Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2156

Ok, do not go to disturb him, we also sit rest well one.” Ye Wen also relaxed at this time, he has discovered that oneself here extremely were probably anxious. Has a look at Xia Tian and free of evil intention carefully, others they have a Expert style, is not on the point of death chaotic. They worry in that blindly. Yes, we also relax, these people force one's way into any case have free of evil intention.” The element quiet is also is Junior Sister waved to several other, the people sat. Ye Wen took up pot liquor to open directly drinks. Well, the flavor is good.” Outside this time Formation it can be said that raised the difficult situation, the death of Formation master has made them have the fear, only then unknown was most frightened. Nobody knows how a moment ago the Formation master died. They must come up to break through the enemy lines obviously, finally such silent poured. Death. Silent that dying. This what's the matter? How do they die?” Formation master puzzled asking of that five cauldron Rank 1. Does not know that this Formation is any Formation, this was also too mysterious.” Another five cauldron Rank 1 Expert said. „It is not good, we must try to find a solution.” Last five cauldron Rank 1 Expert said. At this time they by this Formation perplexing, in a dilemma, what to do does not know should. Zhongqiao! The corrupt wolves and Qi Wang their wars it can be said that turned the true superheating. The corrupt wolf has used the coverall. God wolf coverall.

Qi Wang is only both hands in the front overlapping, one set of armor and a three sharp double-edged sword appear on his body, his weaponry is not a coverall, but similarly is also awe-inspiring, as if the deity descends to earth general. Snort, then I will make you see between me and you disparity.” Corrupt wolf cold snort one, fighting was he occupied the inferiority, but is now different, now he has worn the god wolf coverall. Although the equipment of Qi Wang seems is also very good, but surely does not have his coverall to be overbearing. He must depend the might of coverall, defeats Qi Wang. You, are not my match.” Qi Wang very optional saying, his is calm, the manner is also very optional. Has not hit, how you can know me.” On the face of corrupt wolf presented the facial expression of disdaining. Bang! At this moment their have heard the huge explosive sound. In front of Zuoqiao forest. Xia Tian has rested here for two days two nights, some outside often people try the Formation might, but returned disappointed finally. They want to break through the enemy lines, skill that but they have not broken through the enemy lines, therefore can only look. If walks, they are not willingly. Because Xia Tian has robbed their day bead grass, the day bead grass is their using energy untold hardships discovered that afterward was that five head ten levels of wild beast Yun Xi has fought for several days. But finally unexpectedly came one to have victory fall into one's lap by Xia Tian. Ye Wen in Formation and the others have also been used to it, regardless of outside person is making anything, they only needed to see a play have been OK, because outside person is unable to break through the enemy lines. This Formation is nobody may break. Xia Tian also really can rest, unexpectedly rested was so long.” Ye Qiu curious saying, since previous Xia Tian said that must sleep, had not awaked. Outside came a Formation master probably, this time Formation master is probably fiercer.” The element lies down there very relaxed saying quiet.

Yes, this person is old, moreover looked that his appearance is very probably fierce.” Sujing said. This person will perhaps have the real skill.” Ye Wen nodded, no matter but he does have the real skill, their several are entirely still, they have learned, is sits here motionless. When do we want to sit to sit here? I want to eat the thing.” Free of evil intention somewhat could not stay put. After he was worried to offend Xia Tian, Xia Tian not to him barbecue words, he walked goes to shake to wake Xia Tian. You looked quickly that outside that Formation master is studying anything with that several Expert probably.” Ye Qiu shouts suddenly, at this time in Formation can see outside Formation, but outside Formation cannot see in Formation. These people probably in research anything of secret, moreover on the face of that several person presented some excited looks obviously. Non- deceitful is the robber.” Element quiet light saying. Look, Xia Tian said in any case Formation cannot break.” Ye Wen said. You looked that the situation is not probably right, what these people were telling to the surrounding person probably, what big movement won't their this times have?” The big bao tooth suddenly discovered that outside atmosphere is not quite probably right. Opposite party probably really premeditates any matter to be the same. Em, probably truly is.” Ye Wen is also a brow wrinkle. They anxious looks at outside, actually they want to take a look at outside these people to play any trick, recently for these days outside these people little had not tried to find the solution, but Formation still does not have any issue. After one hour, outside person had anything to create a disturbance probably. After two hours, outside was quiet. Lying trough, they are think that all people attack this Formation together.” Ye Wen has stood suddenly, if before , he can also maintain tranquil, then he was unable to maintain now tranquil, outside has hundreds of thousands of people, even possibly is over a million people, that many people attack this Formation together, what then this Formation fate can be? Was needless to say coming out that also guessed. Broken! This Formation definitely cannot shoulder these many people to attack together.

After all person many strengths are big. Em, outside person was the plan attacks this Formation together, this troubled.” The element has stood quiet. Ye Wen turns the head to look at Xia Tian, finally Xia Tian is still sleeping. Rests unusual is dead. What to do can this?” Ye Wen anxious asking. Such formidable attack, not only Formation will be destroyed, even if in they can also by instantaneous Insta-kill. He did not say that was all right.” Free of evil intention very optional saying. But, here was also too terrifying, after all some opposite party these many people, this attack was not cracks a joke.” Ye Wen does not believe that this Formation can anti- live in the attacks of these many people. At this time outside these people have been preparing, they plan to launch a big attack, big attack that attacks together. On Sujing face presented the strange look, afterward she moved toward Xia Tian directly. How, Junior Sister?” Element quiet puzzled asking. Sujing's brow contraction, probably encountered any difficulty to be the same. How?” Ye Wen is also goes forward to ask. Does not have the life aura.” Sujing said. What did you say?” The element asked quiet again. Sujing's hand has placed on the nose of Xia Tian directly, afterward her complexion big change: Has not breathed, not having life aura, Xia Tian he dead.”