Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2151

Em?” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, he in the fit of temper, some unexpectedly people are daring to hit his person now. Whiz! His form disappeared in directly same place, his subordinate also flushed away to Zhongqiao there. Person who who was moved my!” The corrupt wolf stands on the bridge shouts loudly. Other people frighten runs distant. I.” Qi Wang very optional saying. That moment when the corrupt wolf presents, Qi Wang knows that the opposite party absolutely is not an average person, as for actually fierce, Qi Wang does not know, but he believes that the opposite party should be Expert. The corrupt wolf is seeing Qi Wang that moment, has determined, the opposite party is Expert. They stand there, for a very long time has not spoken, but among them the imposing manner is carrying on the intense collision, crazy collision. The surrounding person is also static looks here one. Your strength is good.” Corrupt wolf saying slowly. In his words has the appreciation, probably is superior commendation own Junior is the same. Your is worse.” Qi Wang very impolite is counterattacking. He is Qi Wang, over a thousand years ago almost destroys completely on entire three Qi Wang, his will lose actually? The corrupt wolf is a fierce incomparable greedy person. But Qi Wang is Fierce Tiger of jungle King. Between both also has certain disparity in the imposing manner. Although the strength of corrupt wolf is good, but his imposing manner is limited, but Qi Wang is different, he over a thousand years ago only meets several millions, more than ten million people battle, and destroys completely energetically the empire, he is the King who deserves. Therefore his imposing manner really hits.

Does not install. Snort!” Corrupt wolf cold snort, he will not admit defeat in the imposing manner, his head presented five small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons directly. Five cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Humph! The surrounding all people have all opened mouth, five cauldron Rank 8, they have a dream do not have to think one one day can see five cauldron Rank 8 Expert, this was also too terrifying. Very strong, no wonder his some that many fierce subordinates, his unexpectedly is five cauldron Rank 8 Expert.” Before I still in hesitant must join his subordinates, now I have decided that I must join.” Was too strong, my unexpectedly one day can also see such formidable person with own eyes.” Surroundings these person incomparably excited saying, five cauldron Rank 8 regarding them is a legend, dream that a myth, never completes. The people who now these have not joined corrupt wolf subordinates prepare to join the corrupt wolf subordinates, joined is excited. Now here all people all are the worships looks at the corrupt wolf. Probably looks at a symbol, a statue is common. The corrupt wolf stands here, sufficiently makes these people crazy. Usually five cauldron Rank 1 Expert has been able to make them crazy, now suddenly presents five cauldron Rank 8 Expert, how this can make them not excited. Five cauldron Rank 8, this is the next three most formidable person. Even some people started prostrating oneself corrupt wolf, so long as the corrupt wolf issued an order, they can die immediately, this compared with star Michael. Jackson is swoonsome. Heard that has five cauldron Rank 8 Expert here. Nearby all people all gathered, around this had 100,000 people, now the person are getting more and more, the figure started to turn into several hundred thousand, over a million.

Do all people want to take a look at five cauldron Rank 8 Expert to be actually long what? Is the superhuman eight feet. Is the under foot is stepping on the cloud, can mount the clouds and ride the mist. Nobody knows five cauldron Rank 8 Expert strongly. Snort!” When the corrupt wolf is revealing own strength first, on the face had the self-satisfied smiling face, although in demon he also in most under that contact surface, but their there six cauldron Expert are also many. However in next three, here his six cauldron Expert has not seen, his five cauldron Rank 8 are the limits. He thinks that Qi Wang when seeing his strength will directly perhaps knee down, prostrates oneself him. Naturally, this is only his innermost feelings thinks. Five cauldron Rank 8, good.” Qi Wang nodded. On his face has not presented slight startled, has not presented any fear. Regarding his performance, corrupt wolf is very unsatisfied: Is only good?” Snort!” Qi Wang has not spoken, but is cold snort one, his imposing manner compared with corrupt wolf in some, his Realm will not compare the corrupt wolf to be low. His head presented five small cauldrons and eight small cauldrons instantaneously. Five cauldron Rank 8. Qi Wang is also five cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Sees Qi Wang is also five cauldron Rank 8 Expert that flash, all people were all crazy, has seethed with excitement, they had been shocked by the Qi Wang ability completely. This time Qi Wang these under also to be shaken, they just started are only think that Qi Wang was ordinary Expert, but at this time, they looked clearly, five cauldron Rank 8, Qi Wang unexpectedly was the same with the corrupt wolf, was five cauldron Rank 8. Two five cauldron Rank 8, I have not misread, is this heaven to my shading device? Now was to let me dies I to be also worth.” Surrounding person crazy shouting.

They by these two five cauldron Rank 8 Expert imposing manners shaking. Five cauldron Rank 8 Expert make them envy, the worship, two five cauldron Rank 8 Expert sufficiently makes them crazy, crazy, was crazy. Em?” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, he has not thought that Qi Wang unexpectedly is also five cauldron Rank 8 Expert. This time was collisions between two five cauldron Rank 8 Expert. Five cauldron Rank 8, good.” Corrupt wolf corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, at this moment his within the body emerged greatly strengthened war intent, he was the person of demon clan, the people of demon clan inborn is the fight is crazy, especially bumped into this type and differs not many matches, that wanted to fight. Is the superficial knowledge.” Qi Wang very optional saying. I remember that person who you had hit a moment ago probably my is right?” Corrupt wolf vision ice-cold looks at Qi Wang, his vision probably is came from the greedy person of hell to be the same. It seems like you did not have the complete senile dementia.” Qi Wang after Xia Tian mixes ripe, has learned the words of some dirty people. Hears the Qi Wang words, corrupt wolf was mad: You said that I think you not to be feeling well, you also visit me not to be feeling well, what to do should that then?” What to do can also?” Qi Wang smiling looks that the corrupt wolf continues saying: Hits.” Hits! After Qi Wang these words said that he and corrupt wolf they also smiled, they think really went together, same Realm did not know one's place, the imposing manner has not differed too. Such match is not momentarily can bump into. The corrupt wolf or Qi Wang, the only idea is to overthrow the opposite party now. Good, that hits.” Ps: The brothers, were embarrassed, my yesterday's symbol to the dawn, the person was too blurry, has made a mistake the time setting, front this chapter sent went, now changed, asking everybody to look at the recent that four chapters, has sorry to inconveniencing that everybody brought, as for the subscription issue, this chapter collected fees, but before , that chapter that you subscribed was does not collect fees, therefore neutralized is the normal price.