Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2134

A dog! The body of corrupt wolf was mark a dog. Others are the shoulder dragon. He is the shoulder dog. This imposing manner, fell down from weariness Xia Tian directly. Xia Tian also can only stretch out the thumb to praise to sigh silently: Good, B.” On the corrupt wolf left arm is keeping giving blood, this is wounded by Xia Tian Thunder dragon: You court death.” This time corrupt wolf both eyes get angry. The clothes that he usually wears are very long, to intentionally cover own tattoos, but his coat has been destroyed by Xia Tian now, this tattoos also revealed. He also knows that tattoos of this dog loses face very much, but he does not have the means that because this is his pet. Day wolf, gives me to bite to me his arm leg.” Corrupt wolf vision one cold, racket that afterward his both hands make an effort in ground. Puff! Suddenly the surrounding strong winds rise from all directions, instigation that the leaf keeps. The imposing manner is extraordinary. Very strong air/Qi field, is really any extraordinary pet!” Xia Tian is startled immediately. After one second, a head 30 centimeters high infant dog appears in the Xia Tian front. Oh lying trough!” The feeling, Xia Tian can say definite one were was sighing with emotion a moment ago. Is is not cursing at people absolutely. He has not controlled. Hears Xia Tian to shout day wolf name time, Xia Tian starts to fantasize that 34 zhang (3.33 m) high, a claw has a big tree to be so big. When but he sees this so-called day wolf, he has not borne. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian laughs loudly: Corrupt wolf, waits for the meeting, will wait to hit again, you will make me smile a meeting first.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” What Xia Tian smiles is complexion also more and more of more and more loud, corrupt wolf looks. Day wolf, bites him.” The corrupt wolf shouts loudly.

Lying trough, you hit also brings to put the dog, this is acts shamelessly.” Xia Tian said that turns the head to run. Whiz! That puppy exits instantaneously, speed very quick. Puff! Direct bit on the calf of Xia Tian, a bulk meat was torn up by it directly. Its tooth very sharp. Seizes dragon. The left hand of Xia Tian grasps directly to that puppy, but the puppy body leaps, has shunted the attack of Xia Tian directly, and bites to the arm of Xia Tian. Not dead Divine Art, Nine orifices connection. The Tathagata god holds the first type, Fokuang peeps. A huge Buddha palm pounded to the puppy. Whiz! The body of puppy suddenly drops, has shunted the attack of Xia Tian once more, can say, the movement of this dog very exquisite. Xia Tian, you have any skill, with.” Despising of corrupt wolf whole face. Bang! The Xia Tian right hand wields, around his body appeared several thousands to arrive at the sword glow. Domain. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Several thousand sword glow pound directly to puppy. Bang! ! retreat that the puppy keeps, has shunted the attack of Xia Tian. Yeah! Xia Tian, you really disappointed me too, has not thought was so long, your strength unexpectedly only progressed has such selected.” Corrupt wolf disappointed shaking the head.

Puff! His head presented five small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons. Five cauldron Rank 8! Corrupt wolf unexpectedly is five cauldron Rank 8 Expert. N , N brothers, this is really the big destiny person, my cultivation speed has sufficed abnormally, this fellow unexpectedly cultivation to five cauldron Rank 8, this speed is to ride the rocket comes up?” Xia Tian innermost feelings infinite says with emotion. No wonder the corrupt wolf is eats meal to eat the miracle cure, arrives at can by the person who the merit law trips. Xia Tian, if your this method, you will then be miserable.” The corrupt wolf corners of the mouth have shown the cruel smiling face, afterward he walks toward Xia Tian directly. One ten meters. Light. Silver light. The movement of corrupt wolf uses, Xia Tian could not see corrupt wolf person, can only see together the silver ray. X-Ray Vision eye! Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, he hopes that actually arrives at the corrupt wolf how to move through X-Ray Vision shortly. What a pity. Light. „Is this possible? Why can't I see his gait mode?” In the Xia Tian mind is thinking. The corrupt wolf has been away from him to be getting more and more near. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration of: „Doesn't corrupt wolf, you want to look at my strength? We hope that do not regret one arrive at the world of human beings.” „?” The corrupt wolf has anchored the footsteps, very has the interest looks at Xia Tian: Has any skill to use, but I urged you plan that should better or gives up escaping, because you were impossible to run away to obtain my palm, my speed was you can never follow.” Hits you also with running away? You ten thousand years of defeated.” Xia Tian smiling looks at the corrupt wolf. Not dead Divine Art. Nine orifices reverse. Bang!

This was Xia Tian fourth time uses nine revolutions of Divine Art, if he used the ninth time, he must die without doubt. A very formidable strength explodes in his within the body instantaneously, is only the flash, on him all muscles as if once more were full of the explosive force to be common, has poured into the incomparably formidable strength his entire body. These time changes the body, the Xia Tian strength and speed can compare favorably with ordinary five cauldron Rank 5 Expert, because Xia Tian main body Realm is not high, therefore he uses the addition that the nine orifices reverse obtains not to be strong. Five cauldron Rank 5 speeds and strength are unable to contend with the corrupt wolf. Not dead Divine Art, the nine orifices reverse. The Xia Tian use nine orifices again reverse. The fifth use, moreover this time was the long-term usage two nine orifices reverse. Bang! Bang! Bang! The strength of this Xia Tian within the body starts to explode fast. Kazakh Ah! Xia Tian drinks greatly, his muscle expanded once more two, this time Xia Tian reddens all over the face, the long-term usage two nine orifices reverse gave his body to create very big load. Bang! Xia Tian feels own strength promotion one after another, but his body also in one after another was being attacked, he understood the words of old lunatic finally. Side effect of fifth use nine orifices reverse almost the body of Xia Tian burning out, then uses the ninth time? It is not able to imagine. This... Actually this is any strength.” The corrupt wolf is also dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian, although he has made Xia Tian use his compensation, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly so overbearing, strength unexpectedly will have such big change. Bang! Pounding that the double fist of Xia Tian makes an effort above ground. Bang! Xia Tian gained ground instantaneously, looks to the corrupt wolf: „Doesn't corrupt wolf, you want to look at my true strength? Now enough? The insufficient words I can also promote some again.” Good, is very good, this has the challenging.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, sees the Xia Tian strength promotion, he not only does not have slight fear, instead was more and more excited, because he had self-confident achievement. Tumbling, monkey baby.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, in his right hand presented handle [gold/metal] Bang.