Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2132

What thing?” Corrupt wolf puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Actually in my eyes, you is a waste, even arrived at me to be disinclined to kill you finally, you said that actually you had the multi- waste.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. You and your person can begin.” The corrupt wolf looked to kneeling on the ground left protector to say. Yes, Senior.” The Sun Empire left protector to stand hurriedly: All people give me to gather, encircles to me him here.” Under that several famous artisans who assists the doctor has not moved. Assists positive at this time training own injury in a corner. Big brother was laborious.” Good-looking, and on the face had young men in faint trace evil intent to move toward has assisted positive. Snort.” Assists Yang coldly snort one, by him this person is one of his younger brothers, Sasaki. He has two younger brothers, one is to assist Xiong, another is Sasaki, although their brothers three people leave a family, many of but struggling. Big brother, you do not like me probably.” Sasaki shows a faint smile. Some words said that had fart......” his words not to say stopped, his whole face inconceivable looked to Sasaki, at this time his place of back of the body had a blade to prick directly: You dare......” I have certainly dared, has such good opportunity rarely, how I possibly let off you, here also nobody can see in any case, when the time comes I told the uncle that you were killed by Xia Tian, recorded merit to you are good.” Sasaki said that the right hand makes an effort once more. Puff! The short sword pierced directly has assisted the positive heart. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Xia Tian, today was your time of death.” Left protector says with a smile loudly, at this time their support of here Sun Empire also all arrived, more than 40,000 people, their more than 40,000 people are uniform Expert, these many Expert do not say that was four cauldron Rank 1 Xia Tian, even if were ordinary five cauldron Expert can also encircle kills. You?” The Xia Tian right hand turns, a monkey match thunder appears in his hands: Corrupt wolf, in this world absolutely does not have the matter that the monkey match thunder is unable to solve.” !

Xia Tian matched Thunder Reng to approach own this monkey directly. His time is having over ten thousand people to outflank, they are want to be cut off the Xia Tian escape route. Bang! Instance when monkey match thunder falls to the ground, direct explosion. Bang! Bang! Bang! The ground rocked, the formidable explosive force behind there moves to Xia Tian for the flat land. What?” The corrupt wolf on sedan chair has been standing directly. His whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he does not understand the outcome that Xia Tian threw a moment ago is any thing, probably is the anti-tank grenade on Earth is the same. However might unexpectedly is more terrorist than the missile. This......” Sun Empire left protector hoodwinks directly. Xia Tian at this time body fast retreat, and mouth was saying: If any, that gives you two monkey match thunder.” In Xia Tian his both hands presented a monkey match thunder respectively. Two monkey match thunder threw directly to the crowd. Two insufficiently three, three insufficiently four, four insufficiently five.” Xia Tian threw five monkey match thunder directly, these five monkey match thunder threw five people to gather in most places separately, the place that the corrupt wolf was at naturally was also looked after by Xia Tian. Whiz! Meanwhile, Xia Tian opens directly runs away.

Corrupt wolf, you must understand a few words, the waste forever is the waste, even if were you wears the imperial robe unable to work as the platform.” Before Xia Tian just before leaving, shouts loudly. Bang! Bang! Explosive sound unceasing is sweeping across periphery all people, they were all swallowed by this formidable explosive force, before Xia Tian has matched Thunder Shiyan to cross with the monkey. A monkey match thunder can raze a ten meters high hill, thus it can be seen, monkey match thunder might actually big. At this time he threw five all of a sudden. These five monkey match thunder explode in the crowd, will covet wolf and the others to cover completely. Runs!” The corrupt wolf gives a loud shout, afterward all people all open run away. Some strength strong people can escape, moreover corrupt wolf and the others in surrounding, therefore is easy to escape, but these encircled kill Xia Tian Sun Empire Expert to be miserable. More than 40,000 Sun Empire Expert were all exploded to cover. The Sun Empire left protector to see that the matter is not good, he escaped immediately, when he has been separated from the explosion area time, his person looked to disappear, even looks to disappear including the corpse. More than 40,000 Expert all extinguish. The subordinate of corrupt wolf also injured. Person who because Xia Tian has looked after specially his, has thrown a monkey match thunder to his there, this monkey match thunder has swept across 70-80 people of lives instantaneously, several strength strong points has been separated from the explosion range, but also is the body hangs out colored streamers. This inside this time situation best person was assists three of doctor to accept, before Sasaki just before leaving, will assist positive Chu ring picking, because assisted the positive body to have a coverall. Words that on their 20 people all the coverall part, this coverall combines, the might is very powerful. Assists the doctors to go to want their coverall parts, because this is above grants.

Hateful, pursues to me!” The corrupt wolf is out of the dangerous the earliest possible time is angry shouting. Ran away! Xia Tian unexpectedly ran away, what is main is Xia Tian unexpectedly makes him so distressedly. His original manuscript thinks own this time has been able 100% killed Xia Tian, finally made Xia Tian run away, moreover Xia Tian has also killed his these many subordinates in running away beforehand unexpectedly, he person who brought from demon also died these many. Hateful, hateful!” Corrupt wolf angry shouting. Whiz! Pursue! Side corrupt wolf these Expert pursue directly forward. The waste forever is the waste, even if you wore the imperial robe not to be the crown prince. Before this is Xia Tian just before leaving , the last few words that leaves behind, these words have been coveting the ear of wolf to wind around, he even was unable to control his anger now. Angry! Xia Tian, I will certainly make you live to might as well die.” Corrupt wolf angry shouting. Senior, we then what to do?” The Sun Empire left protector asks hurriedly, his person has died, now Xia Tian also ran away, he can only implore the corrupt wolf to help. Pursues, he is only a four cauldron Rank 1 boy, he is unable to run away far, happen to you are familiar with that three people, you with their three one team, have remembered to me, the Xia Tian method are many, the beam energy spread does not open, after seeing him, do not keep the hand, uses the strongest skill to hit to me, if has not died is remaining to me, I must have your advantage.” The corrupt wolf said that own body also vanished in same place. Chased down to start certainly greatly.