Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2144
All people all are look to Xia Tian that anticipates. Said that you said actually.” Element quiet Qiu this litigant worries. Good!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: Yellow.” Ah! Ye Qiu has covered own upper body hurriedly: rascal!!!” My rascal? I am calculate.” Xia Tian called the injustice. Ye Qiu Little Sister, he will not say really right.” Element quiet surprised looks to Ye Qiu. Other people also look to Ye Qiu, the present Ye Qiuxiao face is red, looked like thoroughly ripe the red apple is the same, making the person unable to bear want to nip. Em.” Ye Qiu nodded. Humph! Saw that Ye Qiu nods, several people burst with joy. shit, real false, you guess right.” Ye Wen says with emotion. Elder brother, I just like the torrential river water to your respect, once started , it can hardly stop, you receive me for the disciple, I later mixed with you.” The big bao tooth plunged Xia Tian directly. At this time before him probably is not Xia Tian, but is Sun, is the sunlight, is warm, will be his future small spring. Stops, you stop to me, beyond three meters, this is the lethality range of your fleck of saliva.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Elder brother, three meters three meters, you must teach me your skill.” The big bao tooth thinks that Xia Tian this skill, that as if bathes in the spring sunlight. Innumerable beauty are waving to him. Sunlight. Has shone his whole body. His side has many women, but is his friend, whenever he wants to pursue this woman time, this woman will tell him: We work as the friend.

How do you achieve?” Free of evil intention does not understand how Xia Tian achieves. At this time the quiet several females have usually opened the mouth, they is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, their several confirmed a moment ago, Ye Qiu the body absolutely does not have any exposed place. Finally Xia Tian said right. Actually this how achieves. ignorant?” Asking of element quiet innermost feelings doubts. Right, should be hoodwinks.” The element confirmed quiet. Xia Tian, you definitely are ignorant, I do not believe that this is you calculates.” Element quiet both hands fork waist, saying of threatening. We do not believe.” Sujing their four also goes forward. This is the superficial knowledge, does not believe you to come one to try again, moreover I have a fiercer skill.” Xia Tian very mysterious saying. What skill?” All people all puzzled looked to Xia Tian. If makes me trace, I can also calculate many contents, for example birthmark, mole wait / etc..” Xia Tian said directly. rascal.” Element quiet panting in indignation scolding. This, you guess what my anything puts on is any color, you have guessed right, I make you guess next.” The element is on duty picks goes forward to say. Looks at the element to work as that grand grand upper body. The Xia Tian innermost feelings are fiery: N , N , D, went back later to probably look for wives insane one well, I such big person, always suppressed is not being good.” Xia Tian set firm resolve secretly. How to dare? Feared that this ignorant mistakenly is?” When usually said directly. „, It seems like you a moment ago were really ignorant, your this big swindler, later do not come out to mooch.” Saying that the element despises quiet. How I do not dare to come, comes.” Xia Tian is thinking a moment ago still person who have the wife, this is not quite perhaps good.

Result these women delivered, if that Xia Tian did not begin, must be scolded the urban court eunuches. Good, come.” When usually extended own right hand directly. Her hand is very attractive, finger is slender, the skin is very good, seems clear full, each finger seems very attractive. Xia Tian polite, direct one has not grasped the hand that the element has worked as. Xia Tian feels, while sitting looking pensive there, seems was pondering anything is the same, has a Master style. Em.” Long time, Xia Tian nodded. Calculated?” Saw the Xia Tian appearance, the people all curiously looks to Xia Tian, they were waiting for the Xia Tian announcement answer. Pink.” Xia Tian said directly. Humph! When usually with usually bit has all opened the mouth, they all looked with the unthinkable vision to Xia Tian, their two both understand that Xia Tian said right. Sees two female expressions, Ye Wen asked directly: He also will not say right.” Junior Sister, did he guess mistakenly?” The element asked quiet hurriedly. Senior Sister, he said right.” When usually awkward saying. Said right? How is this possible?” The element felt quiet own cognition was broken, she had never heard has this telling fortunes, in traces any color that the hand can figure out puts on. This was also too terrifying. Em, Senior Sister, he truly said right.” The element bites the confirmation to say. Does not have the difficulty.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Afterward he one grasps in the upper body that the element has worked as, but also makes an effort has pinched pinching: I felt the conscience saying that I calculated absolutely right, moreover before me, did not know you, therefore was impossible to conspire to get the story straight.” Em, you truly said right, before our two, has not seen absolutely, but can you touch your conscience?” When usually with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian grabbing the hand of her upper body. „, Right, touched my conscience to say.” Xia Tian made an effort to pinch, afterward has pulled out the hand. Volume!” Ye Wen and big bao tooth have all raised up the thumb to Xia Tian, an admiration of face. On the element quiet several female faces all has covered entirely the heavy line. Xia Tian unexpectedly can also take the advantage that the element works as while this opportunity. You touched me a moment ago, cannot Bai Mo, you not say that you touched have been able to guess correctly my birthmark, a bit faster said that if you could not say, you......” when usually long such greatly had not been traced by the man, although is away from the clothes, that was not good, her present both hands make a fist, waited for Xia Tian to speak incorrectly, then lesson Xia Tian well. Right, a bit faster said that if you could not say, our sisters several will not let off your.” The element quiet is also very aggressive shouting. Several other females have also been outstanding the pink / white fist, saying of threatening. Volume! The time that this, touched a moment ago was too short, is a little difficult, otherwise touches one time, I ensure can calculate.” Xia Tian said. „It is not good.” Five female shouting of one voice. Can say really?” Xia Tian awkward looks to five females. Must say.” Five females shout once more. This is not perhaps good, I feared that has not the good influence to her reputation.” Saying that Xia Tian covers up. You said your, fears anything to fear that you do not dare saying that if you did not say, several of us repair you now.” Several females said that must go forward. Good, I said that this is you lets, meets do not blame me.”