Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2147

Hears Xia Tian not to agree. Ye Wen said again: Brother Xia, if shuts out few, can also take away my.” He knows, although Xia Tian anything has not done, but he and free of evil intention is the same place, he must to the free of evil intention this face, free of evil intention such Expert not be after all good to look. Has free of evil intention such Expert in their teams, their this was not only all the way safer, but also can gain more advantage. The strength and repayment are proportional. Xia Tian shook the head. Words that Elder Brother Tian, you consider too little, my also gives you, in any case you are my idol.” The big bao tooth said that ran directly to Xia Tian, he ran unusual was exquisite, he regarded Xia Tian is his spring, he in the future, his happy life teacher. Stops, beyond three meters.” Xia Tian said directly. Xia Tian, your this also considers too little, my also gives you, in any case your this telling fortunes gave us on the road also to bring much happy.” The element said quiet directly. Xia Tian shook the head: What I want to say that I do not want, if the spoils of war have the woman to turn over to me, other turns over to you.” At this time everybody remembered Xia Tian just to start to say. The element hears the Xia Tian words quiet, feels is very guilty, although she truly planned her spoils of war a moment ago to Xia Tian, but truly speaking, she was not happy that after all Xia Tian anything has not paid diligently, but hears the Xia Tian following words, she understands that was by villain's heart gentleman's abdomen. From this, she also had a favorable impression to Xia Tian. Several other females are also nods silently, they at this time also true regarded Xia Tian is their member. The first assignment successfully is completed. All people are unusual satisfactions. A team most is afraid is the assignment time presents the mistake, that will cause the people not to appear happily, even the possible team to be separated directly. Now the first assignment is so successful, then, will not have any problem.

Free of evil intention, Xia Tian, your anything does not want, this is not perhaps good.” Ye Wen was a little embarrassed, after all has made effort free of evil intention, moreover they is a team, if not divide, that really is not quite good. Your anything meaning, I told you, do not want to snatch my meat, I know that you definitely want to trade my meat with these things, I told you, I did not trade.” Free of evil intention as if has seen through Ye Wen is at heart same. Well good, nobody snatches, is hugging your meat.” Xia Tian helpless saying, mentioned eats, free of evil intention refused to acknowledge family. He does not know where really that hidden entrance is, unexpectedly maltreats this free of evil intention. Brother Xia, your in any case main point thing.” Ye Wenquan said. I want you unable to give.” Xia Tian said. What do you want?” Ye Wen asked. Your Little Sister.” Xia Tian said. rascal.” Ye Qiu waited for Xia Tian one directly. Everybody also loudly smiles, they have been used to it, they also understand that Xia Tian is well-meant, but does not want to divide equally their things. The Xia Tian temperament is this, so long as ran into him to think the good person, then he will take care of these people. Xia Tian, you help my barbecue.” Looked shouts free of evil intention to Xia Tian. Does not go.” The Xia Tian rejection said. Asked you, Xia Tian, you helped me roast, the meat that you roasted was I have eaten delicious.” Begged free of evil intention. Does not roast, moreover I reminded you, the air/Qi of such big flesh and blood, will definitely bring in other wild beasts.” Xia Tian said directly. Words that free of evil intention brothers, you want to eat, I help you receive first, then do we change a place I to roast the line to you?” Ye Wen also understands that what Xia Tian said is right. The air/Qi of here flesh and blood is so big, definitely will bring in other wild beasts.

No, I eat Xia Tian to roast to me.” The free of evil intention as if child acts like a spoiled brat to be the same. I do not roast to you.” Xia Tian and free of evil intention fought the air faucet to come directly. You do not roast to me, I do not walk.” Coerces to say free of evil intention. You won.” Xia Tian has raised up the thumb silently. Free of evil intention, is his barbecue very delicious?” Element quiet puzzled asking. „It is not delicious, is not delicious, you not good snatch with me.” Sees to eat free of evil intention, that really retarded, his unexpectedly protected own food with child's way. Hears his words, the people are do not know whether to laugh or cry. Ye Wen received the meat of ground directly. Well, my meat?” Free of evil intention puzzled asking. Took in Chu Wudai by me.” Ye Wen answered. Takes in Chu Wudai, what meaning?” Asked free of evil intention again. Was loads into this.” Ye Wenna that Chu bag on hand was saying. How then big bunch of things of install?” Free of evil intention was getting more and more strange. At this time everybody is clear, why free of evil intention at the back of that many things, originally he does not know that Chu Wudai is any thing. It called Chu Wudai, was Chu Wu equips, is used to have the thing, you had a look...... Considers as finished, I am taking me, I feared that you ate.” Ye Wen just about to gives Chu Wudai free of evil intention, received, he remembers a moment ago free of evil intention the scene that had eaten Chu Wudai. Can't eat?” The free of evil intention naive appearance asked. Hears the free of evil intention words, Ye Wenqing good fortune have not given Chu Wudai free of evil intention, perhaps otherwise free of evil intention really will eat.

Do not blame me not to remind you, the strange thing should better not to hand over in his hand, he does not let off the ant.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, people whole body trembles, hurried the precious thing all will hide. Walks, the thing I received to you, we gave back to the place again to you barbecue.” Ye Wen said. All right, threw me to grasp a head again.” Free of evil intention very optional saying. After the people walked for probably several hours, day also getting dark of gradually, afterward they found a place to prepare to the free of evil intention barbecue. Happen to night not suitable advance, therefore they plan to rest here an evening. I go to scatter to evade the insect pink / white in the surroundings.” Ye Wen said. Does not use.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Doesn't use?” Ye Wen looks puzzled to Xia Tian: Is careful, if presented some poisonous insects to trouble.” Xia Tian had not explained that but is spirit stone departs, subsequently both hands have made several strange movements, later both hands make an effort a racket in the ground. bo! A Formation direct production. You are the Formation master.” Ye Wen looks surprisedly to Xia Tian, other people are also dumbfounded looks at Xia Tian. Before they think that Xia Tian besides was not concerned about face, did not have other skills, when they saw Xia Tian are this moment of Formation master, the idea completely changed.