Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2126
bo! Formation vanishes directly. The Xia Tian front presented a cave entrance. Big brother, I carry you to go to have a look.” Xia Tian carried Qi Wang. Afterward he walks toward inside. Pit hole. Here is a very clean pit hole, the pit hole is not big, but actually gives people a feeling of unusual conditions, various types of stalactites under shining of legendary luminous pearl very attractive. Third child, you looks at front quickly.” Qi Wang said hurriedly. The Xia Tian vision looks to front. A black skeleton sits on the front that throne. This bone unexpectedly is the black, moreover after the thousand years, it seems like should not be Expert.” Xia Tian says with emotion. No, the third child, you have made a mistake, this is not the person skeleton, but is the bone of apes and monkeys, you looked that its sole is very long, the palm is also very long, the words that the arm dangles, can overflow the knee, his head lower jaw unusual width, this is the characteristics of apes and monkeys.” Qi Wang answered. „The bone of apes and monkeys? I had looked at the bones of that head ten levels of uncultivated land beast wooded mountain apes a moment ago, was similar to our normal people, was a little transparent translucent, did not have what special place, why can it the thousand years not?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The third child, the bone is a differentiating grade, I have looked at your right-hand man, the rank of your right-hand man bone probably is the arms of seven cauldron Expert ranks, but your bone is actually very ordinary, translucent, you know that what rank above the transparent bone is?” Qi Wang asked.

Does not know.” Xia Tian shook the head. Above transparent bone is the golden bone, this point, only then eight cauldron Expert will have, moreover our normal people are injured to take the compounded drug to restore, even if the arm all cuts off, can restore, but seven cauldron above Expert, once is injured, did not have is so easy to restore, only if they found the cut off arm, can find the way to join, otherwise they truly can take the compounded drug to grow the arm once more, the arm and his main body that but new was long radically were not a scale, he needed on cultivation dozens years, even over a hundred years can restore, wanted to restore as for eight cauldron Expert golden arms, That difficulty.” Qi Wang answered. Actually that this black bone is what rank?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Grace, no, should say that is the demon grace, before this apes and monkeys is living, absolutely is existence of King, even possibly is existence above Nine cauldrons, why will die as for him here, I do not know.” Qi Wang answered. What? Existence above Nine cauldrons.” Xia Tian was shocked immediately. Em, existence above Nine cauldrons, if I will build up the method of this type of skeleton to be good, such I can remould the skeleton for you, poured into this ape king grace to your within the body, what a pity built up the bone skeleton the method only to save in the Ancient time, I have not obtained the rare book in this aspect.” Saying that Qi Wang regrets. My meeting, my meeting, Big brother.” Xia Tian excited saying. What?” Qi Wang doubts looks to Xia Tian. Big brother, my meeting.” Xia Tian excited saying: You do not know that my both hands arm is the crystal jade bones of six cauldron Expert ranks, this is not my cultivation, but is I builds up.” shit, you were also how abnormal.” Qi Wang can only describe Xia Tian with abnormal now, but he said that Xia Tian words, that must add on one ‚’. Because Xia Tian has made him see too many abnormal matters. Big brother, builds up this whole set skeleton to have the risk, but builds up the arm not anything risk, I build up my arm now to you, then I try to build up this set of skeleton to myself, this I failed, you can also obtain my arm, our brothers are still not separated.” Xia Tian also knows one want to build up this whole set skeleton definitely to have the danger, especially rank such high ape king grace. „The third child, can not build up this set of skeleton, you can also receive first, waited later to have enough strength to build up again.” The Qi Wang reminder said.

Big brother, I know that you care about me, however my life is gambling, if lost, I am beyond redemption, if has won, I can complete my dream.” Xia Tian said that both hands patted in the place of their wrist|skill. This is his two crystal jade bones. Presently the rank of crystal jade bone be higher than the rank of Qi Wang arm, therefore Xia Tian must be Qi Wang builds up this set of crystal jade bone. Possibly a little will be painful, is enduring.” Xia Tian said that front presented one group of white flame directly, the flame directly building up to melt his two palms, a pair of crystal jade bone appeared in their front. Really is the crystal jade bone.” Qi Wang says with emotion, he knows that he cannot change the idea of Xia Tian, therefore he can only accept silently. After obtaining the crystal jade bone, his strength will obtain very big promotion. To put it bluntly, even if Xia Tian has the crystal jade bone, he does not have the true display the might of crystal jade bone, but Qi Wang is different, his Realm is high, therefore he can a better display the might of crystal jade bone. For Qi Wang builds up is simple, about a half hour ended. Afterward Xia Tian moved toward that set of ape king grace. This time, he must this set of ape king grace thorough builds up. Bang! One group of black flame erupt from Xia Tian within the body, the flame directly covers Xia Tian and ape king grace, suddenly the body and on the ape king of grace Xia Tian was all lit. The small cauldron, builds up to me!

Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward he and ape king grace appeared in the small cauldron directly. Normal, wanting not own thing to build up to own within the body, this is a very difficult matter, when Xia Tian and ape Wang Xiangu puts in the small cauldron to refine together. His unexpectedly discovered that own bone is absorbing the strength in ape king grace. His bone unexpectedly had not been replaced, but is the absorption. This what's the matter?” Xia Tian discovered that he does not have both hands, therefore that has not attracted to his here to the both hands of ape king grace. Puff! The slight hesitation, Xia Tian had not taken from the small cauldron own both hands arm directly, afterward joins. The arm of ape king grace also starts to be absorbed by him. This absorption seems submits to is the same. Ape king grace unexpectedly has submitted to his bone, resembles his bone high to be the same than the ape king grace rank, even the ape king grace does not have any revolt, it is submitting to its king at this time. Actually to have what?” On the face of Xia Tian is inconceivable, he does not understand the thing that ape king grace over nine levels of existences, why must submit to him.