Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2145

Good, you said.” The element said quiet directly. On her waist, the fart, in the stock,......” Xia Tian spoke of here time, the hand revolved in the midair. Hears his words, when usually the complexion changed, heard Xia Tian to say also sometimes, she went forward to stop hurriedly: Let alone.” Also has anything, you made him say that I did not believe that he can say right.” Saying that the element quiet is not convinced. Let alone, you said right, I believed you.” When usually breaks hurriedly, she possibly made Xia Tian continue, otherwise her pureness may probably destroy, after her , how may go to see the person. Said right?” Hears words that the element works as, element quiet puzzled looked to her. Em, said right, did not believe you to ask that the element bit.” When usually nodded. He truly said right.” The element bites said hurriedly that she also knows which the element works as the last mole, that cannot make Xia Tian say, otherwise her Little Sister really had no way to cultivate the behavior. Element quiet this returned to hoodwink. shit, the god, Elder Brother Tian, your god, I any people did not worship before, I later only worshipped you.” The big bao tooth said that wants to fire into Xia Tian once more. At this time before him probably is not Xia Tian, but is Sun, is the sunlight, is warm, will be his future small spring. Stops,” Xia Tian directly to retreat one step: Three meters!!!” Elder brother, you said three meters three meters.” Saying of big bao tooth face smiling face. God.” Ye Wen was also shocked by the Xia Tian method. Xia Tian unexpectedly this can be considered as continually, this has surpassed his cognition absolutely, just started him also to think that Xia Tian is cracking a joke, finally now looked that this is not cracks a joke. Actually, my nickname has not said that that is uncanny prediction, I usually go out have an advertisement.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people. Hears to have the advertisement, everybody also looked to Xia Tian. To know that his advertisement is anything. Touches Xiong to tell fortunes, not spirit does not ask for money.” Xia Tian serious saying.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Everybody all by his words provoking laughter, his advertisement all people can use, at the worst does not ask for money. How is this possible?” The element to the present is unable to believe words that quiet Xia Tian spoke real. Was good, was good, if you want to tell fortunes, from now on calculates that the front road section is not safe, we carefully go forward.” Ye Wen reminded, he knows himself, if did not stop this farce, that Xia Tian one certainly will be regarded by several females is alien Xie Pao. Em, Elder Brother Tian, you must remember that teaches me the skill.” The big bao tooth is also saying of face anticipation. Beyond three meters, beyond three meters.” Saying of Xia Tian very resistance. Repugnant.” The big bao tooth has thrown a coquettish look to Xia Tian directly. This coquettish look almost made the thing that Xia Tian will eat yesterday evening also spit. The people's stand forth in happy talks and laughters. Although several people like a moment ago, with ease were going forward, but several female present changes at heart may be different, first is Ye Qiu, she keeps looks at own hand, looks at own clothes, she can determine that she absolutely does not have any exposed place. When usually even does not dare to look up the person now, she always feels the little darling, especially looks at Xia Tian, so long as her secretly looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian definitely meets first discovered that also will look to her, like this she will feel that Xia Tian as if completely understood her whole person. That last mole position that especially Xia Tian said that that is the spot of her most privacy. But Xia Tian unexpectedly continually this can know. This probably is Xia Tian personally sees has been same. Thinks of here, she low was more serious. The element quiet present is also very confused, she from start to the present does not believe that Xia Tian is tells fortunes, even if telling fortunes should not know these. Actually he knows? It is not calculates absolutely, where has such tells fortunes.” Element quiet innermost feelings secretly thought. But she does not think clearly, because Xia Tian said really right. The element considers is impossible to deceive her.

Actually therefore she must make clear Xia Tian how to achieve now first, then reveals Xia Tian. Snort, I do not believe that you are told fortunes, just wait, looked how I revealed you.” Element quiet secret pledging. Bang! At this moment, the surroundings have broadcast the sound of vibration. Wait / Etc.!” Ye Wen shouts hurriedly. Bang! The sound passed on together. Alert!” Ye Wen shouts hurriedly, afterward several people have completed the combat readiness completely. Xia Tian stands in leisurely and carefree standing there. Free of evil intention just wants to prepare to come up, had held on by Xia Tian, Xia Tian shook the head to send greetings to him: Do not get rid casually, keeps the strength as far as possible, you will get rid possibly to bring in Expert fully, will bring when the time comes only the disaster to them.” „!” Nodded free of evil intention, he understood the meaning of Xia Tian. Bang! Bang! A wild beast walked from side. Hateful, is eight levels of uncultivated land beast ankylosauruses.” Ye Wen a brow wrinkle: Everybody is careful, this wild beast is eight levels of uncultivated land beast ankylosauruses, moreover is the grown rank, the strength can probably compared with tripod Rank 9 humanity, what is main is its defensive power is very strong . Moreover the tail is sharper than treasure.” Sisters, lineup.” The element gives a loud shout quiet. Afterward five female direct lineups. Girl sword.

This is girl gate unique sword, only needs five people to arrange, the might is powerful. Kill! Five females said that rushed directly. Your five.” Ye Wen a brow wrinkle, he just wants saying that studies the countermeasure, result these five women rushed: Brothers, come up the help.” He cannot look that five women fight with all might, their several hide in behind. Bang! Five female sword might are truly big, the place visited log was all pounded upside-down, but the ankylosaurus is not a pile, stands makes them hit there motionless. Whiz! The speed that the ankylosaurus four legs run is fast, has evaded five female attacks directly, afterward pounded from the behind direct tail to five female behind. Blocks it.” Ye Wen gives a loud shout, afterward he and big bao tooth has blocked the attack of ankylosaurus directly. At this moment, the body of ankylosaurus drills directly to the place bottom. Bang! Cannot see he disappears, people stare, when their god, the ankylosaurus directly appears under five female bodies, this it must cut to pieces five female bodies with its sharp forehead directly. Five females stopped the body in midair to be cut open shortly directly. This you have gotten rid, otherwise they troubled.” Stands said in Xia Tian that the one side sees a play slowly.