Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2158

Puff! The so intensive attack has no place to hide radically, moreover a person is blocking a person, the space that they have not escaped, here slaughters at this time simply. What?” That several five cauldron Rank 1 Expert is one startled, afterward their fast runs away backward. Kill! Who blocked their escaping route to kill. The attack has not arrived, the person on one's own side started to kill. Puff! The massacre started. Hundreds of thousands of attacks periphery all will disappear directly completely. The dead body flies horizontally. Looks at all outside Formation, Ye Wen was unable to describe with the language: Entire, unexpectedly entire.” Several live.” The hand of Xia Tian patted directly above the ground. Solution! This murder Formation directly by neutralize. Free of evil intention, kills that several fish slip through, so long as your several dare to take the thing of deceased person, then their Chu equipment was your.” Xia Tian smiling looks to Ye Wen and the others. Especially that several women. It is not all people dares to go to dig up Chu Wu to equip from the deceased person. If you do not dare, then you can go back, later do not come out, because outside world is too dangerous, does not suit you.” Xia Tian looked to the element quiet several females.

Xia Tian said right, you must adapt.” Ye Wen said that took up one to cut off limb directly, took the above Chu bangle: Do not be cold, these many Chu equipment, inside wealth is innumerable, these are Xia Tian give for nothing our, if has not wanted, that was doomed to be also mediocre for a lifetime.” This time Ye Wenzai did not have politely, when he saw the Xia Tian Formation might was so big, he started to guess that the Xia Tian status is not ordinary. The normal person who can arrange such strong Formation? This is an experience, the life must face, if in the opposite Chu ring has a compounded drug is you needs to be used to save a life, you can also not take? Actually this and saves a life almost, only then the strength, has been able to protect own family member, friend and future lover.” The big bao tooth said unusual is touching, especially his future lover. Fully has manifested his hope to the lover. I am impolite.” Ye Qiu said that also started to take Chu of ground to equip. Looked at Xia Tian free of evil intention, kills to go directly, although that several strength strong people had not died, may also cut and bruised, they cannot shoulder the free of evil intention attack. Do not hesitate, here Blood Qi is too big, quick will bring in large quantities of wild beasts, we must leave here immediately.” Xia Tian looked that shouts to element quiet several females. Good!!” The element clenched teeth quiet, grasps directly to the Chu equipment of ground. Several other females noticed that big Senior Sister moved, they also started to attempt to take Chu of ground to equip. Xia Tian, I must eat barbecue, for these days starved to death I.” After cutting to kill that several fish slip through free of evil intention, ran. Good, when they finished up, we first leave here, then you catch several everybody to come, I eat up to you today.” Xia Tian said loudly. The people start directly. Just started the element quiet several females a little unusual did not adapt, afterward they put on the glove directly, the clothes have not managed, started to pick Chu Wu to equip directly in large numbers. After a half hour, they equipped to clean Chu Wu, has changed new clothes. Afterward the people left here. Although several females some are uncomfortable, but has also been familiar with.

Said as for evening's Xia Tian eats up, they may really not plan to eat, their present appetites are bad, if saw that perhaps the meat will spit. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, had not explained. Night. All people look these serious famine beasts that makes free of evil intention could not say incoming call, Xia Tian may be makes him stress several, finally he grasped ten heads one time, moreover one by one big. Was good, starts to roast.” Saying of free of evil intention face anticipation. Xia Tian not hesitant, opens directly roasts, he one time roasts a head, only takes ten seconds, such barbeque speed, next three are unique, Xia Tian absolutely is the first person. Quick, ten wild beasts all were roasted. Before several females also said disgustingly, could not eat, finally they came up to snatch finally insanely. Because they are unable to control itself the pursue really to the good food. Ten wild beasts, were given by them were clean, naturally, the main battle efficiency that finally eats was free of evil intention, he has eaten almost all wild beasts, if not under several other people deft, that free of evil intention definitely will not let off. Hum! Has cried free of evil intention directly. shit, what your does grown man cry to cry?” Xia Tian very discontented saying. Bao Guo who such I have not eaten, was too happy.” Free of evil intention is crying while said. Yeah, this child, what must be maltreated since childhood, but at your this capacity for food, any others must eat dies poorly.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the people were smile to make one group. The tour of this time Mt. Qilin, can say that the people gained enough advantage.

Next morning, the people start once more, this time they could be said as relaxed, treasure anything's they have not cared, because on them added to have several hundred thousand Chu equipment. In each Chu equipment has certain wealth, can say that their this time has gotten rich, but reason that they can get rich by is Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian also gradually became the spiritual leader of this team. Zhongqiao war also ended. The corrupt wolf planned carries on an ultimate war with Qi Wang, finally his rear area catches fire, these people made, therefore he can only be forced to handle there matter first. I remembered you, next time will fight it out again.” After the corrupt wolf looked at Qi Wang, turns the head directly, walks toward Zhongqiao. I and others you.” Saying that Qi Wang unemotionally. Qi Wang has not gone to pay attention to the corrupt wolf, because he wants to find Xia Tian first, he does not know, because this time has not begun to kill the corrupt wolf, he regretted for a lifetime. Looks at the back of corrupt wolf, Qi Wang always special feelings, he does not know that this is anything felt, therefore before he also can only continue, walked. Ok, next time will meet does not know that was the enemy is the friend.” Qi Wang said that vanished in directly same place. Bang! Zhongqiao, corrupt wolf that huge body pounded directly on the bridge, saw corrupt wolf zhang (3.33 m) high body, the scene direct peaceful. Nobody dares to speak. My name is corrupt wolf, wants with distribute the soul blood that I mix to vow, if not want to mix with me on payment in the past, who dares to cause trouble, I kill anyone.”