Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2149
Ps: Brothers, excuse me, the symbol to the midnight, the head is blurry, the chapter has made a mistake, this changes, sorry. Ye Wen, receives first ginseng.” The element quiet reminder said. Em.” Ye Wen received the ginseng directly. Hands over our ginsengs.” Is that People sound of head shouts, at the same time, his right hand wields, the enormous and powerful 40-50 people had encircled Ye Wen and the others directly: You listened, we speak the person of civilization, I did not order anyone not to begin.” His is deterring Ye Wen and the others, after all their people are many, he thinks that he only needs to frighten, Ye Wen they will naturally hand over the ginseng, like his team will not have the damage. Ginseng is we discovered obviously, why you want us to hand over.” Saying that the element is not feeling well quiet. Ginseng is our people first discovered obviously, but he has urinated, therefore you have the opportunity to attain.” Is head saying of that person coldly, afterward he patted that person of oneself side to ask: I said is right.” Right that star master, you said that I had urinated a moment ago, therefore they will have the opportunity to attain.” That person echoes to say hurriedly. This person is the large unit together comes obviously, his unexpectedly also felt all right to say one were urinates. I come, I come.” Xia Tian walked from behind, he used to point at has referred to said free of evil intention: Fights on him, curses at people I to come.” Xia Tian very proud saying. Heard his words quiet, the element and the others starts the spirit that admired Xia Tian this not to be concerned about face to come. That anything... Anything... Ok, I casually shouted.” Xia Tian has thought quite a while has not thought the opposite party called anything: I manage you to call dog.” You said anything.” The star masters look angrily to Xia Tian. „A name, do not care, you said that your this crabby, the dog has not cared, you fly into a rage anything.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. „Are you courting death?” The voice of star master changes cold. That, I courted death you unable to kill me, we said the first matter of ginseng, this ginseng was my ancestor plants here, therefore we take away it today, what didn't have not to be unreasonable?” Xia Tian looked that said to opposite that star master. Snort, who saw? Who can testify?” Saying that the star masters disdain.

You said that is your person comes first, then he puts down such precious in 3000 the ginseng will not pick, urinates, you said that who saw? Who can testify, what is main is who believes? This is what S , B can put such treasure not to pick to run beyond several kilometers to urinate, is he peeps shyly?” Xia Tian doubts looked that asked to the star masters. Perhaps my person does not want to pollute the ginseng, will therefore run is so far.” The star masters looked for one to think very good reason directly. Good, good that this reason looks, this reason looks like the white fox meteor is simply same, sparkling, thinks that vast Milky Way, infinite broad, your reason has renovated my cognition to the S , B.” Xia Tian one claps the hands and shouts praise. The Xia Tian behind person almost intestines smiled. You......” Slaps his.” Xia Tian to said free of evil intention. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people. The hand that moves free of evil intention, after he has fired off, came back, he listens to the Xia Tian words, because after him, requests Xia Tian to give him the barbecue. How this also vies to answer first, come, we continue, I said that you are listening.” Xia Tian settles the throat to continue to say clear afterward: A moment ago you in our rear areas came, in other words we came first, you were afterward, therefore first come first served thing should also be our right.” Not......” Hits him.” Xia Tian said again. ! Also is a clear palm of the hand sound. Told you, do not vie to answer first, I said that you were listening.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, continues to say afterward: This probably was your father first was born, after you were, was born, can you make your father manage you to call the father?” Hears description of Xia Tian, Ye Wen and the others have raised up the thumb. Hits him.” Xia Tian said.

! A clear palm of the hand sound, free of evil intention once more came back. My anything had not said.” The star masters are covering their face, the tears are about to fall. Who made you not say that I said that to your.” Xia Tian reproved. You have not said.” star master depressed saying. Hits him, learned the stubborn mouth.” Xia Tian said. ! That palm of the hand sound. You said that this time to your.” Xia Tian looked that said to the star masters. Thing is our, is not right, whose issue now does not study the thing is, you had hit me a moment ago probably is right.” The star masters think matter that suddenly one hit. Oh lying trough! This IQ obvious balance is insufficient, talked with you are is insulting me simply, hit him.” Xia Tian another order said. ! The star master original manuscript thinks one this time have been ready, that can block these, finally was hit. You said you, this stupid, your issue also with asking? Definitely is we hit, whom you had not seen clearly to hit a moment ago, good, free of evil intention, hits him.” Xia Tian another order said. ! This free of evil intention palm of the hand general master hits was transferring one to stop same place. Now these of star master under hoodwink, they do not know completely own present should do, the present all have surpassed their cognition, their scripts such do not write.

star master hit confused reforming points at the direction that they are coming: Your unexpectedly T , M , D dares to hit me.” Star master, here.” His subordinate held him hurriedly. This time was facing Xia Tian they. Your unexpectedly T , M , D......” Star master, your finger was high.” That little brother looks that the hand of star master points at the sky to scold the hurried reminder to say. Oh, this is drinks to be many some adulterated liquor, sobers up to him, hits him.” Xia Tian another saying. ! Free of evil intention may not have politely, Xia Tian said hits, he hits. At this time Xia Tian their behind Ye Wen and the others have hoodwinked completely, such scene was really too magnificent, do not say that was these little brothers of star master, their several also hoodwinked. That a free of evil intention this palm of the hand palm of the hand hits satisfies a craving. star master fart, the stock fell on the ground, the whole person hoodwinks, his little brother squatted to hold him hurriedly: Star master, they in hitting you, you cannot come under attack again, called on the brothers, on, blew away these fellows not to be good together.” Right, their this is hitting me, how you also look.” The star masters were also thorough ignorant encircle. Star master, was not you says? Listens to your verbal command, you did not order anyone not to move.” Under the famous artisan said. That present also T , M , etc. what? Gives on me.” The star masters shout loudly.