Almighty Student - Volume 22 - Chapter 2159

In Xia Tian their this teams obviously were recently many many happy talks and laughters, because of them that tremendous pressure, has not harvested them to satisfy now. Now they come here with mentality of playing. Before was to bent looks for the efficacious medicine everywhere, the present is to look up the surrounding scenery. Nearby the Qilin hole is beautiful, here is the next three most beautiful places. At least Xia Tian never has seen the so beautiful beautiful scene on Earth. The fine spring day, the trees are very everywhere high, waterfall fountainhead, rill running water. Bang! The ground has transmitted the vibration once more. Bang! It seems like was Qilin hole there hits, their two both were the fellows of abnormal rank, the words that such hit, soon the surroundings will be destroyed.” Free of evil intention helpless saying. In legend is five cauldron Expert Expert dares to approach the words of Qilin, meets instantaneously by Insta-kill.” Xia Tian light saying. That was natural, the Qilin beast was the Saint beast, its present strength is lowest can also with ten Rank 3, even can compared with ten Rank 4 wild beasts, the strength early surpass six cauldron Expert, this is also only the present strength, if it grew to the complete body, that terrifying, the strengths of least ten Rank 5 wild beasts . Moreover the Saint beast had the special ability, was not the biology of wild beast that rank can compare.” Understands this big knowledge free of evil intention. Is so abnormal.” Although Xia Tian listened to Qi Wang saying that Qilin beast was very fierce, but he has not thought that the Qilin beast can be so fierce, so long as approached him, only then dead end. He comes to Qilin pu, can not he vow not to rest to Qilin pu. It seems like he also can only wait for the opportunity, this Mt. Qilin came these many people, perhaps will have the opportunity to begin.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. You look there quickly, is quite beautiful.” Ye Qiu shouts loudly.

Xia Tian and the others all ran. beautiful! There was really too attractive, in the sky various birds, on the water surface in various types of water the biology played there, the waterfall, probably was the strip long gauze kerchief is from top to bottom same. On the water surface can see the rainbow. Surrounding various fresh flower special fragrances. Quite attractive.” Xia Tian cannot bear say with emotion, if can have a family in this place, that simply was too happy. Here is really beautiful.” Several females said that wants stand forth. Halts.” Shouts free of evil intention hurriedly. Several females puzzled looked free of evil intention. Do not pass, can the so peaceful life, the smooth development, that show that there has a extraordinary wild beast to assume personal command, moreover they, although internal peace, but will unify to treat the foreign enemy, they now live is very good, do not pass to disturb them, this will possibly destroy their life.” Answered free of evil intention. Em, right that said free of evil intention, they possibly do not like the outsider.” Xia Tian nodded. Several females have also drawn back. We walk, here scenery is very beautiful, we do not disturb their normal life.” Ye Wenla Ye Qiu said. Element quiet several females also nod, all continued to go forward with Xia Tian. At this time they were away from Qilin hole position to be getting more and more near, in less than several days, they must arrive in the Qilin hole position, was away from the Qilin hole to be nearer, the danger were more, their this ten people of teams insufficiently looked gradually, because periphery everywhere was over over a hundred people teams.

Even also some people there hiring wantonly. Xia Tian, we one will choose also a team to add, this will be unremarkable.” Ye Wen proposed, after all now here besides them, does not have ten people of teams, the teams of ten people wanted to come here are very difficult matters. Em, you look.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I go, I go......” Oh I go, you go to go, I go.” Xia Tian looks at big bao tooth very helpless saying, now arrives at the big bao tooth to display his ability the time. His that pair of bao tooth has the attraction, moreover he can also many to believe him. The negotiations and diplomacy had him to be enough. It is not clear Xia Tian to the present, the fleck of saliva lethality of big bao tooth that mouth in three meters, actually he how convinced others to advance their team. The quick, big bao tooth draws a female, moreover is beauty, at this time Xia Tian genuinely started to admire the big bao tooth, he has decided in the innermost feelings, he must hire the big bao tooth to be the uneven Imperial City diplomat. Under Ye Wen's guidance, everybody 11 introductions oneself. My name was Guo Mei.” The beauty words are few, she most attractive is that long hair, the long hair has traced the knee, seems looks like under waterfall an along straightness is the same. beautiful is unable to say a word. The person who here completes the order form was team inside person disperses generally, or left, did not plan to penetrate, therefore the remaining people completed the order form. Naturally also had few people are Expert, disdains in follows others together, but this Expert quantity are few. After they just carried on the introduction, the big bao tooth has not disappointed everybody again, drew beauty, this beauty is that appearance beautiful that put on make-up very thickly, the body put on exceptionally the hot, flame clothes perfectly has also manifested his stature.

Although she melted very thick makeup, but will not make the person have the repugnance, because of her unusual is perfect. Hello, I called seductive woman, please assist me in any way you can.” The females come up to notify everybody on own initiative. Yao Ji? My also six cakes.” Xia Tian has remembered the mahjong on Earth. What Ye Wen again is everybody carries on 11 introductions. When the big bao tooth draws immediately third beauty, he had been enclosed by one group of people, actually periphery had many people discontented with him, the big bao tooth selects beauty specially, moreover can always carry off, the person who this lets these envies. Ye Wen the brow wrinkled to walk directly. Xia Tian and the others also followed. „Do you want to do? I told you, I did not fight, want everybody to ask my behind brothers to go.” Appearance that big bao tooth study Xia Tian that has not been concerned about face. Snort, the boy, we visits you not to be feeling well, wants to hit you, can you be what kind of?” Is that youngster very wild saying of head. Sword in Xiu!” The element quiet brow wrinkles saying of coldly. Well, this is not girl gate big Senior Sister, what's wrong, I know the people who your girl gates are hungry, thirsty, but you do not need to look for this big bao tooth.” Sword in Xiu very extremely arrogant saying, obviously he and element quiet were old friends. Young tree does not repair straight, the person does not repair the Gen trigram chirp chirp.” Xia Tian has patted the free of evil intention shoulder directly.