Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2146

Whiz! The free of evil intention body vanishes instantaneously is in-situ. But he has not used his true strength, because he remembers words that Xia Tian spoke a moment ago, formidable that too if he displays, will certainly cause the idea of surrounding person, moreover his formidable spiritual energy fluctuation will also bring in part of Expert. If their stared, that possible fate is very miserable. After is impossible to follow with him and Xia Tian for a lifetime in the sides of these people. When arrives in the midair free of evil intention, both hands make an effort to push five females, five female bodies were pushed to fly directly, but Xia Tian stands there 11 all catches five females. He meets unusual is earnest, is not profiting absolutely. At least he thinks that he is not profiting, although his hand touched should not the touching place, but the heart of his justness cannot change. Bang! A free of evil intention body tuck dive has evaded the attack of ankylosaurus directly, afterward he made an effort a foot to trample directly on the belly of ankylosaurus. The ankylosaurus was trampled to fly several by him, pounds in position that directly, in Ye Wen was. At this time Ye Wen looks dull the long spear in own hand, he stands has not moved here, the result ankylosaurus fell on this above his long spear. The heart of ankylosaurus was pierced directly. Puff! Gives blood directing current, ankylosaurus also thorough lost the life. Volume......” Ye Wen was shocked. Elder brother, you are all right.” Ye Qiu ran over hurriedly, has inspected. I am all right, but it died.” Ye Wen with pointing at has referred to the ankylosaurus. The people then see Ye Wen the long spear at this time ankylosaurus the place of heart.

Elder brother, you are quite fierce.” Ye Qiu a face worship sees own elder brother. This is not I......” Ye brother, attractive, has not thought that your unexpectedly (spear|gun) has stabbed the heart of ankylosaurus, the speed of this rate of accuracy and computation was really too quick.” The big bao tooth is also a face worship looks at Ye Wen, his fleck of saliva collapsed Ye Wen the body. But Ye Wen could not attend to these flecks of saliva at this time obviously, he can only ponder fast: „It is not right, is he, does free of evil intention.” Hears Ye Wen the words, all people looked to free of evil intention, at this time, the element had arrived quiet also at the free of evil intention side: „The graciousness of free of evil intention, life-saving thank you.” Ha Ha!” Free of evil intention awkward flexure scratching the head. Right, was free of evil intention the ankylosaurus will kick on my long spear a moment ago, therefore the ankylosaurus will die.” Ye Wen does not have the corrupt merit, he knows that cannot strike to absolutely kill to the place ankylosaurus by own strength. These are the free of evil intention merit. Free of evil intention, has not looked, you are Expert.” The big bao tooth moves toward once more said free of evil intention. Free of evil intention is retreat that keeps, he also studied the Xia Tian appearance: Three meters, beyond three meters.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Everybody has smiled once more. „Did you do? Everybody went all out there a moment ago, how not to have seen you.” The element arrives around Xia Tian quiet discontented saying. I, me, me a moment ago have shouted keep it up, I have stood in behind for your keep it up silently.” Xia Tian serious saying. You won.” Hears the Xia Tian words, element quiet also thorough was speechless. Was good, everybody processes all of a sudden the corpse of ankylosaurus, this place ankylosaurus grown ankylosaurus, its material is the treasure, moreover this time it dies was good, the body has not damaged, this can also sell a good price.” Ye Wen said the direct start. The big bao tooth also comes up the help to dismantle the corpse of ankylosaurus. Because the women do not like such bloody matter, therefore has not let on them. As for free of evil intention, his merit was biggest, therefore also nobody said his anything, but several other females looked to Xia Tian: Helps, your grown man, will not fear bloody.”

Good , helping to help.” Xia Tian said that walks up directly. When he arrived at the side of Ye Wen and big bao tooth has squatted directly: keep it up, keep it up!” Saw that his action everybody has smiled once more. Brother Xia, rests a meeting, our two on line.” Ye Wen this person very bright. Good, difficult to turn down an offer make with such warmth.” Xia Tian said reluctant has stood. Hears his words, the female collapsed thoroughly, they to the lane are collapsed by the spirit that Xia Tian this was not concerned about face thoroughly. After a half hour! Ye Wen and big bao tooth dismantle directly the material. Brothers, according to reach an agreement beforehand, the woman, the value of fur is first highest, is divided equally by six beauty, is the claw and back blade edge, its value is also very high, gives us the merit in a big way free of evil intention, as for other these small materials by me, Xia Tian and big bao tooth our three equal divisions.” Ye Wenfen unusual is fair, people all satisfied nod. „It is not good.” Lifts the hand to say free of evil intention directly. Free of evil intention brothers do not satisfy this law, I also take to give you my.” Ye Wen said hurriedly. Shook the head free of evil intention. My this also gives you.” The big bao tooth said. Shook the head free of evil intention once more. Free of evil intention brothers, we are a team, you ought to remain to the ladies.” Ye Wen said again. Shook the head free of evil intention. My this also gave you.” Ye Qiu said hurriedly. After all they may see a moment ago the free of evil intention strength, they worried that free of evil intention does not satisfy such assignment, such this team can the bulk cargo.

No, I do not want your things, but must carry, I want these meat, everyone not good snatches with me, otherwise I am angry.” Free of evil intention panting in indignation saying. Hears the free of evil intention words, a heavy line of people face. Meat! Free of evil intention unexpectedly wants the meat, although these meat take also to sell the good price, but these meat do not carry conveniently, the time long will also deteriorate. Free of evil intention brothers, this is not perhaps good, if you have not stored the equipment, here happen to have Chu Wudai, gives you.” Ye Wen said that threw Chu Wudai for directly free of evil intention. „It is not good!” The Xia Tian words shouted at the same time. Already late. Free of evil intention one has caught Chu Wudai, afterward has thrown into the mouth directly. Sees his action reluctantly, Xia Tian has covered own face. At this time other people all by the free of evil intention action shocking, have eaten Chu Wudai, they first time noticed that some people eat Chu Wudai. Sees only at this time reddens all over the face free of evil intention. Free of evil intention, you are all right.” Ye Wen asked hurriedly. He was all right, hits to be good.” Xia Tian helpless saying. ! Really, after having hit one free of evil intention, the complexion returned to normal: „It is not delicious.” Hears the free of evil intention words, the surrounding people all collapsed. Was right, I did not agree.” Xia Tian looked said directly to Ye Wen.