Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2154

Em!” Xia Tian nodded. At this time periphery these talented people responded: Thing had been robbed by him, comes the person.” Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! These Expert killed instantaneously to Xia Tian their there. Bye-bye!” Xia Tian lifts the hand slightly, a ray of light curtain has covered them directly. A moment ago Ye Wen and the others very anxious, when they saw the light screen immediately gawked. Bang! Rushes to front of Formation that several Expert dead by own strength rebound directly, they have not thought that here will have Formation, cannot think that Formation unexpectedly will rebound. Puff! Four cauldron Rank 8 Expert, instantaneously by Insta-kill. This, the surrounding these people were all shocked. Is so fierce.” Ye Wen and the others had put down the weapon in oneself hand, although he a moment ago saw Xia Tian to arrange Formation, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so fierce, that four cauldron Rank 8 Expert unexpectedly instantaneously by Insta-kill. Outside these people noticed that such scene all was also shocked, Expert that these rush all starts retreat. Whiz! Whiz! These people start fast retreat. What Formation is this?” Element quiet several females also completely by Xia Tian Formation shaking. They have not looked have been able instantaneous Insta-kill four cauldron Rank 8 Expert Formation, this was also too terrifying. Do not be anxious, sits down to rest a meeting.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, several chairs appear in Formation directly, several pot liquor also appear in the front of people. Volume! Sees the Xia Tian action, the surrounding person all hoodwinked, at this time outside Formation had hundreds of thousands of people, in addition that many Expert, but Xia Tian unexpectedly lay down in this here starts to drink.

Doesn't have any sense of urgency? Although this Formation now seems might is very big, but outside couldn't that many people have broken through this Formation? Bang! Puff! Outside is four cauldron Rank 9 Expert wants the force to break through the enemy lines, finally he died under his strength directly, this time also nobody dares to go forward again, cracked a joke. This Formation was also too overbearing a point. Xia Tian, don't we need to be ready? We quite seize the chance to attack.” Ye Wen proposed. He does not think that has not being able to break through Formation, especially outside these five cauldron Expert, if they get rid, then this Formation perhaps could not insist. Surprise attack? Why can attack?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Ye Wen, at this time his in the hand is taking the wine pot, superficial looks at outside. „The words that does not attack, met Formation Formation to be broken through by them, we must wait for death.” Ye Wen anxious saying, he has not sat down the mood of drinking. „Was Formation broken through? Cracks a joke, you are scolding me.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Volume!” Ye Wen this time hoodwinked: This Formation can't they break through? Outside has five cauldron Expert.” Sits down to drink.” Xia Tian had not explained that but continues to drink own liquor. When Ye Wenzhen planned sits to rest, he has stood suddenly anxiously: You looked quickly that five wild beast must attack.” Hears Ye Wen the words, several other people intense have also stood, only then Xia Tian sits there leisurely and carefree drinking, free of evil intention also back and forth looks at the wine pot there, probably is novel. Free of evil intention, this thing is not eats, inside liquor is used to drink, how you have a look at me to drink.” Xia Tian as if has not heard Ye Wen the words to be ordinary, with chatted directly free of evil intention. „.” Free of evil intention was decent sitting and Xia Tian has also drunk there: Is a little spicy.” Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Xia Tian laughs. To.” Ye Wen several people may not have thoughts and Xia Tian they chat, the whole person spirit, their both hands were taking the weapon, at any time standing by.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! That five head ten levels of wild beast Yun Xi directly flushed. The surrounding these people made way. Yun Xi the goal is Xia Tian their here Formation, surroundings these people also wish one could them to come mutually wounded, how also to get rid to stop. Between instantaneous Yun Xi and Formation did not have anybody. Bang! The stone in ground splashes in all directions. Scene that five head ten levels of wild beasts run together very magnificent, their place visited, all instantaneously was all crushed, the log probably is the slip of paper same frailty. Yun Xi the strongest skill is that corner/horn of head. Its attack very formidable. Generally speaking, so long as had been hit by them, that is five cauldron Expert can also perish instantaneously, even if five cauldron Expert with them to the war, that also can only carry on to walk randomly to the war. Does not dare the frontage to contend with them. However Formation is different, Formation will fix in a place will not move, therefore it will withstand that five Yun Xi positive attack. Came!” Ye Wen shouts loudly. Your dot sound, scared to death me.” Xia Tian very discontented saying. Bang! Five Yun Xi simultaneously hit above Formation, the huge impulse all flushed the surrounding these people flies. Succeeded?” On the faces of outside these people immediately one happy. But at this moment, on their faces all presented the panic-stricken look.

Puff! That huge impulse unexpectedly was rebounded directly, flew five Yun Xiji instantaneously, if not five Yun Xi defensive power formidable, perhaps died directly, although had not died now, but also only remaining one breaths. How is this possible?” These people outside Formation thorough has been shocked, they are unable with the language to describe all that one see. Formation. Actually is this what terrifying Formation? Has surpassed their cognition completely. Volume!” Formation inside Ye Wen and the others also all hoodwinked, they think a moment ago this Formation definitely will break, they have even prepared to rush ahead. But, Formation not broken. Free of evil intention, can you with feeding donkey, then Freshman mouth, nobody snatches with you.” Xia Tian with free of evil intention chats there, as if has not cared about outside matter to be the same. „.” Nodded free of evil intention, has probably not cared about outside all, they probably are confidently are the same, has not regarded outside matter is a matter. Went bad their several on the contrary anxiously. You......” Ye Wen and the others all awkward looks to Xia Tian and free of evil intention. You are also standing, my this does not have delicious any, has drunk a liquor to cope.” Xia Tian very optional saying. This can't Formation break through really?” Ye Wen puzzled asking. His time is really curious. Formation that could not have broken through, but relies on outside these waste, is definitely incorrect.” In the liquor of Xia Tian direct one breath drinks wine pot.