Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2129

Xia Tian looked at own fist, satisfied nod, has saying that his bone obtained very formidable promotion, but this is his secret method. Reason that assists male loses, on the one hand because of his having a low opinion of the enemy principle of righteousness, on the other hand is because his operational experience is really few pity, after his unexpectedly Xia Tian pinched the arm, is given up the resistance. Here is the war of life and death, but does not compare notes, Xia Tian will call how possibly a halt. If assists male does not tow in a big way, from the beginning comes up to use the speed and Xia Tian socializes, he will have very big superiority. Quite fierce.” Water guard City Lord surprised saying, these of his side under have also opened the mouth, inconceivable of whole face. Next time will be careful, bumps into this fellow try not to die again to shoulder, keeps the mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever.” Xia Tian said that cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly, afterward leaves directly. Charming, natural! Has saying that Xia Tian presenting these people have made impression for a lifetime. formidable, atmosphere. Although Xia Tian just before leaving has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to them, but this has actually made the best impression in them, they think that Xia Tian is that type has the strength, moreover a person who is worth others respecting. Captain, he is summer Vice-City Lord, is really compared with the legend in also fierce.” Yes, moreover his unexpectedly cups one hand in the other across the chest to say goodbye with our these small roles, a rack does not have.” No wonder water City Lord had advocated that mediated uneven Imperial City to be on good terms, after I went back, must publicize the summer City Lord prestige.” These people are the incomparable worships looks at the Xia Tian back. In the team of corrupt wolf. Left protector the side to be also many several people, these people were strength unusual formidable, suddenly the person looked to own control, his control presented a blood red mark: Was bad, assisted Xiong to have an accident.” Assists Xiong, what the Sir you said is that assists the doctor Sir the nephew who?” Left protector stares slightly.

Is he, his life blood line appeared, represented him dead, he was four cauldron Rank 9 Expert . Moreover the true line of deep Sir.” The subordinate who that assists the doctor answered. „Was this actually who has killed how possibly him?” Left protector was more obscure, generally speaking, four cauldron Rank 9 Expert was very difficult to be struck to kill. Wait / Etc. looked, if before he at the point of death, has left behind the information, then we can find the murderer.” The subordinate who that assists the doctor has looked at own control. What's the matter?” The corrupt wolf also noted their here situations. Senior, came in a moment ago that 20 Expert a person died, now we are waiting, having a look at him to leave behind any news.” Zuo Hufa respectful saying. Appeared.” Is the subordinate who that assists the doctor loudly shouts in this. Therefore everybody looked to his control, at this time his in the control presented two characters: Xia Tian. If others' name they are not quite possibly familiar, but Xia Tian this name, they really think that is not familiar difficultly, reason that they form a big team here because of a common goal. That is Xia Tian. Xia Tian, is Xia Tian.” Zuo Hufa shouts hurriedly. On the face of corrupt wolf has shown the smiling face. The heart of Jiu Jiang all of a sudden sank to the valley, she all the way already as far as possible has been covering up, even several times almost expose her to know that Xia Tian matter, was good because of being deceived by her. But this Xia Tian unexpectedly was discovered. It seems like our not going astray road.” The corrupt wolf shows a faint smile. Senior, assists the direction that the grand person he goes to is our rear area, in other words now Xia Tian our behind.” Zuo Hufa respectful saying. Good, is very good, informs all people, in same place rest, the horizontal type-setting exhibits the battle formation to me, a three meters person, blocks here comprehensively, how I must have a look at his Xia Tian to rush to my this unescapable net but actually.” On the face of corrupt wolf is the excited expression.

Near, he was away from Xia Tian to be getting more and more near. Waited these many years, before he can finally snow, shame. This fool, I kept the symbol on the road obviously, he how.” Jiu Jiang innermost feelings anxious saying, she does not know actually, the symbol that she makes only then Qi Wang knew that but Xia Tian has separated with Qi Wang now. After one hour! Died, this time is four cauldron Rank 7, has not left behind the news.” After one hour! Died, news or Xia Tian that four cauldron Rank 8, leave behind.” Corrupt wolf leisurely and carefree lying down on sedan chair: Good, is very good, was getting more and more interesting.” Senior, according to the words that the time calculates, Xia Tian was away from us many are less than the distance of half day, what did we use to suppose to ambush or trap?” Zuo Hufa proposed. Snort!” Corrupt wolf cold snort: Copes with him, but also uses that big fee to be flustered?” Senior, he is not quite simple, the method are many, if not prepare completely safe, might be been cloudy by him very much.” Zuo Hufa is very good. „Are you are questioning my strength?” The voice of corrupt wolf instantaneously changes cold. Puff passes! Left protector kneels on the ground directly: Junior does not dare, asking Senior to appease anger.” The corrupt wolf has not spoken, left protector like this to kneel on the ground does not dare, that several subordinates who assists the doctor are the brow reduce, this they have experienced to corrupt wolf location of ruling by force all the way, but under is too strong concerned about the corrupt wolf and his person strength, therefore they do not dare to say anything. But for a large area of search Xia Tian, they have separated, here has left behind five people, other 15 people all dispersed to seek for the Xia Tian trail.

This time Xia Tian is resting! After the consecutively three fights, he was a little also tired, his first fight is truly happy, second also directly sneak attacked opposite party one to be caught off guard. However the third time, opposite party unexpectedly had to guard, promoted Pinnacle the speed, one socialized with Xia Tian, what a pity finally by the Xia Tian thunder. Melts the dragon to cut to kill. Here has the subordinate who these many assist the doctor, it seems like their teams should in front, I all kills you, when the time comes I must have a look at you to assist the doctor but actually the remaining polished rod commanders also to install any attire.” Xia Tian had decided. What is main, he discovered that assists these under special equipment of doctor, this equipment looks like and common, but before him, on three people who kills has this equipment, probably is the coverall is the same. It seems like I, only then kills many assisting doctor subordinate, can collection together this coverall.” Xia Tian started the might of a little curious this coverall. After resting, he direct. His goal, is the subordinate who these of front assist the doctor. When the Xia Tian fast advance, he has discovered the target, because of his present Spiritual Force compared with good of opposite party cultivation, therefore is the opposite party that he discovers first. The opposite party is two people. Two people all are the subordinates who assists doctor. This time, was you.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting.