.” Qi Wang said.

Therefore Xia Tian started to seek fast, the Qi Wang present body is too weak, he does not dare to run was too quick, therefore he directly used the X-Ray Vision eye to start to search. Found.” Xia Tian had found the cavern in a riverside, reason that he confirmed that here was because of here because of wooded mountain ape long-term stepping on, the ground appeared hollowly some. Careful, although here is its chassis, should not have other wild beast, but looked that its appearance met anything to trouble probably, therefore here should not be simple.” The Qi Wang reminder said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded, afterward entered in cave, in the cave is black, but the X-Ray Vision eye can actually see clearly. Here ground is scattering many spoils of war. Is wooded mountain ape kills these person of weaponry, Xia Tian looked that had not looked, has taken away directly completely, afterward he continues toward inside walks. Walked a meeting, he understands that the wooded mountain ape will be why worried. Big brother, here unexpectedly has Formation, moreover is Rank 5 Formation.” Xia Tian said. It seems like wooded mountain ape has worried for this Formation, you can see how long this Formation did have?” Qi Wang asked. Em, looks at the sign, little said also for over a thousand years.” Xia Tian said. Over a thousand years, that should be this Formation exists first, then this wooded mountain ape choice lives here, the apes and monkeys tends to humanity, they have the intellectual curiosity, therefore it has wanted to know that in Formation is anything, nearby wall has by it has pounded the trace, is very obvious, it is wants not to be successful, therefore so will be angry outside.” Qi Wang thought through finally. Big brother, you rest a meeting, I give a try to break this Formation.” Although Xia Tian looked is Rank 5 Formation, but he was not all Rank 5 Formation is skilled in completely, even if were these super Formation masters, everyone Formation of meeting was also limited, including broken day. Even if some broken day impossible office Rank 5 Formation.

Was right, I so am how stupid, Formation that Giant Bull City Formation and broken day of institute that Baihuayuan is skilled is exactly the same, in other words, there definitely has the relations with the broken day, perhaps there master is the so-called dream.” Xia Tian thinks here time, innermost feelings also very excited, he must complete finally to the broken day commitment. It can be said that breaks Catholicism to give him Formation, this completely changed his destiny. Formation many time has rescued his life. Therefore he must complete to the broken day commitment, teaches that to call the woman of dream the letter. What thinks? Such happy?” Uneven Wang Gang has put out legendary luminous pearl, has illuminated this cavern, he may not have the X-Ray Vision eye, his anything cannot see in such cavern. Anything, has not thought through a matter suddenly, I try to break this Formation now.” Xia Tian knows that Rank 5 Formation has against broken skill, if pours into spiritual energy and Spiritual Force to inside rashly, will possibly suffer backlash. Therefore he came up to use the Ancient big hand imprint. Bang! Bang! Hand imprints patted above Formation. Big forest surrounding. Elder brother.” Jiu Jiang looked that shows a faint smile to the corrupt wolf. You said you, how did a person run? I initially promised the adoptive father to look after well your, you said that you had an accident accidentally, how I confessed with the adoptive father.” The corrupt wolf reproved. Elder brother, you let alone I, you also know that our there is quite bored.” Jiu Jiang spits the tongue.

If later wants to exit most at least to tell me one, I quite send for protecting you.” The corrupt wolf reminder said. Knew, the elder brother, I made a mistake.” The Jiu Jiang admitting mistakes manner is very good, is quick. Happen to you also came, told you a good news, before the elder brother was not , you have told was called the Xia Tian person? Now the elder brother found him, he nearby this.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, he frequently with the Jiu Jiang lecture of his past, he never feared that before will be defeated to say. Ah! Jiu Jiang hears the words of corrupt wolf, immediately is startled. You are also very surprised, I heard this news a moment ago time is also very surprised, has not thought here he mixes also good, Realm was too what a pity low, the elder brother must hold him now, devastates him.” Corrupt wolf incomparably excited saying. Elder brother, how you knows?” Jiu Jiang asked hurriedly. These people the subordinate who is the elder brother receives newly, is they tells me.” The corrupt wolf with pointing at has referred to Zuo Hufa and the others. A Jiu Jiang brow wrinkle, vision ice-cold looks protector and the others toward left: „Who are you?” Opens reports the princess, we are the Sun Empire people.” Zuo Hufa said hurriedly. Hears Sun Empire these characters, Jiu Jiang knows that the matter is not definitely good, Sun Empire with Xia Tian is the dead enmity, although explodes Sun Empire also to have her one, but Sun Empire has blamed all on Xia Tian, therefore Sun Empire is looks forward to Xia Tian dead miserably is better. In ape hole. Xia Tian sat broke here for day a night, his tired being sweating profusely, has broken this Formation finally: Shouted, was good because of being small Formation, if were big Formation, we may not have that time to break.”