Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2127

Has not imagined the resistance. Does not have the ache. Even builds up continually does not have need. He remembers one build up the crystal jade bone time has taken very big effort. Normal, he builds up the ape king grace rank is higher than the crystal jade bone, that should be more right than crystal jade bone difficulty, if even he encounters backlash, will be in danger. But now ape king grace such obedient has obeyed him. Has not revolted, does not have backlash. Probably is the small fish is swallowed to be the same by whale one, is reasonable, is normal. Qi Wang outside very anxious looks at Xia Tian, he does not know actually in front of one in this cauldron what happened, when he is most anxious, his brow suddenly wrinkle. Well, suddenly the trace and pattern of this cauldron......” the mouth of Qi Wang opens big: This is that small cauldron that on the past Yu Wang neck wore, exactly the same, but this was to enlarge the version.” He has suddenly discovered an inconceivable matter. This small cauldron unexpectedly is the small cauldron of Yu king is exactly the same. Ten days ten nights! The absorption of Xia Tian has been conducted for ten days ten nights. Ten days later. Bang!

Xia Tian flew from the small cauldron, his right hand turns, the small cauldron vanished in same place. I know that your boy has good luck ever.” Qi Wang is also relaxed. Em, Big brother, I succeeded.” Xia Tian nodded. Very with ease success. „The third child, before you feel now, differently what has?” Qi Wang curious asking. Has very big difference, felt body coordinated, resembles this is my genuine body is the same.” Xia Tian suddenly had a feeling. That is should be very formidable. Was good, your this anomaly, no wonder the second child said that what happened on you should not be surprised.” Qi Wang helpless shaking the head. „Did your wound select?” Xia Tian asked. Was much better, but wanted fully to restore, needed some time, was right, third child, you a moment ago that cauldron what's the matter? I have also seen in Yu Wang there.” Qi Wang said. „?” Xia Tian little uses the small cauldron before others, is high in his Qi Wang status, he regards Qi Wang is the blood brother regards, therefore he has not concealed, used the small cauldron in the Qi Wang front directly. You remember before me, has told you, was Yu Wang helps me arrange that to hide the truth from the day Formation, making me shunt the day tribulation.” Qi Wang looks at Xia Tian to say. Em.” Xia Tian slight bow. At that time I noticed on the neck of Qi Wang has your this cauldron, but he is the diminished version of your this cauldron, the above design and pattern are exactly the same.” Qi Wang answered. The Xia Tian right hand wields, small cauldron appears in his hands: Big brother, what you look is such big.”

Right, right, this was exactly the same.” Nod of Qi Wang makes an effort. It seems like, this small cauldron also has many secrets.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the small cauldron in oneself hand. Em, the third child, you later has remembered to me, cannot exposed your small cauldron before anybody, even if in front of my not to be good, if I have not guessed that wrong, your small cauldron will possibly relate to very big secret.” The Qi Wang injunction said. I knew, Big brother, I lead you to leave here.” Xia Tian said. No.” Qi Wang shook the head: I currently have the wound in body, in the event of any matter, I am your burden, you implicate you at the back of me on the contrary, you might as well place me here were good, when I injured to exit again.” Big brother, you said anything, we are the brothers, shares joys to share sorrows, I will not throw down your.” Xia Tian said that must grasp Qi Wang. „The third child, you listened to me saying that our two have delayed here a lot of time, what now outside is our two both does not know, if we such exited, quick will stare, you might as well place here me, when I will injure naturally to look your.” Qi Wang vision firm looks at Xia Tian. But I did not feel relieved that places here you.” Xia Tian said. This, you arrange Formation here, gives the Formation symbol that I can come and go out not to be good, this direction symbol you are taking, when I injure well similar I looked for you.” Qi Wang has given a Xia Tian direction symbol directly. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he truly did not feel relieved that places here Qi Wang, but does not have better means now, he can only arrange several Formation outside, this can prevent some people to come here, or other wild beasts arrived here. Was good, walks quickly.” Qi Wang has patted Xia Tian, he understands, if makes Xia Tian continue at the back of him, he will possibly implicate Xia Tian. He is Qi Wang, he is the thousand years ago almost destroys completely that Qi Wang of next three all people, he will implicate how possibly his brothers. Let him protect own brothers, he rather pays with the life, looks like he keeps off the fist of Jiu Jiang to be the same. This is the Qi Wang righteousness. Xia Tian looked at Qi Wang one: Elder brother, you do not worry, must wait to injure to walk again, I will not have the matter.”

Walks quickly, womanishly fussy.” Qi Wang started to expel Xia Tian directly. After Xia Tian prepare Formation, directly left. Third Brother, how the elder brother possibly makes you go facing outside danger.” Qi Wang corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: Although this mystique will harm the life, but the elder brother lived for more than 1000 years, did not care little lives these several hundred years.” Mystique: Ultimate samsara technique! After Xia Tian left the ape hole, on fast overruns to the Qilin hole, he wants a bit faster to rush to the Qilin hole, obtains Qilin pu, is the Qilin blood, then returns to the Qi Wang side, such Qi Wang did not need to receive the crisis with him together. He and Qi Wang are considering for the opposite party at this time. Corrupt wolf place. At this time they have arrived at the forest deep place, the enormous and powerful crowd can be said as the invincible master, regardless of their place visited bumps into any wild beast to be able relaxed defeating. Elder brother, I thinks them definitely not on this road, perhaps in other road, we returns to other road.” Jiu Jiang consoles saying that this is consoling the corrupt wolf to change the road all the way, because he knows Qi Wang and Xia Tian walk is this road, if made the corrupt wolf find Qi Wang and Xia Tian, that Qi Wang and Xia Tian must die without doubt. Small three child this have it can be said that been elated with success, Sun Empire left protector is respectful to him, simply him, when the ancestor supplied. You probably were very recently strange.” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, has sized up Jiu Jiang again: „Aren't you will know Xia Tian?”