Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2137

bo! Xia Tian Spiritual Force covers to the silver ring this directly. Bang! The silver ring starts to revolt, attacked directly to Xia Tian. A formidable soul attack kills directly to Xia Tian. Was bad, soul attack probably.” Xia Tian discovered that own soul defends unexpectedly to disintegrate instantaneously. Roar! In it can extinguish immediately kills the Xia Tian soul. A great roar spreads to the Xia Tian mind. Small insect. The small insect has sent out a great roar, afterward that [say / way] attack directly becomes honest. Do not kill me, do not kill me.” That soul attack begs for mercy hurriedly. Snort, your unexpectedly wants to plot to murder me.” Xia Tian sound ice-cold. I am not intentionally, I am not intentionally, I am immortal, any some people want to control my words that will encounter backlash, on individual has also encountered backlash, but he has the soul to defend the equipment, has blocked my attack.” That soul answered hurriedly. Immortal!” Hears these two characters time, Xia Tian wished one could to find the corrupt wolf to go to knock two to him. Big ritual Ah! This corrupt wolf may really be the big ritual that he sends.

Immortal. With his day cold sword is a weapon of rank, counter Heavens!. Told that me your situation, cannot conceal, otherwise I have killed you.” The Xia Tian threat said that he knows he wants thorough control this immortal, that must let listen spirit his. This spirit and day cold sword spirits. Day cold sword spirit is he refines, therefore recognizes him for the father, is naturally good to control, but this spirits, this immortal is not he refines, therefore spirit will not listen honestly his. Although I am immortal, but I am not the complete body of immortal, I now am the severely wounded situation, I only know that I can start the silver color break-up now, other I do not know that may wait for my body to restore to think.” The small answered spirit hurriedly. Em, looked that you are honest, I forgive your one time, but must with your pledge now spirit that obeys in me life-long, otherwise I have killed you.” The Xia Tian threat said. No, incorrect, I am unable to distribute this pledge.” The small said spirit hurriedly. Why?” Xia Tian asked. Because I, only then can take orders on your body in you, once I were robbed by others, I will also take orders in others.” The small answered spirit. „!” Xia Tian thinks, conforms to truth: Good, introduced your function with me.” Yes, the master, I called the silver ray, my function has two points now, the first point, the speed promotion addition of your main body \; Second, is the silver color break-up, will change into the silver light to go forward, the way of advance refracts each time, when you change into the silver light, temporarily does not come under any physical attack, but the time of silver light is only between one second to two seconds, afterward you need to cut once more, each time the cooling time of cut is 0.” The small answered spirit. Abnormal! Xia Tian hears here time finally understands why how hit does not hit the corrupt wolf, because each time attack time, the corrupt wolf will cut the silver color break-up own body the condition, at that time his attack was invalid. And cooling time: 0. This was really too abnormal. 0 do not have the cooling time.

Added anything without the cooling time, completely is the anomaly in anomaly. Before Xia Tian, thinks that own speed is too slow, but was now different, his speed has been able to be quickly inconceivable, the corrupt wolf when the use silver color break-up, the whole person changed to the ray. That speed simply was anomaly to the monstruous talent. Had it, I had the confidence.” Xia Tian has grasped own fist, he recuperated for day after the cavern a night embarked, although wound did not have entire good. However he must embark, because they are away from the Qilin hole also to have very far distance. If continues such to delay, when he arrived at the Qilin hole, at that time feared the wool not to be left over. ! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, his body changed to ray of light glow, shot directly forward. ! Body of Xia Tian such unceasing back and forth is cutting. If nearby some people see at this time, thinks that the Xia Tian speed was too terrifying, because of them possibly just a twinkling, actually Xia Tian to run out of over a hundred meters, afterward a twinkling, Xia Tian flew again more than 100 meters. Xia Tian now in adaptation immortal. Silver ray. He discovered that this thing used very to execute simply, but similarly, this thing consumes spirit stone, Xia Tian each migration can consume 100 low grade spirit stone. Has saying that this is a terrifying digit, average person radically on consumption, but Xia Tian consumption, because he most does not lack is spirit stone. Even if his day wears immortal. Words that the silver ray runs, 10 million low grade spirit stone were also enough, Xia Tian put out 1 trillion spirit stone enough to run casually for 100,000 days. Had immortal. The silver ray, mother does not need to worry that I fought unable to be inescapable.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying.

Xia Tian this selects person few places to run all the way specially, therefore he has not come across any crisis, has not bumped into the corrupt wolf again they, when he ran seventh day, he stopped. Because here has been separated from that forest, the front is long rivers, normal, he noticed that the rivers direct tour in the past and flew to be good, but he discovered that here and normal rivers were different. This rivers shore has many people to stand here. 400,000-500,000 people all kept off in the head of rivers. When Xia Tian does not understand why they do not ford, he noticed that some people did to test there, he threw a bird to the above of rivers, that bird just stirred up several wings, finally directly fell in the river. Afterward that person threw a blockhead to place the above of rivers, finally, the blockhead also instantaneously sank. My little darling, what's all this about?” On the Xia Tian face has been full of the doubts. Meanwhile, forest the place of entrance, wears the neat man to appear there, his side seems some slightly big people with an age. Assists the doctor Sir, we arrived here, can see from the induction that died four people, moreover two are to assist the person of family, assists Xiong, an assistance is positive.” That age slightly Freshman some people respectful saying. „The senior emperor, you thinks that this possibly is Xia Tian does?” Left protector asks slowly. Should not, even if his method are many, is impossible to kill our four Expert, I guessed that Qi Wang also came.” The senior emperor shook the head, he is the Sun Empire senior emperor, the father of current emperor. Whether or not he, since I came, he died, that Qi Wang, he was in the way, solved including him together was good.” Assists in the look of doctor is murderous aura.