Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2150
The star masters just started to worry that both sides internecine strife gets up, his person will have the damage, like this, cannot frighten the person, therefore he just started to call under not to begin. But now he already hit was black and blue, which can also control that many. Ordered to begin directly. Oh lying trough, fought you early not saying that I also think you must reason with, this half-day I was tired.” Xia Tian indignant saying, he to waved afterward free of evil intention: Free of evil intention, hits them.” Hears Xia Tian to order, that free of evil intention is impolite. Comes up to start. This time Ye Wen and the others have not responded from the matter. They saw these 40-50 people of times a moment ago suddenly is very anxious, but after now they anxious thoroughly throwing into brain, has early forgotten to be anxious. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! One minute, 40-50 people free of evil intention were all folded in one, pressure folding in the same place. Whoops. The pitiful yell sound sends out from these population. You said you, fought early did not say, I who harmed have wasted the half-day saliva, if you early said that fought already finished up.” Xia Tian reproved. formidable. At this time other Ye Wen and several females all by Xia Tian and free of evil intention this to the combination of formidable shaking. Since fights, that we have won now, we must receive the spoils of war, female staying behind, male staying behind Chu Wu equips to leave.” Xia Tian said directly. Female?

No. These 40-50 people all male, therefore they all took Chu equipment, dingy running away. They do not dare to turn head, if Xia Tian regretted, changed the mind to kill them, they may be miserable, their nobody can block the free of evil intention attack. Looks that front this stores equipment, Ye Wen and the others do not know that said anything. Minute of spoils of war.” Xia Tian looks that Ye Wen said. „, This time spoils of war I looked that you divided.” Ye Wen awkward saying, their anything strength does not have after all. Delicious?” Said free of evil intention must grasp to spoils of war. Distant point, you leave this pile of thing distant points to me.” The Xia Tian direct order said. Now listens to Xia Tian free of evil intention, hears Xia Tian to let his distant point, he also can only the distant point. The people understand, if Xia Tian does not prevent free of evil intention, that free of evil intention must certainly equip these Chu Wu all eats. I have said that except for woman, other does not want.” Xia Tian said. This......” Ye Wen was really embarrassed. Before they divided the Xia Tian thing time, although was also divides equally, whom but truly speaking their innermost feelings were to think strive this much to take much, but their this time has not striven, finally Xia Tian has given them these many things. Xia Tian, this is not really good, I take embarrassed.” Ye Wen said. With throws this embarrassed.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Good, that this, these Chu Wu equipped and inside thing we have divided, this 3000 ginseng gives you.” Ye Wen took 3000 ginseng.

Delicious?” Said free of evil intention overtook the ginseng directly, eating. Saw? Next time with was good the thing, do not approach him.” The Xia Tian reminder said. Volume!” Ye Wen was also awkward flexure scratching the head. He forgot free of evil intention is sees anything to eat. Was good, you a bit faster divide, divide us to continue to go forward.” Xia Tian said. Zhongqiao. At this time the enormous and powerful over a thousand people seized the intermediate axle. Our eldest children need the subordinate now, wants to pass either pays 1000 low grade spirit stone, when either our Boss' subordinates, when our Boss' people under every day to 100 low grade spirit stone, but must pledge that cannot escape all the way, pledges to fight to the death to follow.” A one-eyed shouts loudly, he behind also has several hundred little brothers. Surroundings these people complain, but they do not dare to offend these people, they had feared actually one-eyed group of people, they have feared the one-eyed behind, bridge opposite that several hundred people. They had experienced that several hundred people a moment ago was fierce, came out casually 45 people, easily killed to extinguishing hundred people of armies of causing trouble, must know that hundred people of armies were top Expert, all was tripod Rank 5 above Expert, was they like this by 45 person instantaneous Insta-kill. Although many people are not willingly, but also can only think suffers unexpected financial losses to exempt the disaster, gives the one-eyed after money, crossed a bridge. The majority of people are not willing to join them. After all their also important person pledged that cannot escape, pledges to fight to the death to follow, this sensible person can look, these people must work as the cannon fodder with them. But part of confused people, heard that a day 100 low grade spirit stone, that has directly joined one-eyed behind army, several days later, the one-eyed behind also gathered 20,000-30,000 people, gives the money of these people as for him, in the past these people gave him, he is these people provides the reward using 1000 low grade spirit stone that past these people gave. Xia Tian, you are all right fortunately, our Qilin sees through.” Qi Wang is looking at the direction symbol on hand also, this showed that Xia Tian definitely is all right. Therefore he is going forward fast, in front of him was the intermediate axle.

He must pass from Zhongqiao, then at the maximum speed rushes to the Qilin hole, to guard to have any important matter. Behind Zhongqiao. Your highness, does the princess such walk will not have the danger?” Expert respectful asking of five cauldron Rank 1. Goes along with her, I have not thought really that her unexpectedly knew personal enemy who that Xia Tian, I most hate.” Corrupt wolf wicked saying. Couple of days ago, he and Jiu Jiang loudly quarrelled. His second time pursues Xia Tian not to succeed, originally in the fit of temper, sees Jiu Jiang the time, he has not borne interrogate Jiu Jiang, finally Jiu Jiang cried to run. With does not need several of us to look for her, if she has any danger words, your majesty you are not perhaps good to confess.” That five cauldron Rank 1 Expert said. Confession? Snort, do I use to confess with whom? A few years ago I was useful that old fogy, after I have killed Xia Tian, I will go to demon the upper-level contact surface, when the time comes did I also look after with him? But my Master advocation of Wang Bao demon.” Corrupt wolf cold snort angry saying. Bang! Bang! At this moment, Zhongqiao there one-eyed was hit to fly directly. What happened?” The corrupt wolf asked. One-eyed was hit.” Under a famous artisan report said. „The past several people, solved, did not need to keep the living witness.” Corrupt wolf very optional saying, his subordinate strength formidable, he is very one by one confident to his subordinate. Bang! Bang! „It is not good, Your highness, our people were hit remnantly.” Four cauldron Rank 8 Expert report said.