Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2130

Subordinate who assists the doctor, that and Xia Tian was a mortal enemy, they entered here goal are to kill Xia Tian, but Xia Tian saw that they will not show mercy absolutely. If before obtaining ape king grace, Xia Tian can only close right up against the weapon and method sneak attacks. However now...... Still sneak attacks. In normal condition, Xia Tian what enemy principle of righteousness, no matter facing, cannot sneak attack to kill, does not exit absolutely act high and mighty. Has his exiting to stand there one to shout, that opposite party definitely has prepared. Can kill the opposite party to Xia Tian finally, definitely also has consumed the considerably large strength, here momentarily probably comes across the different crises. Therefore Xia Tian impossible to waste own strength. Father does not worry, when you relax the vigilant time, is father kills your times.” Xia Tian looks like a falcon, hides in the darkness, only waits for the rabbit to relax vigilantly, he instantaneously will kill. Matter that the sneak attack is one had the patience. Assists positive Senior Brother, you said that assists Xiong dead? I do not believe absolutely he was killed by that Xia Tian, I listened to the Sir saying that he was only a four cauldron Rank 1 boy.” Under a famous artisan who assists the doctor said. Originally wooden, this is your weak point, has a low opinion of the enemy, the principle of righteousness, you must remember, he can cut to kill to assist Xiong, this itself has proven his strength . Moreover the Sir has also said that this boy card in a hand are many, assists the male manner to be frivolous, was been definitely cloudy.” Assists Yang Suiran assists the male elder brother, but they assist the family one to be very big, competitive power formidable, therefore he is not sad. Yes, assists positive Senior Brother, I will not be absolutely negligent.” This wood respectful saying. This boy is away from our positions not to be far, over the two days can definitely bump into him, so long as cuts to kill him, after that goes back, we two advantage naturally are must have.” Assisted to pat this wooden shoulder with the hand positive. Multi- shazo positive Senior Brother raises.” This wood excited saying, although they are the subordinates who assists the doctor, but similarly is the subordinate, the status is different. Assists the doctor the subordinate, status highest is the father of Emperor Sun Empire, because he assisting that person of doctor money, provided for has assisted the doctor these many years, assisted the doctor naturally to take care of him, next assists the three brothers of family, assisted positive, assisted Xiong and Sasaki. Finally is their these depends on the person who talent trains. Their status are also lowest, generally is gathers round these three brothers to transfer. He, assists the positive trusted friend. Their rates of progression are not fast, because they are worried to bump into Xia Tian suddenly, was sneak attacked by Xia Tian.

Xia Tian hides in the hidden place did not have the opportunity to start. The night falls. Originally wooden, in this rest, can bump into him in any case sooner or later, does not need to worry, here dark night is not tranquil, various wild animals and poisonous insects were too many.” Assists Yang Tixing to say. Yes, assists positive Senior Brother, my this scatters to evade the insect pink / white and disintoxicating powder in the surroundings.” This wood said that has bustled about directly, starts to assist Yang Daxia the hand. Assists positive is also nod of appreciation. The dark night has covered the entire sky gradually, assists sits there positive concludes to maintain mental tranquility, this wood stands in the surroundings garrisons, he somewhat is also weary, but has not rested. Xia Tian hides in the hidden place, had not moved, he is still ambushing. He strikes to kill in the waiting. Finally, this wood also was a little late at night tired, therefore he planned that urinates to sober. At him in being infatuated with. Puff! He looks down, the place of his heart has a hand, puts from behind: He died This is his final idea. Assists positive Senior Brother!” When he must die immediately, he exhausted the biggest strength to shout. This shout is in his body the final strength. When he shouted these words, his body directly soft. Bang! Strikes Xia Tian that goes well not to think that this wooden unexpectedly shouted, when he hears this wooden shout knows that the matter is not good, afterward he starts fast retreat. At this moment Xia Tian felt behind to transmit an intense crisis feeling.

Whiz! A Xia Tian body revolution, afterward false. Shot the day god to bend appears instantaneously in his hands, he pulled open directly has shot the day god bow, the instinct has projected this arrow. Bang! Goal directly killed smashing. „It is not the person.” Xia Tian stares suddenly. He thinks that was that assists Yang Qinzi to appear, finally unexpectedly was assists Yang Reng to come a thing, this by that thing counter-balancing. Whiz! Assists positive opens directly runs away. „To run away?” Xia Tian both hands grasp in the air, simultaneously has shown a strange posture. Seizes the dragon second type. Thunder. Melts the dragon. Shuanglong pounded directly to the front assistance was positive. Very strong strength.” Assists the positive complexion immediately changes, he does not dare to have the slight hesitation, put out Advanced treasure to be used to resist directly. Bang! The formidable explosive force raised to fly him directly. How possible?” Assists positive inconceivable looks at own both legs, he does not have to think own unexpectedly has not blocked Xia Tian the strikes. Thunder and lightning. Was the strength of thunder and lightning corroded his both legs. This is the Xia Tian real objective.

He knows that his dragon is definitely is unable to strike to kill to assist directly positive, therefore his attack judgment assists the positive both legs, making the positive speed slow, like this he can assisting Yang Jinhang attacks. Otherwise his speed definitely is unable to overtake assists positive. Run away! Assists the positive first idea to run away, at this moment he feared death, he has been afraid by that moment that Xia Tian killed in this wood. Now he one was hit by Xia Tian, at heart fear. Whiz! Assists Yang Kuaisu to run, is his both legs now somewhat is numb, the speed is slow many. I thought that which you toward run away.” Xia Tian pursued directly, his speed Yang Kuai got up temporarily, when he overtakes assists positive, will directly assist a positive dorsal bulk meat to throw off. Assists positive has not gone to manage own back, he knows himself, even if only stops for one minute, he must die without doubt. Whiz! They such one pursues runs away. Probably about ten minutes, Xia Tian can assisting carries on an attack positive. Assists positive is also unyielding, what no matter made into by Xia Tian, does not turn head, runs, has breaknecked proceeding runs, probably after 34 hours, assisted the positive back to see the bone. But his both legs also somewhat restored. The speed changed quick. I thought that which you toward run away, bleed also the class dead you.” Although Xia Tian is unable to attack to assist in a short time positive, but he has not stopped pursuing. When Xia Tian pursued for day a night, he stopped suddenly, at the same time, his complexion changes, because he felt periphery to have enough several hundred formidable aura . Moreover the aura was increasing at this time. Xia Tian, I and others you were very long.” The incomparably familiar sound reaches in the ear of Xia Tian together.