Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2140

Em?” Xia Tian puzzled looks free of evil intention. He has not looked that free of evil intention unexpectedly knows these many. „? Your unexpectedly knew that blue luan coverall, it seems like you are not an average person.” Deep Senior Brother vigilant looked to free of evil intention, he disregarded a moment ago directly free of evil intention, when he heard said the blue luan coverall free of evil intention, he knows that free of evil intention definitely was not the average person. Xia Tian, they have confidence to extinguish kill, because in their eyes, the Xia Tian biggest skill is that the bow. So long as their several tie down Xia Tian, does not give Xia Tian to cause the opportunity of bow, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, but comes out suddenly words of person, that is not easy to do. Moreover this person knew that the blue luan coverall, knows their status, that is not an average person. „Is free of evil intention, what thing blue luan coverall?” Xia Tian looked that to asked free of evil intention. Next three most mystical things, only then in five big top influences has, it is said existences of these five coveralls, therefore nobody dares to annoy these five big influences.” Answered free of evil intention. Why on that their these ordinary disciples will have the part of blue luan coverall?” Xia Tian does not understand why such precious thing will link these ordinary disciples to have. Is very simple, for does not make the coverall combine in together, even if their masters assists the doctor to make them hand over the coverall forcefully, this is the custom that their above people subscribe, but if some people dare to attack them, they can the coverall combination in the same place, carry on to resist the foreign enemy.” Answered free of evil intention. „The might of this type of coverall actually big?” Xia Tian asked again. Is very big, it is said five wear the person of coverall, can resist entire next three.” Free of evil intention saying slowly. Actually are you who?” Deep Senior Brother vigilant looks free of evil intention, free of evil intention because knows were too many, these matters are their five big influence most tops secrets. Besides them, should nobody know is right. Even if Qi Wang, is impossible to know. Hidden entrance.” Free of evil intention light saying. 30 Liushan, 70 Erdong hidden entrances!!!!!” Deep Senior Brother brow tight wrinkle. Right, I am hidden entrance 30 Liushan, 70 Erdong only successors, free of evil intention.” Free of evil intention slight concealment, has not identified one's role when first coming on stage directly. Free of evil intention, this is we and personal grievances between his Xia Tian, has nothing to do with you, has nothing to do with your hidden entrance, I hope that do not meddle.” Deep Senior Brother most is worried free of evil intention gets rid. 30 Liushan, 70 Erdong only successors. Did the strength possibly miss?

That is not good, your five people, his person, independent combat words I, no matter, but you, if bullies the person, I on.” Free of evil intention very impolite saying. Does not use!” Xia Tian has patted free of evil intention shoulder: Copes with several smelly fish smelly shrimp, if I am incorrect the words, I was not Xia Tian.” Volume.” Hears the Xia Tian words free of evil intention, stares slightly. One side sees a play.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Five people. These five people are the subordinates who assists the doctor. Strength formidable, each takes only, in next three is topest Expert. Now their five people must deal with a Xia Tian person together. bo! Five people all revealed that their strength, four cauldron Rank 9, four four cauldron Rank 8 Expert, five people all are next three topest Expert. On, has killed him.” Deep Senior Brother gives a loud shout, afterward their five people have encircled Xia Tian directly. Five people have fired into Xia Tian directly, does not give Xia Tian to use false. Shoots opportunity that the day god bent. Death! Saw that the first person has killed the Xia Tian front. ! The silver light dodges, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared in same place. Quite quick!” Free of evil intention surprised looks at Xia Tian. Seizes dragon! Xia Tian left hand, grasped directly in that four cauldron Rank 8 Expert the place of neck, other four people saw that such situation was pressed with overwork anxiously to Xia Tian, wanting one to attack the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack. Puff!

Xia Tian has scratched and torn that person of neck directly, gives blood flowing that keeps. Hateful, dies.” In the deep Senior Brother hand long sword direct thorn to the chest of Xia Tian, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly clearly knows has four people simultaneously to attack to him, but also dares to kill his Junior Brother. ! Punctured in his long sword in that moment of Xia Tian chest, the silver light flashes through once more, Xia Tian stiffly passed through from their four people. What?” Deep Senior Brother cannot believe that own eye, all these occur was too quick. Actually he has not even seen Xia Tian how to evade his attack. False. Shot day god bow. In the instance that their four people stop, Xia Tian presents in a person, afterward false in right hand shot the day god to bend to shoot directly. Puff! That four cauldron Rank 8 Expert absolutely does not have any opportunity of escaping, was too near, he was away from the Xia Tian position to be too near, opening that less than one meter distance, how possibly hid. The second person so relaxed was struck to kill by Xia Tian. „It is not good, dispersing.” Deep Senior Brother shouts loudly. ! The silver light dodges, Xia Tian appears in one again after the fast retreat person. Seizes the dragon second type. Thunder. Melts the dragon. Still is less than half meter distance, such near distance, what person can shunt the attack? Although their Realm are higher than Xia Tian, but regardless of strong Expert, the body is the meat does, but after impossible the so formidable attack hits , the matter does not have. Especially thunder. Melts the dragon. That four cauldron Rank 8 Expert instantaneously melted Dragon Miesha, body weak on the ground.

The third person died. No......, How you possibly become such fierce.” On the face of deep Senior Brother has written all over inconceivable, he does not believe what he sees is real. His original manuscript thinks the own Senior Brother younger brother five people can relaxed cutting kill Xia Tian, but just several rounds got down now. He died three Junior Brother. What is most terrorist, they are unable to approach Xia Tian. ! Puff! golden light flashes dodges, was four cauldron Rank 8 Expert dies in the hand of Xia Tian. During life and death preying is distracted, brings about own destruction.” The body of Xia Tian appears in the deep Senior Brother front: Now remaining your.” No...... I do not want dead, do not kill me.” Shaking the head that deep Senior Brother keeps. Doesn't kill you? Why?” Xia Tian looked that asked to deep Senior Brother. I do not want dead, I do not want dead.” Deep Senior Brother said that knelt in the Xia Tian front directly. Puff passes! Gives me one not to kill your reason.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. So long as you do not kill me, you make me make anything.” Deep Senior Brother said hurriedly. Good, I give you one living the reason , helping me 11 found your Senior Brother younger brothers.”