Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2143

In this team altogether has four men. The big bao tooth and Ye Wen have shown to end condition, remaining Xia Tian and free of evil intention. They have shown their big male idea, that Xia Tian and free of evil intention normal should also display. Except for eating, my anything does not want.” Said free of evil intention directly. Hears the free of evil intention words, several people almost provoked laughter, everybody arrived here for the treasure and material, finally his unexpectedly came one except for eating anything does not want. Also said free of evil intention, now on remaining Xia Tian. Besides woman, other can give you.” Xia Tian is also serious saying. Heard the Xia Tian words, the people collapses thoroughly. No wonder Xia Tian and free of evil intention is the same place, these two person gluttonous, a lasciviousness. This is explores, treasures hunt, finally their unexpectedly said except for eating anything does not want, another unexpectedly said that does not want except for woman anything. This they clarified must kill a person and take his possessions. Volume, two brothers like cracking a joke , it seems like it is personality people, since our people have stabilized, then on preparation.” Ye Wen stares slightly, afterward has uncovered this matter with a smile. Was right, I know that everybody is Expert, but we must result in obeys a person, this can also avoid having the difference, I proposed everybody listens to Ye the brother, I and he walked, this he is looks after to my all the way.” The big bao tooth proposed. He opens mouth each time, that two big bao teeth probably must cut by biting to be the same the air, the fleck of saliva of that mouthful, at least departs three meters far. Good, I agreed that so long as you spurted me to be good.” Xia Tian hides distant. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The people have smiled. The meaning that the big bao tooth has not been angry, has smiled.

Afterward this team of people directly forward. Has to admire the big bao tooth is, these people who he finds are the disposition are quite good, that type has not liked manipulating strategically and planning that person of person. These people are he look, he finds the person time definitely favored looked. „The big bao tooth, why did you look for me and free of evil intention at that time?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. I find the person look at appearance, any person of familiar by face will be doomed not to be bad, but reviewed these wicked and face stiff person was different, their faces formed after the long-term accumulation, drew an analogy, if you year to year in planning person, your eye was easy Freshman to be small, the corners of the mouth easy to curl upwards to the left side, on the face will show often the sinister smiling face, this was unconscious, was beyond control.” The big bao tooth answered. shit, will you also tell fortunes by physiognomy? Really skillful, I will also look, but I will only tell fortunes by physiognomy to the woman.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” The big bao tooth said with a smile loudly. You will also tell fortunes by physiognomy to the woman, you show me.” Ye Qiu directly smiling saying. In this team had big bao tooth and Xia Tian and the others, momentarily has been full of the happy talks and laughters, not little restricting, such advance time will not think too arid. Good, the hand extends.” Xia Tian said. Also must put out a hand, do not occupy me to be cheap.” Ye Qiu looks at Xia Tian vigilantly. What do I take your hand to make? Cannot give birth to the child.” Xia Tian said that direct has held Ye Qiu's hand. The hand line of cultivation is neat. Well, you, cultivation gets up roughly, actually resources \; The treasure also had did not have, actually luck \; The love is very more difficult to bump into pleasant playboy, lacks really \; Summarizes a few words, in you assign lack me.” Xia Tian serious saying. Listened to Xia Tian to say a moment ago front time, everybody listened with total concentration, felt Xia Tian said probably properly was very same, but heard the Xia Tian last few words time, all people have all smiled. rascal, rascal.” Ye Qiulian one red, ran off directly.

Xia Tian discovered that he very long so is not relaxed. Since he arrives at the spirit world, was being compelled gradually walks forward, whole person very weary, he does not dare to be lax, once because is lax, then his enemy wanted his life on the possibility. Now was different, the matter that now Xia Tian is worried about were getting fewer and fewer, will not have the danger of life. His family member, lover also by safe protection. Moreover this team of people are open, therefore Xia Tian also thorough relaxed. Ha Ha!” Xia Tian has also smiled. Was good, the brothers, front must enter the uncultivated land beast region, spunks up, be not sneak attacked.” Ye Wen reminded. Ye Qiu also knows that Xia Tian does not have evil intention, but is cracking a joke, therefore he after a while ran up to side Xia Tian: „Will you tell fortunes by physiognomy really?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. I also think your meeting, because you said right.” Ye Qiu discovered Xia Tian said is the same with her personal experience, she is quite truly rough. That was natural, do you believe me to have a look at your palm reading, I know in you have put on anything color......” Xia Tian spoke of here time with pointing at has referred to Ye Qiu above and under. Ye Qiu Little Sister, do not manage him, he is occupying you to be cheap.” The element quiet reminder said. All right, making him touch unable to be what kind.” Saying of Ye Qiu very atmosphere. Also good, Ye Qiu Little Sister, you make him touch, you made him say, if he were right, that he was fierce, if he spoke incorrectly, our sisters several did not let off him.” The element has rubbed own pink / white fist quiet, probably was warning that Xia Tian is the same. Several other females are also studying the element quiet appearance. Xia Tian looked, this weaponry, must repair itself probably.

Good, what to do if I did say right?” Xia Tian asked directly. Who was right said that right, that can only be your luck is good, made you touch the hand of Ye Qiu Little Sister, you also had anything not to be dissatisfied.” The element said quiet directly. Ye Wen and the others also stand there one looks at the good play the appearance. How they want to take a look at Xia Tian to guess. Must know Ye Qiuchuan is conservative, looked at the past from outside, could not see in absolutely is any color. Good, I suffer a loss.” Xia Tian said that his hand wiped directly in Ye Qiu the hand, left traces, right traces, first traces, latter traces. This touches. Has saying that what Xia Tian this touches is satisfies a craving. Hey, can you say.” Element quiet discontented saying. Good, I said now.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. X-Ray Vision eye. Is the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously opens in this, looked directly to Ye Qiu the upper body. Ps: The brothers, I did not ask monthly ticket, did not seek the recommendation, did not strive for hitting to enjoy, only asked the book review, the reader brothers of this book, followed I very long brothers, Abao, old name: Ni Haitao, he is also one of the book friend group managers, he 6 th the big marriage, the flower here requested that everybody helps to offer the blessing, thanked.