Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2148

Ps: The brothers symbol to the midnight, has misread the chapter, sent chaotically, I change now, embarrassed everybody. Formation master! Next three scarcest existences. The proportions of next three Pill Refining masters are 5000 : 1, the proportion of refiner is 1000 : 1, but Formation is 50,000 : 1, because the Pill Refining master and refiner masters have the means to make money. Therefore the quantity is more. The Formation master is different, the Formation master is the losing money goods of popular name. Because preliminary Formation Master Shaoqian, does not make money, although the Advanced Formation master can make money, but also burnt money, generally did not have the words of big influence and big entrance support, the Formation masters must starve to death. Even if you are big entrance big influence are impossible to make this Formation master be all right on the lineup, that consumes spirit stone. Therefore the next three Formation masters were getting fewer and fewer. This is also why initially fire must cope with Xia Tian the time, finally only chose several thousand nice Formation masters, what if their was actually the refiner master, so long as raised the arm wields, little said that must come several hundred thousand over a million. Their nobody favored Xia Tian a moment ago, they think that most major function of Xia Tian in the team can bring some happily to everybody, moreover he is the free of evil intention same place, he, free of evil intention definitely will not walk. To put it bluntly, Xia Tian is half losing money goods. Now is but different. In team were many a Formation master, that was equal to being many a life, must know every so often, the Formation master can play the decisive effect. This Formation can resist the attacks of these little things, even if they have broken through, we will immediately also discover \; Moreover this Formation can isolate inside sound, regardless of we spoke here loudly, outside Formation could not hear \; Also can isolate the smell, avoids fragrance leaking off, brings in other wild beast.” Xia Tian light saying. extraordinary, too extraordinary, your unexpectedly is a Formation master.” Saying that Ye Wen keeps. Elder Brother Tian, how you made me say your, I worship you more and more.” The big bao tooth said that ran over to Xia Tian once more. Three meters!!” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the big bao tooth. Repugnant.” The big bao tooth said that and has drawn back. My meat, my meat?” Regarding free of evil intention, any Formation, extraordinary, is useless, he only knows to eat.

In his eyes, eating is sacred, eating can replace all. If which day some people eat to you make you kill me, perhaps you can also kill me.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Person who I am not loyal?” Gains ground to throw out the chest free of evil intention, the imposing manner is soaring: Was right, can many some eats?” Hears the free of evil intention words, everybody has smiled once more. Meat here.” Ye Wen has put Chu Wudai inside meat directly. Xia Tian looked at the meat, afterward looks free of evil intention to: Throws to me the meat.” Oneself throw.” Free of evil intention discontented saying. „Do you eat?” The Xia Tian threat said. I throw, you make me throw high, I throw too high.” Said free of evil intention. Three meters.” Xia Tian said. Good.” Free of evil intention directly the meat high throws, is nothing more or less, just right three meters. Bang! The Xia Tian right hand flings directly, one group of black flame wrap the meat, afterward body of Xia Tian directly high jumped, after jumping, Xia Tian both hands have put out two daggers. Dismantles blade skill. Puff! The speed of Xia Tian both hands looked to disappear. What Martial Arts is this?” Ye Wen looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. Might, although seems not big, but the speed is quite fast.” Element quiet also dull looks at Xia Tian. Fever!

The effort of black fire may be possible to be small greatly, Xia Tian arrives at the black fire instantaneously in a big way, afterward he will put in order the meat of place ankylosaurus to separate directly. Bang! The meat fell on the ground, the ground had a piece green leaf then. Bang! When meat falls in that moment of ground, the fragrance overflows, the entire meat blossoms from the center directly, that sliced meat layer upon layer by entire simultaneously that Xia Tian cuts. In each angle including meat, by fire roasting unusual is proper. Color! Above the golden yellow meat, seems probably in sparkling, looks like the night star is ordinary. Incense stick! This fragrance as if can cancel to be the same the soul of person, the people all cannot help but swallowed a saliva. Taste! They cannot eat, because free of evil intention threw now, in gulps is eating, moreover he wishes one could to hold the meat probably in the bosom, is afraid others to rob to be the same. The color fragrance is complete. Perfect, this barbecue can only describe with perfect. Delicious, delicious!” Ate free of evil intention while said. Periphery these people soon could not control, at this time one hear free of evil intention such shouted that naturally probably must go crazy was the same. Ye Wen body cannot help but forwarded two steps. Cannot come, is my.” Hears the sound of footsteps to shout free of evil intention immediately, this all of a sudden Ye Wen stopping by calling out. Suffering.

Greater part of the night was hearing such fragrant thing, looks at others to eat, this absolutely is the biggest suffering. They understand finally why only ate the barbecue that Xia Tian made free of evil intention, because Xia Tian barbecue flavor already perfectly to limit, although they have not eaten, but they can feel. Then, they look at the free of evil intention person all eating the meat of Freshman wild beast, has not remained, has not remained including the bone sediment. The suffering, that night, they passed in the suffering. They pledged secretly: Must make a wild beast again, making Xia Tian roast, they also taste the flavor. Next morning, they continue, although here the rank of wild beast is very high, but generally speaking, little can bump into wild beast in groups, but if has bumped into, that absolutely is the dead end. Elder brother, you come quickly, visited me to discover anything.” Ye Qiu shouts loudly. Therefore Ye Wen ran hurriedly: Brothers, we have gotten rich, is 3000 ginseng, this thing little says also value 100,000 low grade spirit stone.” The people ran hurriedly. Do not move, this thing had the intelligence, must tie up with the red line, otherwise it will escape.” The element said quiet hurriedly. Afterward she takes a red thread, this thing also has on the woman, if makes Xia Tian take, he may unable to take. Their several cautious and solemn tied up red thread above the ginseng. This 3000 ginseng picked directly successfully. In next three, thousand years ginsengs, although is rare, but also exists, 2000 ginseng will have, but 3000 ginseng will be the treasure.” Saying that the big bao tooth thought aloud. Puts down the ginseng, that is our.” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly, afterward an enormous and powerful 40-50 people of team walked from behind, these 40-50 people threaten. They walk from behind, but in their mouth was shouting the ginseng is their.