Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2136

When Xia Tian pounds the corrupt wolf immediately, the body of corrupt wolf changed into silver light once more. ! His body appeared in the Xia Tian left side, this he not only can shunt the attack of pleasant Golden Cudgel, and can sneak attack Xia Tian. His position distance has happen to surpassed pleasant Golden Cudgel. Therefore pleasant Golden Cudgel is unable to hit his. Be long! Lengthens to me.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Pleasant Golden Cudgel lengthens instantaneously. The insufficient distance projected on the corrupt wolf, but this time sufficed. Bang! Ka! The Advanced treasure guard shield, defends to me. The corrupt wolf used Advanced treasure to protect oneself in the flash. Ka! The Advanced treasure directly pounded smashing, the body of corrupt wolf instantaneously was also curled to fly, his body pounded upside-down 400-500 trees to stop. Dies!” Xia Tian will not let up such good opportunity, his very Rong Cai hits the corrupt wolf, how he may miss such good opportunity. He killed him to covet the nearby of wolf instantaneously. When he soon arrived in front of the corrupt wolf, the surroundings presented the number to the incomparably formidable aura, but his body is also suddenly a pain: Hateful, unexpectedly must reach limit.” Corrupt wolf, you lost.” Xia Tian looked that said to the corrupt wolf. When he prepares turn around to open runs away, he saw the corrupt wolf both legs are tying the arms silver silk thread: Great, corrupt wolf, I have not really misread you, really lacks any you to deliver anything.” Xia Tian killed the front of corrupt wolf he to covet the wolf both legs were tying the arms the hatching to pull instantaneously directly, in Golden Cudgel along with the subsequent party pounded down directly.

This time he plans to give a corrupt wolf understanding. dāng! Whiz! When Xia Tian pounds down, simultaneously killed here the number to the form, one of them has prevented Xia Tian Golden Cudgel, another person instantaneously will covet the wolf to carry off. Bang! That prevents the Xia Tian person to be knocked down directly by Golden Cudgel, the weapon in his hand directly was also destroyed. Hateful, really has the big destiny person, is good to be difficult to kill.” Xia Tian has not yearned for again, his body dodges backward, opens directly runs away. These of corrupt wolf under do not dare to pursue again. After all the corrupt wolf has injured this appearance at this time, moreover that five cauldron Rank 1 Expert that a moment ago and Xia Tian fought if did not let go quickly, perhaps he also had been battered to death, even if were so, he was also the entire arm is at this time cut off. Your highness, Your highness.” These people look at corrupt wolf intense. They have a dream have not thought that their your highness will lose, will lose to a four cauldron Rank 1 boy. The subordinate of corrupt wolf one after another all followed. Elder brother, you how?” Jiu Jiang ran up to the side of corrupt wolf hurriedly, she put out the best therapy compounded drug to give under the corrupt wolf clothing. Princess, you do not worry, your highness his wound is a little heavy, but his Realm is very after all high, had not had good luck ever after to obstruct since birth.” Expert respectful saying of five cauldron Rank 3. A bit faster unties my seal.” Jiu Jiang said. This......” that five cauldron Rank 3 Expert is a little scruple. This anything this, I make you untie, you untie, have any matter to make my brother look for me, he was seriously injured I to protect now side him.” Jiu Jiang angry shouting. Good.” That five cauldron Rank 3 Expert saw Jiu Jiang to be angry, he also can only untie the seal for Jiu Jiang. The corrupt wolf has sat there eyes closed maintains mental tranquility. At this time their rear area.

Situation is not wonderful, it seems like we underestimated Xia Tian, must report this matter to the Sir, we cannot move again rashly, otherwise our several will all build here.” Sasaki brow reduces, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce. Just when started him to see the speed of corrupt wolf, thinks that the corrupt wolf had the possibility to compare favorably with his uncle very much to assist the doctor, but he has not thought that corrupt wolf unexpectedly also defeated in the hand of Xia Tian. Although he has not seen the process. But now the fact puts at his at present, the corrupt wolf and Xia Tian selected only truly lost, moreover probably was miserable, if were not his subordinate rushes promptly, he definitely was cut to kill by Xia Tian. The corrupt wolf has not spoken now, he could not say incoming call, the bone of his entire abdomen had all been broken by Xia Tian, in the abdominal cavity also all was shaken badly, he can only sit convalesces here. Hate! Angry. He in demon cultivation these many years, experienced that many life and death to fight with all might, can say he to again see Xia Tian time can step on Xia Tian in the under foot. But he finally lost. Again has lost to Xia Tian. He and Xia Tian has hit several times every large or small, he one time has not won, even if this time his five cauldron Rank 8, Xia Tian four cauldron Rank 1, he lost similarly. Loses is very miserable, his life almost lost, moreover his immortal, that is immortal. His heart in drop blood. Although he is big destiny person, but that immortal was this whole life has obtained the best treasure, but immortal turns into Xia Tian now. His really city summer to the person who Xia Tian delivered the treasure. Xia Tian that: I have not really misread you, really lacks any you to deliver anything. These words unceasing winds around in his heart. Puff! Gives blood from his mouth spouts. Your highness!”

Elder brother!” All people all anxiously look to the corrupt wolf. The corrupt wolf anything words could not say. But his innermost feelings were shouting at this time crazily: Xia Tian, I will make sooner or later certainly you crawl in my under foot, I must make you live to might as well die. Naturally, this is only he was shouting that nobody can hear, Xia Tian could not hear. This time Xia Tian can be said as very happy, although he cannot cut to kill the corrupt wolf, but he will covet any treasure on wolf leg taking carry back. He understands, reason that the corrupt wolf can use silver flash skill, because of this pair of silver wire. Puff! Xia Tian gives blood the blowout. Hateful, must find a place to rest first, otherwise I must die by backlash.” The Xia Tian vision searched for in the surroundings, finally locks the giant stone that a piece of cover jungle has covered. dāng! [gold/metal] Dao has cut open a hole on the giant stone directly, pulls out spatially inside, afterward he hid in the hole, then has sealed up the entrance the giant stone once more. Some this person here processes, some people will not discover his existence absolutely. Shout! After entering the pit hole, Xia Tian took to restore the compounded drug, he finally can relax now, just he experienced a war. If not his long-term usage two nine orifices reverses, he must die without doubt. Corrupt wolf, what making me have a look at your this outcome to send to me is any treasure.” Xia Tian was direct that team of silver wires, could be said as the silver ring. Very thin line twines, formed a pair of silver ring, on the silver ring had the living witness, was used to tie up the living witness on leg.