Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2155

Cannot break through. Aggressive! Has saying that Xia Tian these words said was really too aggressive. Similarly, what his words also said is very self-confident, does not have the words of that strength, who dares to speak such aggressive words. Defense that five head ten levels of wild beast Yun Xi unexpectedly cannot break. Actually is this Formation of what rank? Xia Tian, is actually your this Formation of what rank?” Ye Wen looks puzzled to Xia Tian, at the same time, several other people of vision also all locked on the body of Xia Tian. This is their questions. Actually is Formation of any rank can be so fierce. At this time outside Formation. Saw that enormous and powerful five head ten levels of ominous beast Yun Xi have not broken this Formation, other people do not dare to attempt, even if five cauldron Rank 1 Expert impossible strong five head ten levels of ominous beast Yun Xi to attack together. Silent. All people do not know that should say anything. Formation that at present sees was really too terrifying, their this whole life has not seen such strong Formation. Hateful, is actually this what Formation?” A Expert brow contraction of five cauldron Rank 1. We first processed that five Yun Xi, they have not revolted against the ability now, has processed them, material also value a lot of money.” The Expert proposition of another five cauldron Rank 1 said. Five cauldron Rank 1 Expert in next three is strongest a group of people. In others' eyes, they are one group of omnipotent people, but at this time they actually by this Formation separating outside, without any means. At this time periphery these talented people understand that original five cauldron Expert are also the person, matter whether there is they also deal with according to law. Whiz!

That three five cauldron Rank 1 Expert in the past, decomposed that five Yun Xi directly, they took away the precious material, the remaining these were by a moment ago participated in the fight four cauldron Rank 9 and Rank 8 Expert divide equally. This allocation plan is the most primitive allocation plan. Whose strength, who divides, whose strength is weak, who little divides, the strength is worst, that bone could not be left over. After these materials were divided, finally Lian Rouhe the bone also has the internal organs also to be snatched to be spatial. This is the corpses of ten levels of ominous beasts. From top to bottom is the treasures. After assigning the corpses of these five head ten levels of ominous beasts, these people once more vision centralized above Formation, they must break this Formation, otherwise they possibly were how resigned. Has spent such long time, the result made the bridal clothes to others. Your here who is the Formation master, comes out, the advantage must have him.” Five cauldron Rank 1 Expert shouts loudly. In Formation. Thump! Xia Tian smiles not to speak. How Elder Brother Tian, you do is so mystical, actually your this is what Formation, so to be how fierce?” The big bao tooth said that must rush to Xia Tian. Three meters!” Xia Tian lifts the hand hurriedly. Has disliked, Elder Brother Tian.” The big bao tooth acts like a spoiled brat saying. Xia Tian felt liquor that one drank a moment ago has almost not spat. „, But also keeps guessing, did not say, but outside some that many people, even if you did not say that one definitely also will be broken by them.” The element quiet complaint said. Actually she very curious Xia Tian had used any Formation a moment ago. But Xia Tian is keeping guessing with them.

Sits to rest well a meeting, has marched on such a long time road, is laborious, has such idle time rarely.” Xia Tian starts eyes closed to maintain mental tranquility directly. The Xia Tian characteristics are eat and rest. His eating and free of evil intention eating are not Realm. He is eats a lot, eats must be delicious, but free of evil intention is many of eating, anything can eat. These two people to eating the understanding is completely different. „It is not good, outside has the Formation master, they planned to break through the enemy lines.” Ye Wen has stood hurriedly. I said you can vary startled one for the first time.” Xia Tian very discontented saying. „Aren't you worried? What to do if they did break Formation really? We died.” Ye Wen anxious saying. Breaks through the enemy lines? Cracks a joke, next three I had not noticed that any person can break my Formation, who comes not to be good.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying. He knows that big of world, the capable person different world are definitely many, but Xia Tian has not bumped into. Moreover can some people break his Formation to be what kind of? To kill him depending on outside these people? Having a dream. Therefore he naturally can rest well. What is main, he a moment ago quietly the day bead grass taking, him wants to digest it now, although the day bead grass is used for the Pill Refining effect to be better. However Xia Tian here not that many supplementary materials, therefore he can only neutralize some raw materials for medicine to take. Now he bit by bit these efficacy digestions. He has treated in four cauldron Rank 1 this Realm was too long, was the time should break through. Ye Wen and the others anxiously look outside these Formation masters, they discovered that comes more than 20 Formation masters, this is more than 20 Formation masters, a person one perhaps this Formation breaking.

Your several can, the peaceful meeting, otherwise he one curse at people.” The free of evil intention reminder said. You know this that he arranges is several levels of Formation?” Ye Wen looked that to asked free of evil intention. Does not know.” Free of evil intention natural appearance. Does not know that you had not been worried, if Formation were broken, outside that these person of person of spit can be drown to death we.” Ye Wen is excited. He was really too anxious. He cannot divulge, you are also worried about anything.” Free of evil intention very optional saying. Speechless. Ye Wen thorough was speechless, reason that free of evil intention not tense reason unexpectedly is because Xia Tian said is all right, this also believed the Xia Tian words. They must begin.” The element shouts quiet hurriedly. Ye Wen will also change Formation outside. When they saw these Formation masters must get rid to break through the enemy lines, one after another body of Formation master but actually, they not yes. Did these Formation masters fall asleep? This sleepily, can rest this. „It is not right, they died probably.” Sujing said suddenly that her hand places above the ground, afterward has stood: Died, truly died, without any life sign.” Saw the Formation masters who these break through the enemy lines died, Ye Wen and the others had doubts, they looked at the vision to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian lay down there sleeps, motionless. This what's the matter?” Ye Wenmeng, thorough hoodwinking. Several other females also all is a face strange looks at Xia Tian, they want to ask that really Xia Tian this is any Formation, the Formation masters who why breaks through the enemy lines died.