Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2142

The people favor to unite, Manchurian crane Changming! ! The free of evil intention body flew directly. ! The silver light dodges, the body of Xia Tian also vanished in same place. Immortal, silver corona. Bang! The ground that they were at a moment ago had been trampled flat at this time, corrupt wolf angry looks at that two ray of light glow: Xia Tian, I must kill you next time.” Xia Tian and free of evil intention they to run the most talent to stop. Stops, do not run, died of exhaustion me.” Stopped free of evil intention. ! Xia Tian also stopped. Has not looked, you very can run.” Lies down in the ground big mouth free of evil intention is panting for breath. Your unexpectedly is five cauldron Expert.” Xia Tian saw that the free of evil intention person favored united has discovered that free of evil intention was five cauldron Expert, moreover his pet was the Manchurian crane. Pet that can fly. That person was quite a moment ago fierce, his main body strength is very high, the might that in addition the coverall, he a moment ago created has reached as high as ordinary six cauldron Expert struck fully.” Said free of evil intention. „Have you seen six cauldron Expert?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

No, but my there has many ancient book records.” Said free of evil intention. After Xia Tian and free of evil intention walked once more for day a night, they saw large quantities of people, saw a bridge. Two brothers, together a group team, front was the range of Mt. Qilin, was dangerous, person many words, but can also have to take care.” A big bao tooth walked from their front. Volume......” Xia Tian just wants to reject. Good.” Said free of evil intention directly. Good, two brothers, went that side with me and other, our team currently had five people, I look for two again.” The big bao tooth said that they have led Xia Tian. Xia Tian walks looked that at this time that side has a man and a woman: Two brothers, my name were Ye Wen, her name was Ye Qiu, our two were the brother and sister.” I called free of evil intention, he called Xia Tian.” Free of evil intention is also very open saying. Xia Tian......” Ye Wen hears this name time immediately stares, afterward shook the head: Excuse me, because of your name with a celebrity duplicate, therefore I was a little rude.” Normal, I was used.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He now was not a peon. Next three are spreading his legend everywhere, uneven Imperial City Vice-City Lord, strength formidable, is the captains of uneven Imperial City all armies. Makes the earthshaking important matter to be many. Was been already expressive outside. Even some people said that he gets rid, therefore Sun Empire was destroyed completely, a person destroys completely a country, this absolutely is most fearful. Ha Ha, should not be offended, Brother.” Ye Wen open saying with a smile.

Ye Wen this person of pretty, long makes the common woman feel the envy, although the eye is not too big, but is not small . Moreover the eye is bright, making here increase many turning head to lead. His Little Sister is the same with Ye Wen, although the eye is not big, but is attractive . Moreover the skin is very good, is that type belongs petite type, making the person seem has one type to want the take pity on feeling. Two brothers, we must find several people here, front there has the wild beast . Moreover the strength is not weak, we luckily what choose is Zuoqiao, here most is the wild beast, if chose the intermediate axle and right bridge that has troubled, Zhongqiao there poisonous insect were more, right bridge there marine animals were more.” Ye Wen patient answered. What Zuoqiao intermediate axle, right bridge?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. In front of us this is child and mother river, here water has the gravity, regardless of anybody is impossible to pass, only then can go to the opposite through these three bridges, we now in the leftmost bridge, therefore calls Zuoqiao.” Ye Wen answered. „!” Xia Tian then understands. Walks from this road forward, normally, one month of course arrived at the Qilin hole.” Ye Wen said unusual is detailed, after his saying, Xia Tian thought so that joined this team very value, after all others knew were more than him, this can also save many troubles. Came to come, several.” Such a big bao tooth once more will draw five beauty. Sees these five beauty time, Xia Tian a little admired the big bao tooth, he depended on his big bao tooth unexpectedly to look for five beauty. This is not the average person can achieve absolutely. Several beauty, my name was Ye Wen, she was my Little Sister Ye Qiu, these two were free of evil intention with Xia Tian.” The Ye Wen 11 introductions said. Is that female brow wrinkle of head: Xia Tian?” Ha Ha Ha Ha, should not be offended, duplicate.” Ye Wen answered hurriedly. In next three, everything mentioned Xia Tian, perhaps nobody did not know. „.” Is the female of head nodded. Hello, I called the tooth package, everybody called me for the big bao tooth, Ha Ha, you can also call me the big bao tooth, kind, kind.” The big bao tooth smiles, his tooth comedy, moreover he is the smiling face, to person a very accessible feeling.

Our five are the girl gate people, I am their big Senior Sister, I called the element to be quiet, her name was Sujing, element Ling, usually bit with usually works as, usually bit with usually considers the twin sisters.” The big Senior Sister element introduced them quiet simply. The clothes that on their five people wears are the green, on the clothes has embroidered a messenger bird, this is the symbol of their school. The people of five girls are beauty. Uniform big beauty. The element to the person a mature charm, she stands there quiet very seriously, looked that is that person who works to refuse. Sujing and her name look like very much, looked that does not like speaking, that person, but she smiles to be sweet, in a Princess Pearl Qinger's feeling. Element Ling is seems quite lively, what is main is her eye is very big, is very attractive. Finally is that team of twin sisters most makes the person forget to return, because they are that type to the person a charming feeling, especially that team of mountain peaks, unsurpassed, this point they obtained the fine heredity of older generations. Originally is white clothing gate outstanding disciple, in the Fierce Tiger city the top school, fortunate meeting fortunate meeting.” Ye Wengong cuping one hand in the other across the chest. The element quiet is also cups one hand in the other across the chest to hint. Our here present also ten people, that can embark, everybody has remembered, friendship first, if encounters any danger, asking everybody to help mutually, had the possibility we became the life-and-death friendship, as for any treasure and so on thing, so long as we tried hard cultivation, sooner or later can obtain, if assigned unevenly, my big bao tooth last wanted, has not wanted.” The big bao tooth strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Good, my Ye Wen is also, has treasure everybody to divide first, has the danger, in my first.” Saying of Ye Wen very heroic spirit. Afterward several females looked that to two men who in team only remained. Xia Tian and free of evil intention.