Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2153
Why can Xia Tian arrange Rank 5 Formation? The answer only then one, that was he looks at the heaven bead grass. Although he is very rich, various Pill Refining refiner materials do not lack, but day bead grass type of thing he did not have, so long as he takes the day bead grass, Realm that he has constrained also finally can break through. Xia Tian, you arrange Formation here, will not want......” Ye Wen complexion immediately to change. Day bead grass, I wanted.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. How is this possible?” Ye Wen is unable to believe what he hears is real: There, but so many Expert, our several, but also insufficiently fills the gap between teeth to others.” Believes me?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Ye Wen. Sees Xia Tian that firm look, Ye Wen also can only nod of silently, although Xia Tian and they are not long in the together time, but Xia Tian is in their team most mystical existence. Xia Tian usually seems laughing, spirit that some are not concerned about face, but each time when is most essential, Xia Tian will act, or he lets act free of evil intention. Since we are the same places, you have not wanted anything, we put together.” The element said quiet in a low voice that this they can be said as the harvest are all the way many. But Xia Tian anything has not wanted, although on the Xia Tian mouth said wants the woman, but everybody also understands that he is cracking a joke. Now Xia Tian has a liking for a thing with great difficulty, they also decide to spell, although the opposite party seems is invincible, but they plan to spell. Puts together not to use.” Xia Tian shows the mysterious smiling face: Met your several to hide do not move here has been OK, as for beginning, that made on free of evil intention.” I? How don't you go?” Saying that is not feeling well very free of evil intention, this matter is not difficult regarding him, but Xia Tian can also achieve obviously. „To eat the barbecue? I knew that a chef, he is the next three best chefs, the meal that he makes is I have eaten delicious, do you later want to attempt?” Xia Tian looked that to said free of evil intention. Thinks.” Hears to eat free of evil intention, that nothing is not good. That will snatch to me the day bead grass, if you dare to steal food, I your tooth breaks off.” Xia Tian wicked saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the surrounding several people also smile, they have only regarded a joke. They may be know that free of evil intention is fierce, although Xia Tian is a Formation master, but they do not believe that Xia Tian has that skill. I do not eat.” Said free of evil intention hurriedly.

Sees the free of evil intention appearance, everybody's tight atmosphere vanished once more, this they understand why all the way finally Xia Tian must make them be careful own thing. Free of evil intention eats, five groups of any things, so long as he thought that can eat, he will eat, but he thought the thing that can eat is all things that he does not know. Bang! Bang! Bang! The front fight is getting more and more intense, these people presented the severe wound, person but who had not died. Next night. Shout! Xia Tian long expiration. Free of evil intention, begins.” As the Xia Tian sound falls, directly flushed free of evil intention. Zhongqiao! There still in making, although there are that ten five cauldron above Expert to assume personal command there, but there gathered over a million people after all, your five cauldron Expert are strong, can block over a million people on a bridge? Moreover the person who at this time here gathers likely were getting more and more. The scene soon lost control. The corrupt wolf and Qi Wang they have carried on to fight in the jungle now, their strength very formidable, each move of very formidable. However they have not used weapon temporarily. Is this mutually attacks. The greedy people attack. Corrupt wolf pair of claws grasped directly to the chest of Qi Wang, this move of might very big, the surrounding air directly was torn by his claw. Rips! The intense sound from out of the blue transmits. Wang Quan!

Qi Wang right hand congealing fist, on his fist has covered entirely a golden ray, this fist, the quarrying a mountain crack stone, the might is sufficiently powerful. Bang! Fights with the fists, in the air presented the sound of fulmination. Puff! When the fist of wolf claw and Qi Wang contacts in together, their strengths have had the great change. Bang! The formidable explosive force enough retreat that they exploded several steps, Qi Wang retreat ten steps, the corrupt wolf retreat 15 steps, these whose who weakly directly has divided. Although is four cauldron Rank 8 strengths, But among the strengths also has the absolute disparity, Qi Wang has treated for over a thousand years in five cauldron Rank 8 this Realm, Realm already consolidated. The corrupt wolf just entered four cauldron Rank 8 this ranks about one year. Naturally does not have Qi Wang Realm to be stable. Snort!” The arrogance of corrupt wolf within the body has also come up, he is five cauldron Rank 8 Expert, this Realm in next three were considered as on is most crest battle efficiencies. Moreover he looked that Qi Wang is not old, he does not allow himself to lose to the contemporaries. No one is good. What's wrong? Isn't convinced?” Qi Wang is also a lofty character. You are very wild, I do not like, then I must teach you well.” Corrupt wolf vision one cold, on his body had the huge change. ! The blood red coverall appears on the body of corrupt wolf together directly. Em?” A Qi Wang brow wrinkle.

He can feel change that on the corrupt wolf transmits, this change incessantly is the change in shape. Bang! The body of corrupt wolf had great change, his body starts fast changes high, is only in an instant, his body turned into three zhang (3.33 m) scarlet god wolf. ! Cried loud and long to shout together from his mouth. Lying trough, has real skill.” Qi Wang shows a faint smile, on his face does not have the fear, but presented the excited look: Is good because of my also a little skill, otherwise was really also given to fool by you.” Has any skill to use.” Corrupt wolf excited saying. Jungle deep place. Whiz! The free of evil intention body flew to shoot directly, speed incredibly fast, his body seemed a lightning is the same, has shuttled back and forth directly the crowd, these people have not all responded that only felt gust. The free of evil intention speed solely has not surmounted the eyes of these people, similarly has also surmounted the eye of that five wild beast, has fought continuously for several days, they were weary. Therefore sneak attacks free of evil intention directly successfully. He has picked the day bead grass directly, afterward directly to returning to run. Quick, was too quick. All these occur was too quick, these people have not responded that in a flash, these Expert, these wild beasts all hoodwinked, the day bead grass vanished. Xia Tian, went well.” Has given Xia Tian the day bead grass free of evil intention.